Wanting to Learn About Influencer Marketing? Read This

Wanting to Learn About Influencer Marketing? Read This

Each year it seems like marketing companies come up with new and better ways to gain the audience's attention. But when it comes to an effective marketing campaign that has sheer staying power, there’s nothing better than influencer marketing. Perhaps its success lies in its deceptive simplicity. Find a personality who goes with your product, choose the social media platform that best serves your product and let the influencer perform their magic. The magic happens because the campaign focuses on what’s important – the consumer. And it does so in a direct, engaging way.

Influencers aren’t always celebrities, though they do enjoy celebrity status amongst their keen followers. Using their social media page, influencers talk about the product and their experiences with it. An interested audience pays attention and then chooses what to do next. What all this means is that products and brands get mileage and visibility. For their efforts, influencers gain even more followers and are offered monetary remuneration, offers, products and discounts.

The influencer marketing campaign focusses on engagement with the audience. No generic brochure, no large billboard and posters, just honest communication, many times with a sense of humour and fun. This personal touch is what makes influencer marketing so effective. There are many case studies about the effectiveness of influencer marketing and you can learn more about this study here.

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The audience is also important – they are a specific audience that’s amenable to the message being sent. Otherwise, a tweet could be easily lost in a tweeting storm, a post on the Facebook page, a photograph in the Instagram world. By the time the message is seen, it has lost a lot of momentum and the crucial concept of time. The social media world is terribly crowded and it takes a lot to be heard out there.

The influencer seems to do this easily. It’s not. The audience of the influencer is built over time and with effort. It’s the influencer’s involvement with them that gives audience members the feeling that the influencer can be trusted. The influencer also ties up into their world well – the online world. We go to the online world to find information on virtually anything – no matter how big or small. We don’t just want statistics and product information; we want to know what people think about the product, its review and how it feels to use it. This is where the influencer is important. The information is all there and from an expert. What’s not to like about it?

When a marketer approaches an influencer to sell a product or better create a brand, the influencer brings to the table their years of experience, knowledge, and their ability to convince users that they are in the right place. Trust cannot be bought no matter how much money the marketing campaign invests. The influencer does so, creating a great space for the product to gain traction.

From a content-rich Facebook post to a how-to tutorial on YouTube, to a blog post that is filled with pictures and design details, influencer marketing is pinpointed, trustworthy, and worth every penny spent. It works when there’s a connection between the product or brand and the influencer.

*This is a collaborative post.

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  1. Candy

    Trust can’t be bought very correct. Takes time and work being an influence is finicky. Build bond over time works

  2. Kimba Marie Angelina Wiggins

    This an excellent article for those that are interested in social media promotion (like myself). I’ll definitely share this article with my followers.

  3. rememberkimverizonnet

    I wish I had the time to learn more. It’s all I can do to keep up my blog. Great article here!

  4. Pam Wattenbarger

    Influencer marketing is great for so many products and services. Influencers generally have built the trust of their followers, making them a great brand liason.

  5. Heather

    This is such great information. Thanks for sharing. We’ve been influencers for a while now but I’m always looking for new tips.

  6. roch

    Engagement and follower count are important metrics to consider. We also look at the sentiments of the comments on the posts by influencers.

  7. Gemille Sleweon

    Great information! Ive been looking into more marketing ideas because I’m working on building a beauty brand. This was very helpful.

  8. Peachy A.

    Influencer marketing is really the trend these days if you want to market your product but you have to discern which influencer to get.

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