Top Tips for Booking a Wedding Photographer

Top Tips for Booking a Wedding Photographer

Your wedding day, one of the best days of your life and something, that for most, only happens once in a lifetime. It is a celebration of love, hope, commitment and trust and it is a time shared with friends and family. So, it is no wonder people want to capture the day, allowing them to a have a perfect snapshot of the day at hand.

Before you go just hiring any photographer though you need to make sure they are able to offer the type of photographs you are after and here are some tips:

Think about the style you are after:

You may think there is just one style of photography, but you would be wrong. Each photographer has a style of their own, be it documentary; taking unposed photos of the action and decor of the day, with the aim is to capture those real and raw moments between all the wedding party. Or portraiture; think more posed photos of you and your loved ones, some portraiture photographers go for edgy photos, think the middle of the road, in a field or you all posed in interesting stances, while others go for a more traditional feel. Also, think about the location of your wedding, for instance, this beautiful wedding at Statham Lodge is just perfect for a traditional photography look.

Copyright Leonardo Photography

Copyright Leonardo Photography


You're likely to be bombarded with 100s of adverts for local photographers, but not all of them are going to be for you. You want to take time out to check their portfolio, allowing you to see their work and decide if it creates the feeling you are after. Also looking at their social media may allow you to see feedback from previous customers, if there have been any negative posts, that isn't always the be all and end all, check out how the photographer has responded.

Ask to meet those you like:

The person you choose is going to be responsible for a part of your day and therefore you have to trust them and you need to click. Arranging a meeting with them beforehand can give you both the opportunity to see if you think you can work together. Also remember to ask them to bring along some sample albums filled with previous work, giving you an opportunity to see what you will be buying.

Copyright Leonardo Photography

Copyright Leonardo Photography

Know what you are buying and how much it costs:

Wedding photos are one place you probably don't want to cut corners, after all you really do get what you pay for and as David from Leonardo Photography Studios says “don't base your choice on price or what's in the package. You always have to choose first based on the quality of the work.” However, everyone has a budget and so you want to talk frankly with your photographer about what you will get for your money, making sure you ask if there are any additional costs or if everything is included in the quote.

Don't forget to get a contract:

Once you have decided on the photographer, you want to make sure you get a contract in place. This should cover all eventualities, including should the worst happen and your photographer is ill on the big day. Remember before you sign to make sure you give it a good read through and make sure you are completely happy with all that is included.

Copyright Leonardo Photography

Copyright Leonardo Photography

Of course, there are more hints and tips to be found out there, but these should hopefully cover the basics and get you off to a good start with looking for the right photographer.

Do you have any tips you would add yourself?

*This is a collaborative post.

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  1. Jo Carroll

    Always ask wedding guests to email any great photos they’ve taken on the day too as they often capture the best moments that aren’t rehearsed 😉

  2. Candy

    All of our children are married now but I will pass this along to our friends who have up coming weddings. Will be useful to them

  3. Alli Smith

    Be sure and let the photographer know what photos are a must! My youngest daughter researched like crazy and we finally found the perfect luxury photographer for her wedding. Yes, that’s a thing now. 🙂 It was expensive but well worth the extra cost.

  4. Tomi

    We had an outdoor wedding and reception and I wish I had gotten more pics of the venue. In the video you can see the swans swimming in the nearby lake but we didn’t get a single pic of them. We focused so much on snapping pics of the wedding party and didn’t maximize the beautiful outdoors.

  5. Jeanette

    I wish this was something I read before we hire the one we did. The photographer came for the wedding and took the pictures and then we never heard from him again. After a year of communal he finally sent us a CD of the pictures but never gave us the copyright release so we could print them.

  6. lisa

    I have a few friends that are fantastic photographers. It’s so important to get a good photographer to document such an important day!

  7. GiGi Eats

    My wedding photographer was terrible. Sure, we got a FEW good photos out of the mix but he takes FOREVER and we never really met before the wedding because he went MIA. And it’s been ALMOST A YEAR and we haven’t even gotten our wedding album yet!

  8. corinne & kirsty

    I guess researching and making sure you get the right person is very important. Also, a contract is so essential to make sure both parties do what they have to. No getting married anytime soon but really good tips to remember nonetheless

  9. Debra Hawkins

    I think it is so important to meet in person and make sure you jive with your photographer. So many photographers are great but just not the one for you!

  10. Ashleigh Allan

    Great tips. I think it’s useful to try and speak to someone who’s used them too

  11. Betty Boiron

    This is so important!! Your wedding is such an important day and if you’re disappointed with the photos, you can’t go back and reproduce them. We had the same photographer do our engagement photos and so I already knew I loved his work then!

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      It really is isn’t it – I’ve heard so many people so disappointed about the photos they have had, you need to make sure you pick the right person for you.

  12. Pam Wattenbarger

    Having a contract is really important when booking a wedding photographer. That way you are both protected.

  13. Viveena Rodrigues

    These are good pointers to keep in mind while screening wedding photographers. One should research , ask people for recommendations and decide on the budget so that there are no disappointments later.

  14. Joely Smith

    I really wish we could redo our wedding photography! Our wedding photos are not bad but I could have done as well myself on my phone camera! We had a destination wedding on a tight budget so we did what we could afford at the time. I cherish my wedding photos but I wish I had read this article back then! Great post!

  15. Marissa Zurfluh

    We put disposable cameras out on the tables and let guest take photos. Some of the ones we got from those cameras were amazing. Very candid and really in the moment shots.

