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Wednesday Competition: Win a Milton Hygiene Kit

Happy Boxing Day!

How was your Christmas?

I said I wouldn't post between Christmas and New Year, but who am I to say no to a competition!

Especially one which may just help you clean up after the big day.


Milton is one of those names that is known in across the nation when it comes to sterilisation.

In fact, they have been a leading name for over 70 years and are used in hospitals in the UK and beyond.

When you have a young baby, sterilising is a must. Due to the fact, their immune system is still forming. Leaving them more vulnerable to germs.

Things like gastroenteritis, are often caused by bacteria breeding, due to traces of milk or food left within bottles, teats or pumps.

Making sure you sterilise your equipment and area properly with items from Milton can help keep the bacteria at bay.

What Items Do Milton Offer?

While I remember Milton Sterilising Tablets from my childhood, Milton's range offers so much more these days.

From it's unique Portable Soother Steriliser, which allows parents to sterilise on the go, to things like the Microwave or Cold Water Steriliser and Antibacterial Hand Gel. Milton offers a whole range of items to make sterilising as simple as possible.

Milton has kindly offered me a hygiene kit which is perfect for helping to make sure your environment is as clean as possible.

This kit includes:
Antibacterial Hand Gel
Antibacterial Surface Wipes
Antibacterial Surface Spray

All of these items kill 99.9% of bacterial and are great for on the move or at home!

Milton hygiene bundle


So how can you be in with a chance of winning this awesome prize?

Well, all you need to do is let me know using eight words or more:
What product from Milton would you most like to try and why?

Milton Hygiene Bundle

Good Luck!





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This article has 96 comments

  1. Peter Watson

    I’d like to try the Antibacterial Hand Gel as I haven’t tried it before.

  2. andrea tinkler

    the wipes look really good and i would love to try them

  3. Susie Wilkinson

    The Antibacterial Surface Spray would be so versatile, I could use it in every room of the house!

  4. Annabel Greaves

    The hand gel looks great

  5. Solange

    The Antibacterial Surface Spray sounds like it would be very versatile.

  6. Margaret Gallagher

    Love the hygiene wipes – great for travels – love all the range

  7. Kim Neville

    Would like to try the Antibacterial Surface Spray as Bleach-free and alcohol free and says has a nice fragrance 🙂

  8. melanie stirling

    I would like to try the laundry liquid to get my washing really clean.

  9. Ken Ohl

    I love try the wipes these would be great in the car my wife and I clean houses for a living these would come in great

  10. Tracy Nixon

    I’d love to try their Laundry Liquid as I have heard it is good!

  11. Hannah Wood

    I like the look of the wipes as they are always hand and quick to use.

  12. Priscilla Stubbs

    I would like to try the wipes as they look quick and easy to use

  13. iain maciver

    would like to try the Antibacterial Hand Gel as I haven’t tried it before

  14. debbi ruskin

    With the last of my 4 sons moving out next month I’d love to try the antibac surface spray to try to restore some hygiene to my home! 🙂

  15. Sandra Fortune

    I would like the hand gel the most although I’d like to try them all as I’ve never used Milton before

  16. Lucy

    I would like to try the antibacterial surface spray because you can never have enough!

  17. Katie

    I would love to try the antibacterial wipes because they are easy to use and look like they do a great job

  18. Laura Todd

    I would like to try the cleaning wipes, I use wipes a lot so will be interesting to see what the Milton ones are like.

