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Valentines Gift Ideas

ValentinesI've had so many lovely Valentines gift ideas pop into my into my inbox of late I thought I would put together just a few of my favourite and hopefully help you get some ideas on just what might be the perfect present for your other half no matter what your budget maybe.

Lovestruck Pink Kids Rule – £150
I first featured Lovestruck in November last year and I am still very much in love with the beautiful Kids Rule, these 6 foot high charts, to me, are something that could be a great feature in any room and definitely aren't just for kids.

Mugtails – from £12.95
I completely admit I feel in love with these mugs as soon as I saw them (I do have a bit of a mug collection going on at home), featuring the shape of the animal on the mug they take the tail shape of the animal and make that the handle. Personally I'm loving the round fluff ball that is the rabbit (thought I would love to see dog one).

La Signorina Chocolate Shoes – from £40
Made from fair trade chocolate La Signorina chocolate shoes come in a number of different flavours – the one that catches my eye the most, would have to be, the Isis Chocolate Slipper, which features a mix of milk and white chocolate and comes in at around the same size as a size 3 (UK) shoe.

Super Mario Power Mushrooms Coasters (set of 4) – £9
Who doesn't love a bit of Mario and if you're looking to have a tipple this Valentines, why not make sure your surfaces are protected by the power of the mushroom and with 4 of these handmade wonders in a pack for just £9, you hopefully won't find yourself breaking the bank.

Love Bunny with Declaration of Love Scroll – £20
With the choice of either a cream or grey bunny you chosen one comes complete with a personalised declaration of love certificate that is presented in the ‘I Love You' tube. I'm loving the grey bunny myself how cute is he!

Personalised Couples Map Centred On Postcodes – £35
For those who love to celebrate their roots this personalised picture includes heart shaped centre located maps of two UK postcodes of choice. Perhaps you will have your childhood homes located or your favourite getaways, places you have lived together or where you spent your honeymoon the choice is yours.

Seeded Plantable Heart – £14.99
Looking to start a garden, or perhaps you are having some guests and looking to hand out some favours, then these seeded hearts might be right up your street available in a pack of 50 they are ready to be planted allowing you to let your heart grow.

You Look Lovely Today Tote Bag – £12.95
Want to send your partner a message? Then how about getting them a tote telling them how lovely they look – a message they can carry around with them day in and day out, as a reminder of just one of the things you love about them.

Milana Candles – from £16
If your with someone who loves a candle then how about treating them to a Valentines candle. In fact Milana do two with just perfect names Love Street which offers a mix of Madagascan vanilla, rhubarb and blackberries as well as Drive in Romance which is a floral experience of rose, lily of the valley, jasmine, bergamot and cassis.

Teddy Tins – Love Monster – £16.99
Available in red or white, these Love Monsters, are just waiting to escape from their tins and shower your loved one with some monster love. Each tin can be personalised with both the owners name and the monsters.

What do you think of these gifts, is there any you would like to be gifted this Valentines?

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  1. Harlynn

    Those coasters are such a good idea!


  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    Those are all great ideas. My hubby & I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, but some of those make perfect “just because” gifts 🙂

  3. Coolchillmom

    I think I would put a you look love today bag on my list
    Liking your list a lot

  4. Amber Edwards

    Those mugtails are so awesome! I seriously love those mugs!

    • amanda

      i could use a new mug or two 🙂 i’m not one for flowers (maybe a potted plant?) or too much chocolate.

  5. kay adeola

    I would love either the chocolate shoes or the Seeded Plantable Heart great selection 🙂

  6. Lawna

    Those are some great ideas. I am going all out for Valentine’s this year. I bought my kids some valentines to personalize, vday shirts, and candy. I am making goodie bags for my oldest sons class and bringing cookies to his classroom on vday. So far, I bought my hub a personalized keychain, but I am still working on his gift. He just went last weekend and got Valentine’s father-daughter pics, and they turned out so cute!

