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Plus Valentia Printed T-Shirt Dress Plus Carmela Gingerbread Jumper In Forest Green Lacey Back Printed Embroidery Kimono Viola Fringe Detail Velvet Kimono In Forest Green

It seems silly to be saying this already, but it is true.

Party season is coming and the cold winds are already hitting.

So what better time to start looking for some new clothes.

I recently admitted I really struggle with my weight and the person I see in the mirror.

However, I am trying to be better and buy some clothes that I really like.

One company who are all about plus size clothing and affordability is Pink Clove.

They offer clothing in sizes 16 – 28, often have discounts on and to me, at least, seem to offer affordable pieces, which last.

So come on down and check out my picks.
Plus Valentia Printed T-Shirt Dress Plus Carmela Gingerbread Jumper In Forest Green

Plus Valentia Printed T-Shirt Dress

Pink Clove do some great dresses and I absolutely love this one as something which you can change to work for the colder weather.

Think about wearing a pair of leggings with it and some boots.

You could even add a cardigan or shawl to help keep you even warmer and it is the perfect transitional piece of clothing.

Plus Carmela Gingerbread Jumper In Forest Green

Looking for the perfect Christmas jumper? Well, look no further!

Pink Clove have a selection in stock but I have to admit I have fallen for this gingerbread one for sure!

With its smiley face and cute bobble on the end of its hat – it is definitely a jumper that helps you show off your festive cheer.

Lacey Back Printed Embroidery Kimono Viola Fringe Detail Velvet Kimono In Forest Green

Lacey Back Printed Embroidery Kimono

I am still loving kimonos, which were something I bought so many of, over the summer.

This one is perfect for having close by for when things get just a bit colder. An extra layer to help keep you just a bit warmer.

Plus what isn't to love about the beautiful detailing to the back panel.

Viola Fringe Detail Velvet Kimono In Forest Green

Ok, ok it's ANOTHER kimono sorry!

However, this one just shouts party to me. You know the times, you know it's going to get warm but you don't want to go without some extra sort of cover.

Well, this one is perfect for then. Thanks to its gorgeous colour and fringing details – what more could you want?

So there you have some ideas from me to you on what items you might just love for this time of year from Pink Clove.

However what about you, do any of them take your eye?

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  1. Jean Cassell

    I love the gingerbread jumper. It looks so toasty.

  2. Scott Gombar

    Sharing with my wife. She might be interested in this.

  3. Amber Myers

    These are all great! I still need to get a kimono. I always liked that style. The color on this one is pretty.

  4. Jessi Joachim

    I have quite a few Holiday parties coming up already so this is perfect! I really love the sweaters but also like being able to dress up nice too. There are a lot of really nice options here.

  5. Tomi C

    I’m a plus size diva in the making and I have been rocking kimonos all year long. They pair well with leggings or as a sexy dress. Never heard of Pink Clove so thanks for the intro. Heading over to check out more of their fashions.

  6. Candy

    Love all of these. Shirt dresses are all time favorite

  7. Jeanette

    These look like fun outfits to wear over the holidays. I could definitely use some festive clothes.

  8. Tasheena

    They have the cutest clothing line! I have to share this post with my friend. She has been searching for the perfect plus size clothing line, and I know she would love this shop.

  9. Melanie

    These are all neat outfits. I could see myself wearing some of them during the holidays. Very cute options from this company!

  10. Natalia

    I love all of your picks, but the one which really stole my heart is the one with a gingerbread man cookie. Can’t wait to get it for myself! 🙂

  11. PAm

    That gingerbread shirt is pretty cute. I am a big fan of festive clothing for Christmas.

  12. Melissa

    I have never heard of pink clove but I LOVE that kimono. Gotta to head over and check this out online!

  13. Heather

    These are cute options. I love the top with the gingerbread on it.

  14. Gervin Khan

    These are beautiful outfit and I am sure that this is something that my sister would love.