  19. pete c

    their anti-bacterial hand gel , just to ensure my hands would be truly clean

  20. Karen Langridge

    The Antibacterial hand gel as always handy to have a bottle in your handbag to keep germs at bay! x

  21. Ruth Harwood

    The Laundry liquid looks like it would be soft and anti-allergenic for the little ones clothes, which would suit us well, as we find some are making her itch! xx

  22. Keith Hunt

    Antibacterial Surface Spray sounds good with a very old leaky basset hound in the house

  23. Theresa THomas

    I’d like to try the Antibacterial Hand Gel, it’s perfect for refreshing your hands when out and about

  24. Angela treadway

    would love to try the laundry liquid as we have a dog we have to keep beds and everything hygenic ect x

  25. Katie Skeoch

    The mini Portable Soother Steriliser. Great when on the go with the toddlers

  26. Rachel Craig

    Antibacterial Surface Wipes, as so practical for the home:- Useful for surfaces, door handles, etc. Portable for when traveling, and outdoors.

  27. SianiD

    ANy of them, but the one I’d be most likely to use would be the surface spray. I’ve used milton for years, and think it’s a great cleaner.

  28. Amandeep Sibia

    The Antibacterial Surface Spray sounds like something that would get used regularly, hence it would be interesting to see how good it is.

  29. Sirley Young

    I’d like to try the hand gel, as there are so many germs about.

  30. Lyndsey

    I would love to try the antibacterial surface spray…I have 2 young children and a busy house

  31. Amie

    I am looking forward to using the wipes when I have my baby next month 🙂

  32. Theresa Wakeley

    The antibacterial spray would be handy to use on surfaces and keeping my home clean and o would give the hand gel and baby wipes to my best friend who just had a baby!

  33. Carole Nott

    I would love to try the Antibacterial Hand Gel – this is a product new to me but i’m sure would be just great

  34. Alice Gilkes

    I would try the antibacterial hand gel the most because I can take it everywhere with me. I especially like to use it after being on the bus and after touching touching shopping trolleys.

  35. Clifford Sherwood

    I would use the wipes for just about everything around the house

  36. Amilia Nicholls

    I already use a different brand of antibacterial wipes so I’d give these a try as milton a trusted name. I used their sterilising fluid in my cold water baby feeding bottle steriliser 30yrs ago, was the 1st and only brand of sterilising fluid I ever used.

  37. Sue McCarthy

    I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize to donate to charity, to go to Romania.

  38. Paul Jones

    Great competition many thanks.

  39. Ben Audsley

    The Antibacterial Surface Spray – my flat is a mess and i so need some help from milton!

  40. Rich Tyler

    Antibacterial Surface Wipes would be amazing, esp with 2 boys & 2 cats!

  41. Aimee F

    The spray definitely! I love cleaning with sprays.

  42. Karen Barrett

    I’d like to try the antibacterial wipes, very convenient and easy to use

  43. Jane Wathan

    The Antibacterial spray would be a godsend – with looking after two grandchildren on a regular basis it would give me peace of mind, especially as one is in the middle of potty training and the other still has little ‘accidents’. And don’t get me started on high chairs….

  44. Karen R

    I’d like to try the hand gel because you just know it’s going to be really effective, but caring xx

  45. Maggie Coates

    The mini sterilising unit – very handy for my granddaughter’s dummy

  46. Maggie Coates

    Is the follow link for @miltonbaby correct? Looks like some random person, not the promoter Milton?

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      Thank you so much for noticing that, I have no idea how I got it wrong! I missed out the underscore, I’ve updated it now, any entries where people have followed the wrong account will still count of course!

  47. Rebecca Sutton

    I like the kitchen spray, as it foams up and leaves a nice smell behind.

  48. Charlotte G

    I would like to try the 3in1 Antibacterial spray, I would use it to clean my babies changing mat etc

  49. Tammy Tudor

    I would to try the hand gel as it always comes in handy for ever family member

  50. Rachael Osborne


  51. Michelle Ferguson

    The surface spray looks great, would use it to give my kitchen a good clean

  52. Roxanne Warner

    The antibacterial wipes look great

  53. Helen Grayson

    I’d love to try the sterilising fluid – Its something different in the range that would be great to try!

