The Wet Brush: Review

The Wet BrushI was really intrigued when this little brush arrived at my door; it has adapting flexible bristles which can be flexible with one stroke and ridged with the next. It is made specifically to provide healthy brushing by eliminating tugging, pulling, tearing, ripping – making for a pain free detangling brush. The Wet Brush has hit the UK from the shores of the USA where it is said to be the number one selling brush for both wet and dry hair.

As soon as the brush was in my hands I had to give it a try and I have to admit, with my thick hair, this brush really didn't do well – the flexibristles just flexed to much leaving only the top part brushed while the underside was still doing its own thing. Not one to give up though I decided to take this brush by its name and save it for when I came out of the shower and thankfully it then came into its own.

I normally try not brush my hair until it is at least partly dry as it likes to fall out on-mass, so I was really surprised when I took this brush to it and it just glided through my normally taggled mane. In fact when it did hit a knot I could feel it fighting with it but there was none of the ripping I would normally expected from a brush when it comes across such an obstacle, in fact it has been my go to brush when I come out the shower and I have become much more likely to give it at least a quick brush through asap.

As for handling the brush has a non=slip rubber handle meaning no more gripping for dear life and the brush is gentle enough to be used on even wigs and extensions.

The Wet Brush is available from Sally where it costs from £8.69 and is available in some amazing colours and patterns.

What do you think of The Wet Brush, do you think it could help you?

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  1. Lauren Harmon

    I only brush my hair while wet so this sounds like the perfect brush for me!

  2. Winter

    This looks like a brush I Need to try. I have super thick hair and when I wash it it’s nothing but knots. I would look forward to a brush that detangled my hair with out ripping out out by the roots! I like that it can be used on wet and dry hair.

  3. Nathalie Garces

    I live in the US and never heard of this brush but now I just have to find me one! I hate all my brushes, and since I only brush my hair when wet I will give this one a try for sure!

  4. becca

    glad it worked on your wet hair i have curly hair so a little shake of the head and i’m good

  5. Sofia

    I must be more tired than I give myself credit for….I thought the post title said “weSt brush”…anywho, aside from my sleep deprived state, I need this brush!! Not to often do I encounter knots on my hair but when I do they mean business.

  6. Lindy Hine

    Sounds interesting – have never tried this but I have a Tangleteaser which works amazingly well and smoothes out my wet hair with no tugging at all!

  7. paula

    I hate brushes that break my hair , this sounds like a great option.

  8. Debi

    I wonder if that would work well in my daughter’s hair.

  9. Jennifer

    I have not seen a brush that was made for wet hair. I usually keep a wide tooth comb in the shower to use when I have conditioner in to help with tangles. I might give this a try.

  10. Melinda Dunne

    That sounds like a great brush! I could use one of them for my hair and it is reasonably priced-which I really like!

  11. jheylo

    That is very interesting hair brush. I will check their website now, i want one.

  12. Sheila

    interesting and innovative. my daughter and i will surely like this brush. she hates tangled hair

  13. katherine

    I need this. I always brush wet!

  14. Janeane Davis

    I don’t often see reviews of products like this, but it is something we all need all the time so it was good to see.

  15. Lexie Lane

    I could do with a new brush and wouldn’t mind trying one of these. Good bristles are great, especially ones that don’t have a whole bunch of hair stuck on it 🙂

  16. Nova S

    the brush looks great i need this kind of brush for my hair.

  17. Adin Blankenship

    I am like you, I don’t brush my hair when it is still wet because the hair is so sensitive when wet and I like to just comb it with my fingers, then when it is damp I go ahead with the brush. This sounds like an effective brush then. Dear Lord I could use one.

  18. Chubskulit Rose

    I would like to buy one of these for my daughter who doesn’t like brushing because of tangles.

  19. Samantha R

    having fine hair I wet brush to get a straight style, sounds ideal!

  20. Barbara Coleman

    I have very curly hair, so this would be a no no.

  21. April McGregor

    My daughter needs this. she gets crazy tangles.

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