  7. Nicole A.

    The chocolate shoes look pretty neat. I went ahead and got the husbands valentines gift early this year when everything was on sale after Christmas.

  8. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell

    I think these are all wonderful gift ideas for most anyone. Thanks for some suggestions.

  9. Rachel

    Aw all of these are really lovely x

  10. Wendy Bottrell

    Great ideas! I like the Seeded Plantable Heart!

  11. Ronnie

    You had me at Super Mario, Sarah. <3 Nothing says love to me like Mario and Zelda, separately of course. Great roundup!

  12. Michele

    I absolutely love the cat mug–I have got to get me one of those. I already have lots of items cats-and this would make a nice addition.

  13. Melanie

    Those are some lovely gifts! We don’t do vday , but the tins would be awesome for the kids

  14. Terry

    Being very into gardening, I would love the Seeded Plantable Heart. What a cute idea to give as a hostess gift. I am having a family cookoff so I am looking for some cute hostess gifts.

  15. Pam W

    Those chocolate shoes are such a unique item. All of these are great suggestions.

  16. Amber Nelson

    I love the candles. Anything good smelling and relaxing is right up my alley.

  17. Jennifer Williams

    I love the mugs, those are going to fig perfectly at the house we are going to buy soon. Those Mario coasters are so cute, I used to love that game.

  18. Amanda Love

    That a great line up! I know hubby would totally enjoy those Mario Mushrooms coasters. He’s a big Mario fan. Me, I want the candles. 🙂

  19. Theresa

    Those Super Mario coasters are too cool! I need to hint on to hubby to come home with those on Valentine’s Day!

  20. Veronica

    Those are some fabulous looking gift ideas. Great fro Valentine’s Day

  21. Aisha Kristine Chong

    Those are good collection and totally perfect for the Valentines ! 😀

  22. Tough Cookie Mommy

    These are some gift ideas. I will definitely take them into consideration when buying my husband his gift.

  23. Emma Smyth

    Many thx for including our coasters :)))

  24. Jo Hutchinson

    the Love Bunny is so cute

  25. Rachel Craig

    What lovely gift ideas. I really like the tote bag :- “You Look Lovely Today” . Sure to bring a smile to anyones face.

  26. Ashley Wintters

    Awesome gift ideas! Thanks for those…I have so much trouble shopping for valentine gifts.

  27. Keri Jones

    As soon as I saw the Moose Mugtail I knew I had to have one! Have sent a the link to my hubby & hopefully he’ll take the hint. I have a slight obsession with all things moose!
    I love the monster in a tin too. These are fab gift ideas, thanks for sharing 🙂 x

  28. Ashley Gill

    Chocolate shoes? Very interesting! I like the Moose Mugtails! Pretty! These are some really great ideas!

  29. Rachee

    I like these gifts for “just because.” I love the ruler; it’s oversized, a good item for keeping measurements and it’s pink!

  30. becca

    i’m just looking forward to spending time with hubby and son for valentine day

  31. Annemarie

    Thanks for passing these along. I am always so lost at Valentine’s Day. Lots of great ideas!

  32. Kristen from The Road to Domestication

    These are all great ideas! I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what my hubby gets me! (He’s good at presents!)

  33. Nikki

    Great selection of cute gifts! I love the chocolate shoes (anything chocolate is awesome!) and the candles.

  34. marielle altenor

    I love your list of Valentine gift ideas! The little coaster are soo cute!!

  35. Melanie a/k/a CrazyMom

    Looks like you have the entire selection set for valentines Day.. loved what you picked..thanks for sharing

  36. Michelle G.

    Great collection of gift ideas! Thanks for compiling and sharing.

  37. Fan R @TeddyOutReady

    I think I would love to get Milana Candles for Valentine’s Day, the gift that always bring romantic atmosphere.

  38. Mina Slater

    Oh my gosh, seriously I want everything! This makes me wish it were Valentine’s Day every day with awesome gifts like this lol.

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