  54. Victoria N

    The wipes as they would be really handy when out and about for high chairs

  55. clair downham

    would love to win the laundry liquid so my washing would be extra clean

  56. Stacey Carnell

    I’m due in May and would love to try the baby bottle cleaner most 🙂

  57. Christina Palmer

    I would love to try the antibacterial hand gel as with an elderly person in the house we have to be extra careful about spreading germs

  58. Misha

    All of them as I own a cleaning business.

  59. Tee Simpson

    I would love to try the wipes as I think they would make my life a bit easier when cleaning up after the kids and eating out!

  60. leanne weir

    The Antibacterial Surface Spray sounds like something that would be very handy

  61. Thomas Buchanan

    the antibacteria hand gel as I have not tried it before and always seem to need to clean my hands

  62. Heather

    The Antibacterial Surface Spray as it’s multi functional 🙂

  63. Geri Gregg

    I’d love to try the antibacterial spray I bet it’d make my kitchen surfaces shine

  64. Lindsay Robson

    Would love to try the antibacterial wipes as they are so practical and easy to use around the home

  65. Penny Lane

    I’d love to try the anti bacterial wipes, I think they’d be a lifesaver when out and about!

  66. Anonymous

    i have tried the wipes and spray they are great a family fav now

  67. Louise

    I Love Milton products I use them all the time, the wipes are so handy when you’re out and about

  68. Rachael Sexey

    The cleaning wipes look amazing and so so handy to have ❤

  69. Jo Hutchings

    I’d most like to try the surface spray as I already use the other items.

  70. Johanne Currie

    I would like to try the wipes it’s so hard to find decent wipes

  71. Dale Dow

    I’ve always fancied trying out one of the antibacterial sprays

  72. Petey

    I have never used these products before so would be willing to try them.

  73. Emily Hutchinson

    The wipes, we use loads of wipes and find so many are not very good quality.

  74. Elzbieta Znyk

    Antibacterial Surface Spray because I can use it in many different places.

  75. Iris

    The Antibacterial Surface Spray I have never tried this one before

  76. Leslie Evans

    Like to try the Wipes.

  77. Sally Collingwood

    I Would like to try the Antibacterial Surface Spray on my kitchen and bathroom

  78. Amanda Baggott

    I’d love to try the Antibacterial surface spray because I’m always worried about germs and the stuff I use at the moment doesn’t give me much hope!

  79. Stef Acaster

    The antibacterial surface spray because I like to keep my home safe and clean.

  80. Georgina Prince

    i would really like to try the antibacterial surface wipes x

  81. Rachel Butterworth

    The Antibacterial Wipes. Really useful for when my nephews and nieces have been.

  82. Kristyn Harris

    I would most like to try the Mini portable soother steriliser because it would be great to use when we are on the go!

  83. paula cheadle

    I love Milton, love the wipes

  84. Michelle Newman

    I would like to try the hygiene wipes as they can be used everywhere

  85. Elizabeth Cooke

    For me it has to be the Antibacterial Surface Spray as I need a spray that can kill all the germs but is alcohol and bleach free so this is perfect.

  86. Elizabeth C

    I plan to declutter my home this year, so winning this would be ideal 🙂

  87. Joanna Nichol

    I would like to try the laundry liquid as I have heard really good things about it!

  88. Stacey Turner

    I would love to try the wipes, they would be so handy

  89. astrid c

    i would like to try the suface wipes, those are so handy x

  90. julie cook

    surface wipes, look perfect for travelling, suitcase friendly!

  91. Anonymous

    I love the Antibacterial Surface Spray. It smells great and it feels like it gets everything really clean!

  92. Claire Nutman

    The wipes, especially for trips and holidays….

  93. Allan Wilson

    The hand gel – as I have horses I’m never completely 100% confident that my hands are completely germ free when I come to prepare the food.

  94. Jade Jones

    trio this steriliser would be fantastic in prepapration for when our little arrival comes along 😀

  95. MANDY Doherty

    The antibacterial wipes would be ideal for cleaning after my grandchildren

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