VIVO Cosmetics.

It's hard not to have heard of VIVO since there launch back in September, they are a range exclusive to Tescos' celebrating colour and bringing a catwalk inspired looks to the shelves of our local stores. And if that isn't thrilling enough then you just need to take a look at the prices, which are sure to have you doing a double take.

For the past month I have been road testing 3 of their products and I have to admit I am impressed. The staying power and pigmentation is much higher than I expected. 

VIVO Cosmetics

Trio Eyeshadow Palette – Green With Envy

VIVO Cosmetics

 With a retail price of just £2.50 these eyeshadow palette's are amazing – the small box come's complete with applicator and small mirror. They are available in 5 colours Sugar Plum, Graphite Glamour, Be-Dazzled, Innocence and the beautiful one I tried Green with Envy. The palette takes a journey from a very silvery green  via emerald green to a deep dark almost black looking one. All three have a wonderful sparkly glimmering sheen to them which is not completely picked up by my camera.

VIVO Cosmetics

The swatches above all contain two swipes of eyeshadow using my finger.  The colour has great staying power with it lasting well for a whole day – and what do you need to finish of the lovely eye look a great Kohl.
Kohl Eye Liner – Green Lagoon

VIVO Cosmetics

This little beauty has a price of just £1.50, VIVO's Kohl's come in a total of  7 colours: black, black glitter, white, blue blazer, medium brown and this little beauty green lagoon, gliding on beautifully without the awful scratchy feeling some Kohl's give you, the opposite end, gives you a ‘smudger' (is that the correct word – I'm not sure I know what to actually call it) making it easier to get that lovely smudged look.
VIVO Cosmetics
Costing just £5 this fabulous highlighter can be used both under foundation or on it's own to give an all over glow or to highlight your cheeks and eyebrows. Feeling creamy and soft this cream does exactly what it says on the packet and highlights your skin tone beautifully, helping brighten a tired complexion any day of the week.
Those are just 3 of a 27 item range with the highest priced item costing only £6 I shall defiantly be looking out for more down the isles of my local Tesco. 
But what about you? Have you given VIVO a try yet? What do you think of them?
For more information be sure to check out their twitter and facebook.
*PR samples

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  1. Crystal Mse

    I really love these metallic shades ! 

    I’d love a dabble with VIVO 


  2. Sarah Bailey

    They are fab aren’t they!! Still can’t get my head round the price of them lol

  3. Ashleigh Allan

    lovely colours!

  4. Sarah Parkes

    Must get myself to Tesco to try out this stuff!

  5. stuart buckley-mellor

    My partner has some VIVO stuff sent to her to review for her Blog,she loves it too

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