Using Old School Methods To Boost Your Blog

Using Old School Methods To Boost Your Blog

Like any website in the modern age, when you’re running a blog, you have to be on top of your marketing. There are loads of sites like this across the web, with options covering loads of different topics, making it unlikely that you will be alone in the content you produce. This makes it impossible for a company to get very far without the right kind of action, and forces everyone, from bloggers to businesses, to look for new ways to get their names into the world.

In some cases, though, it doesn’t have to be something new which drives your blog forwards, with old school options having a good place in this sort of industry. A lot of readers will remember the days of newspapers and magazines, and will appreciate an online experience which reflects what they remember. To help you to figure out the best methods for your blog, this post will be exploring some of the most popular you have.

Using Old School Methods To Boost Your Blog

Competitions: People love to have the chance to win something when they sit down and start reading their favourite publications. In the old days, anything from pens to cars would be given away like this, and this makes this idea as affordable or expensive as you’d like it to be. You can host a giveaway on social media, through your site, and even using a special service which will make it completely fair. Of course, though, you will have to make sure that you get back whatever you spend on this.

Mail-Ins: In the past, magazines would often host mail-ins from their readers. By asking a question at the end of your posts, you can inspire your users to write in, and email isn’t the only way to handle this. Using a company like, you can set up an address which people can send things to, without having to give away anything too personal. This will appeal to older users on your website, while also giving younger people the chance to experience a system which they may have thought long gone.

Using Old School Methods To Boost Your Blog

Repeating Themes: Options like including questions in your posts can be a great way to start the process of repeating some themes, but you will want to take this idea further if you’re going to get the most out of it. In the old days, magazine and newspaper authors would often work hard to give their content loads of personality. This sort of approach can still work today, though, and is a great way to build a connection between yourself and your readers, making them feel as if they know you with each passing article.

Editorials: As people come to respect an author more and more, they will become a lot more open to the idea of listening to their opinions. Posts which are based around your own views, also known as editorials, are a powerful tool when it comes to creating fresh content. A lot of blogs follow similar lines, releasing guides and advice as the bulk of their content. You might be able to offer more than this to the field you cover, and it will be worth working hard to realize this potential, even if it takes some investment.

Using Old School Methods To Boost Your Blog

Issues: Finally, as the last method to try, magazines of the past would always have issue numbers. Serving to help collectors to curate their examples, while also adding value to certain numbers, this sort of approach can also be applied to a blog. Making this happen on a blog is nice and easy, and you can use pages like to help you. By creating a range of different series which surround different topics, you will be able to make some recurring content which makes it feel very much like you’re putting out issues rather than single blog posts. Of course, though, you will still have to work hard to make this go your way.

While you may be living in the modern world, the marketing experts of yesterday often have the best methods up their sleeves. By breaking the mould and going down a route like this, you can easily create some buzz for your work which you wouldn’t have had with modern advertising. Of course, though, as a big part of this, you will have to assess things like ROI yourself, and this can be hard when you don’t have a team of people working for you. Even blogs need a bit of boost when it comes to their money-making potential sometimes.

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Using Old School Methods To Boost Your Blog

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