  16. Margaret gallagher

    PERFECT for my neice who’s planning her big DAY for 2 years time
    We’ve had some nightmares with photographers

  17. Lisa Favre

    A part of me wishes I went all out for our wedding photographs! I love what our photographer did but I should’ve done more research on the type of photos I’d want.

  18. Patricia

    this is a good read! i never thought about this as i know a handful of photographers- due to the industry im in. i will share this with my photographer friends as a feedback from clients! thanks!

  19. Liz Mays

    I think I’d probably look for a photographer that specializes in action shots! There was a lot of dancing at my daughter’s wedding.

  20. Rebecca Smith

    Such great tips – we will definitely be taking them on board for when we finally get married!


    Some really good tips there. I think using someone who has been recommended can also be good. You still need to check their work but it can help.

  22. Claudia Krusch

    Doing your research is so important when you are planning your wedding. Make sure you have a contract so you know exactly what you are supposed to be getting.

  23. Heather Johnson

    You offer some great tips! I kind of wish that I had had a photographer. We had a tiny wedding and totally forgot to get a pic of the two of us alone!

  24. Marysa

    Getting great wedding photos is so important. We don’t have very many because we got married out of the country and had a small wedding, and we lucked out that our photographer was very good. So important to be clear with what you want!

  25. Aida Ingram

    I’ve heard so many stories from people who were looking for a wedding photographer. These tips are so timely, thank you for sharing.

  26. Gideon

    Some spot on tips you outline there i think quality is top on the list for me.

  27. Mummy Times Two

    Really great tips, I totally agree, it’s such an important part of your day so really important to choose carefully x

  28. Anosa

    These days photography is big business and it can get quite expensive so it’s important to do research especially for your wedding day

  29. melissa major

    Some brilliant tips for getting a wedding photographer! I will keep these in mind for sure

  30. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    A wedding is one of the most important events in a couple’s life. These are great tips to ensure you hire the right photographer.

  31. Chubskulit Rose

    It is great to have a professional photographer on a wedding day because you get to look back on beautiful pictures. These are great tips for those who are planning to get married.

  32. Denay DeGuzman

    My daughter Brooke just got engaged in April, and this past weekend we were discussing wedding photography. I was suggesting that she selects her favorite wedding photographer and then tries him/her out by scheduling an engagement photo session. If things work out well – communication, style, and professionalism – then they can rest assured their wedding photos will be exactly what they’re dreaming they will be.

  33. Jenni

    These tips are useful, I didn’t know that your should get a contract in place!

  34. Paula Bendfeldt

    These are great tips for hiring a wedding photographer. A friend of mine really could have used these tips before her wedding, I think she would have been happier with the results.

  35. Alicia Taylor

    Since we were traveling from Minnesota to get married in Florida around our friends and family, our budget was limited. My business partner provided the photographer and she did an OK job. She captured the memories. I always get a kick out of looking at one particular photo my husband’s previous wedding. His brand new bride is sulking in a chair and glaring at a server. I asked him if that was just a badly timed photo. He said that, no – she was throwing a fit because the server presented non-alcoholic wine to the wrong table. He kept the photo to remind him how difficult things were. A good photographer can really capture emotion.

  36. David Elliott

    Getting a contract that is very specific dealing with everything you want is so important. Didn’t work well for my ex and I but was happy I had a friends wife who was a photographer to step in.

  37. Kita Bryant

    So much goes into choosing that people don’t realize. This post is going to help a lot of people.

  38. Baby Isabella

    My mummy chose her photographer based on his style and photoshop skills. Word of mouth is a good recommendation too 🙂

  39. adriana

    These are SUCH great tips! Your photographer is one thing you should definitely splurge on. They are memories that’ll last a lifetime!

  40. sarah

    It is important to capture every special moments. After a few years you will be looking back and appreciating those sweet moments.

  41. Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes

    Great tips, I totally agree that making sure you research and have a style in mind, each photographer definitely has their own style.

  42. Tanya Brannan

    Wedding Photography has changed so much in recent years, with themes, activities, special effects, quirky shots and candid pictures. I got married 24 years ago, when literally you stood and posed with your family etc etc Nothing too exciting there!
    I would love to re-take my photographs now, with some of the newer techniques and styles.

  43. Natalia

    Love these tips and will pass this post to my friends who are planning their weddings. I hope they end up choosing the right photographers for their big days!

  44. Sarah Ann

    I never realised so much went into choosing the right photographer! Hopefully if my other half decides to propose (or I take the plunge and ask him haha) I can then use all your tips.

  45. stephanie

    Love these tips, I’ve not had to book a wedding photographer before but for me the photographer would be one of the biggest expenses outside of the venue and food for me. I’d want them to be perfect for me x

  46. Marie Barber

    These tips are fab, i think you need to click with the photographer, you have to love their style because that’s what you are going to get. I also think its great if you know someone who has used them previously if thats possible.

  47. Amy Deverson

    Great post. A wedding photographer is so important at any wedding and it is best to do the research and make sure that you hire someone who produces a style of photos that you like 🙂

  48. fashion-mommy

    We were so lucky, we got married abroad and the company sorted a brilliant photographer for us. These tips are really useful and well worth bearing in mind.

  49. Rachel Craig

    A Wedding can be such an important Event for all who attend. So Wonderful photographs, etc :- Are Great Momentoes of that Happy Occassion (Union).

    Great tips for such an important Occasion. Ideally knowledge and experience of a good wedding photographer is beneficial. So Research seems important :- Ask friends and relatives, etc. Browse photographer’s work / portfolio/s, etc.

    Nice to have a variety of photos, and maybe something a bit special ( sentimental).

  50. clarissa

    if I happen to get married this will be useful to know

    Thank you

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