Top Tips for Giving Yourself a Treat
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Top Tips for Giving Yourself a Treat

Don’t you think you deserve a little something special? Go ahead! According to recent psychology reports, rewarding yourself with small treats can spark your motivation. And you can keep this newfound motivation over the long-term, too: scientists believe rewarding yourself unpredictably (rather than on a controlled schedule) encourages consistent, good performance over time. So, if you want to stay on top of your game, you may consider surprising yourself with treats from time to time. Here are some affordable and easy treats you can give yourself after a job well done!

Go To The Movies
Who says movies are only good for dates? Entertain yourself by heading to the local theatre to see some new releases! You’ll love this vacation from your normal hustle bustle because movies distract from stressful thoughts.

You can also choose a movie fit your mood to explore your emotions. In this way, movies don't only serve as a good treat for getting your to-do list done, they also allow you to get to know yourself!

Eat A Meal Out
You’ve been working all day and now you’ve earned your surprise. Try randomly going out to eat. Eating food often sends signals of reward to your brain, making you feel good. Whether you head to a nearby cafe or hit up a fancy restaurant is up to you, but enjoy your meal out wherever you go!

Pro Tip: Keep your stomach and wallet happy by doing your research first. Check out the prices of meals at various restaurants and look into their menus ahead of time.

Go Shopping For A New Outfit
Is it time to update your wardrobe? You don’t need to go overboard or bust your budget, but if you’ve been working hard lately you may deserve a new outfit! Spending money probably shouldn’t be a reward you give yourself too often, but a new set of clothes every once in a while is sure to keep you motivated and hard at work!

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Go To The Salon
Finishing a big, stressful project means you’ve earned a trip to the spa! It’s nice to be pampered by others, and many spa treatments are also good for your physical health. If you’re thinking about visiting a salon for some tender loving care, do some searching to find the right destination for you.

Do Nothing
Sometimes all you want to do after accomplishing your work is, well, nothing at all. If your tasks are taken care of you can spend the time doing just that. Whether you sit and watch TV, lay back and listen to music, or just stand there, you can enjoy just being.

Are you motivated to go out and get work done? You will be once you begin surprising yourself with some of these small treats every once in a while! Remember, the key is to keep your surprises, well, surprising! Don’t set up a weekly schedule, just treat yourself when you honestly feel you’ve earned it.

*This is a collaborative post.

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  1. Jacqui S

    I love going to the movies. Sometimes even by myself. Just to get out of the house and clear my head. It works wonders!

  2. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    One of my favorite ways to reward myself is by going to the movies. Just me. Not me and my family. Just me. I love it.

  3. Vera Sweeney

    I’m a total fashionista, so giving myself the gift of a new outfit sounds perfect to me! I also enjoy a good spa day!

  4. Joanna @ Everyday Made Fresh

    I may reward myself more often than I should. 😉 I probably buy myself something once a month, whether it’s a new nail polish or shirt.

  5. Jennifer Van Huss

    One of my favourite ways to reward myself is a brand new outfit! Comfortable or fashionable it doesn’t matter! I love the tips you showed here! Going to the movies is a great one!

  6. Joely Smith

    Great suggestions! I do go out to eat on my own fairly often. Since I work from home sometimes when I need a break or clarity I will do this.

  7. Sapphire Kharyzma

    This is so inspiring. I enjoyed reading this. It’s important for us to have some great “me” time. Your tips were very awesome!

  8. Jocelyn @ Hip Mama's Place

    I am loving all of these ideas! It’s really nice to just go and treat yourself, especially when you’re feeling a little stressed out with life lately! I love going to the salon or just spending some quiet time at home with a good book!

  9. Tomi C

    There’s something about treating yourself that makes everything all right. For me it’s an occasional piece of chocolate or a weekend getaway with the girls

  10. michele d

    Treating yourself feels so good, doesn’t it? It’s been a few months since I last treated myself and I’m due soon for it again. Thanks for your tips!

  11. Nancy at Whispered Inspirations

    It is so important that we remember to treat ourselves once in a while. These are great tips!

  12. Gingermommy

    Treating yourself is really something that everyone should do. I mean, you need to do something for yourself once in a while. These are great reminders.

  13. Jessica Terry

    I really have to remember that I am important too and need to take some time for myself sometimes. Thank you so much for the great reminder and tips.

  14. Kathy

    I think these are all great ideas. Treating yourself is always a must. It’s nice to be able to do something for yourself once in a while.

  15. Michelle Waller

    It is so important to remember to do things for ourselves. Being a homeschooling mom, I have to remember to take time to myself. My husband is keeping the kids while I go to the movies this weekend.

  16. Wendy Polisi

    Doing nothing is always what I shoot for. Lord knows I don’t need to add anymore plans to my plate, a treat for myself or not haha!

  17. Mimi Green

    I love to treat myself, big or small it all warms my heart. I need to do it more often.

  18. Shannon Gurnee

    I love treating myself, especially when I go to the salon to get my hair or nails done. I also love to get massages, but that doesn’t happen to much. This is a great list.

  19. Emma Walton

    I like the ‘do nothing’ one the best!

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