Wednesday Competition: Win a Pair of Round Tuits

Wednesday Competition: Win a Pair of Round Tuits

I absolutely love buying handmade goods and a while back I was buying the rarely seen (or heard of) Round Tuits from Handmade with Love Designs when a whoops happened.

Instead of 2 Round Tuit's I was sent 4! Of course, the first thing I did was message the seller, thinking I had perhaps received someone else's order.

But, it seemed an accident had happened and my order had been printed twice.

I was all ready to pop the naughty Round Tuits back in the post, when I was kindly told, please keep them and pass them along.

Of course, at this point, a plan did form in my mind. I am not the only person who would be after a round tuit. Nor the only person who is often told – I'll do it when I get around to it. Plus they make a really fun gift idea which, let's admit it now, Christmas is coming (yes I'm a blogger and it always starts VERY early in our world).

A Round Tuit

It has to be said that round tuits are such a priceless item, due to the fact they are rare, especially the round ones. So you must make sure you guard them well. For many years we have all heard people tell us they will do it when they get a round tuit. And now you have one of your very own.

Of course, Handmade with Love Designs doesn't just make Round Tuits, oh no! They have a whole host of gorgeous hand stamped items from keyrings to bracelets and plectrums to necklaces.

So how can you win your own pair of Round Tuits?

Well, all you need to do is head over to the Handmade with Love Designs website and let me know using 8 words or more:
What is your favourite item they sell and why?

A Pair of Round Tuits

Good Luck!




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Please note Round Tuits are simply round tokens around 22-25mm in size with the word tuit on it. Nothing more and nothing less. They sadly do not possess magic powers to make anyone do anything, but are a fun novelty gift.

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    OMG! these are brilliant!!! I already have a whole list of people who I will get them for! Fantastic present, I LOVE them!

  2. Tracy Nixon

    I love Christmas and start getting excited from September so I love their I Believe, We believe, Christmas magical Jingle bells! Such a unique gift that can come out each Christmas!

  3. Katie

    So many beautiful things! I love the custom cuff bracelet just because it looks great and you could put whatever you like on it

  4. iain maciver

    quite a lot of things I love with the up and coming season fast approaching

  5. Solange

    I’m a big fan of jewellery so I love the Handstamped adjustable stackable lightweight summer bangle with beads and charms.

  6. ruth robinson

    i really like this thank u I Believe, We believe, Christmas magical Jingle bell – handstamped personalised custom names.

  7. Lyndsey

    Love the ‘I am always with you’ token

  8. ashleigh allan

    I love the daughter keyring because it would be perfect for my daughter!

  9. Margaret Gallagher

    Magical – believe to achieve is my motto – lets hope santa is listening 😁😁🌹🎶

  10. Tina H

    What in the world is a tuit? And why is a round one so special? Are you really mentioning the C word already? So many questions.

    • Tina H

      A-ha! A round tuit. I geddit. Mentioning the C word in August is unforgivable though lol

  11. Dale Dow

    The adult cuff bracelets, they are the most perfect item to gifting to my friends

  12. Ruth Harwood

    Absolutely adore the keyrings! Would love one for my son to keep me in his mind! xx

  13. Pam Francis Gregory

    The hand stamped personalised Pewter ring looks wonderful and would be a great gift for my hubby

  14. Keith Hunt

    The handstamped Pewter ring looks nice for my teen

  15. Fiona K

    I like the Handstamped adjustable lightweight summer stacked bangle effect with beads and charms because it is cute

  16. Rebecca Brown

    I love the hug token disk, because I can imagine it becoming a game for my partner and me to hide it places for each other to find 😂

  17. Sandra Fortune

    Oh these are so nice and I love the cuff bangles such a hard choice

  18. Claire Nutman

    World clamshell heart Hand stamped necklace, I adore travel and so this means something to me….

  19. Sarah Mackay

    I love the I’m always with you token, would be a perfect keepsake for my daughter.

  20. Catherine Stewart

    Love the Russian doll key ring…so adorable!

  21. leanne weir

    The adult cuff bracelets, I have not seen anything like these before

  22. Kim Murray

    Love the Christmas Jingle Bell – it’s so pretty – can’t resist Christmas ornaments x

  23. Helen B

    The Medical ID Chain Bracelet – TYPE 2 diabetes, diabetic handstamped is so much nicer than the standard medi alert bracelets

  24. Sam Miller

    The custom cuff bangles are my fave. I got my mum one; it goes with everything and she just lives it! I cant wait to get my self one

  25. Sarah Fielding

    The Faith Hand Stamped Cuff Ring is so cute, would love that!

  26. Theresa parker

    Love the crazy cat lady bracelet….in fact I’m going to buy it…for my best pal manda…..because that’s exactly what she is😊😊

  27. Carrie Turner

    The cuff bangle/bracelet is stunning!

  28. Lorna Ledger

    Name necklace, handstamped custom personalised childrens name family pendants – so that I could have all my family on there

  29. jo liddement

    I love my cups of tea during the day and i love the personalised teaspoons with their Brew tea ful etchings.

  30. Susie Wilkinson

    I really like the Awesome daughter Hand Stamped Keyring, because it’s true!

  31. andrea tinkler

    I Believe, We believe, Christmas magical Jingle bell – handstamped personalised custom names

  32. Geri Gregg

    I love the entire jewellery range 😍 x

  33. Zara

    The pocket tokens as they are so empowering and can be so sentimental 🙂

  34. Natalie Crossan

    I love all of their jewellery – gorgeous x

  35. Yvonne Dimbleby

    I love the Washer initial mixed metal necklace and know several others who would love it too.