  15. Monique Starks

    I don’t know much about fashion, but I love the outfit in the top left. It looks edgy, but sophisticated!

  16. Amy simpson

    Looks like a great site x

  17. Rhian Westbury

    I absolutely love Pink Clove and that green velvet kimono looks so nice, and perfect for the party session without being too much x

  18. Catalina

    These outfits look great. I would like the Plus Valentia Printed T-Shirt Dress. This is my type!

  19. Kaz | Ickle Pickles Life and Travels

    I love these pieces – I will definitely check out Pink Clove as I am a 16+ size and struggle with high street stores. Kaz

  20. Lisa Murano

    I just love these outfits from Pink Clove! My favorite is the forest green velvet kimono! Just lovely.

  21. Jona Shares

    Cold season is now starting here in our country. These awesome and fab finds are indeed perfect to wear during cold weather. I wish I could have them all.

  22. Chubskulit Rose

    I love that first one. I recently bough big sizes of shirts, they are comfortable around the house.

  23. Laurie Gannon

    I love the gingerbread man jumper! It’s so festive and fun. And, most importantly (to me), it looks soooo comfortable!

  24. Anonymous

    I’m loving the gingerbread jumper! It’s great they’re reasonably priced too, because it can be a struggle to find good quality plus sized clothes that don’t cost the earth.

  25. Marysa

    Those designs are all interesting. I’ve never heard of Pink Clove before. It’s nice to find new places to shop and check out different styles.

  26. Afshan Nasim

    Am loving the gingerbread jumper, it would be perfect for Christmas. I have seen some of the Pink Clove range and they have some very nice pieces. Will take another look at their site, just in case they have anything new.

  27. Terri Steffes

    I am in love with that very first dress. I love that style. My husband wouldn’t like it though. I’d have to find somewhere to wear it where he wasn’t going to be around.

  28. Anonymous

    I love the gingerbread cookie shirt. It would be perfect for a holiday get together.

  29. Kim

    The velvet kimono- oh yes, now that would be me! Great post, nice photos!

  30. Pooja Shama

    Wow! these are amazing.. I love the Jumpsuit. Love the color and clicks.

  31. Melanie williams

    So many lovely items here. for me it is all about the gingerbread person jumper xx

  32. What Corinne Did

    I had never heard of pink clove before but loving the sound of it! That dress is super pretty and that jumper all christmassy!

  33. Cristina pop

    These are great picks. I really love that gingerbread jumper. Looks so comfy!

  34. Rachael

    Aw I love all of these, the ginger bread jumper is cute!


    I’ve never really looks at Pink Clove before for clothing. It sounds like they have a great selection of items. You made some great choices.

  36. David Elliott

    Those look like some pretty great seasonal tops. I think the ones with the fringe my daughter would be interested in the most. They all look great though.

  37. Angela Ricardo Bethea

    I like the gingerbread man! It’s so simple but I wanna rock this on the first day of December!

  38. Kylie Nesloney

    I love the velvet kimono! Velvet is so trendy right now!

  39. lexi

    these are so cute! i love the gingerbread pattern , great for the holidays!

  40. Debra

    That gingerbread sweater is all sorts of hilarious and awesome! It looks like they have a great selection!

  41. Ashley

    I love the kimono and the gingerbread jumper!

  42. Louise

    I’ve never heard of Pink Clove before, but now I REALLY want that Gingerbread Jumper in my life. It’s so cute! <3

    Louise x

  43. Hannah Marie

    These are all so lovely! I can’t pick my fave as I want it all! Great picks!

  44. Stephanie Parrell

    That gingerbread sweater is so adorable! I cant handle it!

  45. Kara

    Loving the gingerbread man jumper – the kids at preschool would love it if I wore that

  46. Danish Rasool

    Adorable selection of clothes, all really looking wonderful choices for any occasion.

  47. norbis

    The prints looked cool! Its simple yet really cool look. Great outfit!

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