    I love the Small Hex initial Pendant, with Crystal Handstamped, Personalised.
    I love the simplicity of it-Perfect as a memory pendant <3

  37. Louise

    Their Jewellery is gorgeous!

  38. Christine Lockley

    I love the “Believe” Christmas Bell it would make every Christmas feel more special and become a family heirloom

  39. Rachel Craig

    Love Grows, hand stamped necklace. Beautiful sentiment.

  40. Bethany Molyneux

    I love the silk wrapped hand stamped bracelet! My favourite colours ever

  41. stacey turner

    Handstamped adult cuff bracelet
    This is great!!

  42. Sarah Austin

    I like the “I’m always with you” token

  43. Charlotte Burton

    I love these. Very clever.
    I also love the custom teaspoons

  44. Debbie Finnerty

    i love the slate hearts they are lovely I am a sucker for slate lol

  45. claire woods

    Anxiety pocket token set, because I think it’s a great idea and bound to bring comfort.

  46. Jessi

    I love the Keyring with the date of births on, ive been debating getting my husband one for a couple of years but always been pregnant at Christmas time. However this year I can get him one with all our little ones birthdays on 😍

  47. Helen Arlow

    The necklace with personalised name rings is gorgeous, would make the perfect gift. I’ve definitely got a few gift ideas from looking on the site

  48. claire griffiths

    the once upon a time story book key ring is my favourite

  49. Rich Tyler

    Most likely the cuff bangle/bracelet, lovely!

  50. Leela

    Anxiety pocket token set, school starter anxiety token, anxiety badge, parent child set.

  51. Danielle Spencer

    I love the custom cuff bracelets, love the look and how you can have your chosen phrase on it.

  52. Emily Hutchinson

    The custom cuff bracelets, they look really nicely made and of course you can personalise them.

  53. Sharon Everett

    These tuits!!! So unique. Brilliant.

  54. Fiona Johnstone

    I really like this website. Gave me lots of ideas for Christmas. I particularly liked the cuff bracelets.

  55. Sharon powell

    I love the name necklace, it would be lovely to have my four children’s name on one necklace.

  56. Jessica Quinn

    I love the happy book keyrings! Perfect for my sis!

  57. Jodie A Green

    Adore the I Believe, We believe, Christmas magical Jingle bell – reminds me of our favourite christmas film – The Polar Express

  58. Sheri Darby

    Hand Stamped Vintage Spoon and Fork Set are beautiful

  59. Gemma Aktekin

    Oh wow I spent ages looking at the website for something to choose, truth is every item is just simply beautiful in it’s own rights, but if I really have to choose I’d say the “Love story stamped key-ring” with the personalised dates of all the special things that have happened in your lives.

  60. Rebecca Whatmore

    I love the Custom cuff bracelet

  61. Jessica Powell

    I love the Russian doll family keyring, it’s really pretty.

  62. Catherine Bullas

    I love all of them. If i had the love story key ring my other half wouldn’t have any excuse for forgetting important dates!

  63. Hekna

    I like the sugar skull keyring – what’s not to like?? Anything with a sugar skull is a winner for me!

  64. jade bremner

    I likw the spoons I think they make great little gifts

  65. Stef Acaster

    I love their I Believe, We believe, Christmas magical Jingle bells

  66. Juli Savage

    Being an absolute tea lover I would love some Custom personalised teaspoons to stir my drink with

  67. Angela Kelly

    I love the Crazy Cat Lady cuff bracelet, I’m not afraid to admit to what I am!

  68. laura stewart

    fingers crossed lovely giveway x

  69. Emma Davison

    ‘She was told she couldn’t ‘ keyring. It made me smile

  70. Ash R x

    Love the I am always with you token! I really love these kind of things! Xx

  71. Suzanne Jackson

    I like the slate hanging heart decoration – So pretty!

  72. Adrian Bold

    I love the World clamshell heart Hand stamped necklace. Thanks for the competition.

  73. gaynor Vincent

    I love the personalised rings, and the sweet message hand stamped, love you to the moon

  74. amanda greensmith

    I Believe, We believe, Christmas magical Jingle bell because we love christmas x

  75. gaynor Vincent

    The world clamshell heart Hand stamped necklace is delightful

  76. Claire W

    So much to choose from such unique gifts but i think my favourite is the happy book keyring so personal and a positive little reminder.

  77. Maria Jane Knight

    I love the Silhouette heads children family Hand Stamped Keyring. It is beautifully unique x

  78. Eileen Tingle

    I like the Monogram initial pendant necklace, with swarovski element, Name necklace, handstamped pendant with crystal,

  79. paula cheadle

    I used to have a round tuit, but mine got broken

  80. Charlotte May Riley

    I love their sweary cuff bangles because they make me laugh 😂

  81. carol boffey

    the initial necklace is lovely

  82. Pat Hancock

    My favourite item they sell is the “I Believe, We believe, Christmas magical Jingle bell – handstamped personalised custom names” – because it’s so personal!

  83. Aaron Milne

    Love these – took a little while for the penny to drop “roundtoit”

  84. Catherine Gregory

    The family russian doll keyring as family is the most important thing. I am going to get my Mum one for Christmas from her grandson

  85. Charlotte G

    I love the Family Love Forever keyring, it’s very unique and pretty!

  86. Tammy Neal

    I love key rings x


    I love the Washer Initial mixed metal necklace, my blessings, names, personalised, custom, handstamped,, initials, pendant, this would be wonderful with my Children and Grandsons initals on it

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