The Ultimate Guide to South East Asian Hotels
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The Ultimate Guide to South East Asian Hotels

Where you stay is a big “question” that pops up if one is planning a trip. And when it comes to South East Asia, the question gets easier as well as difficult at the same time.

Easier because there are so many options to pick from and a wide range of hotels and accommodations available.

Difficult because you don’t get the right deal if you don’t know where to look. You could book your accommodations through a big chain hotel or go for a more local stay.

Holidaymakers arrive here with different preferences and budgets and are looking for different experiences. Copthorne Cameron Highlands are immensely popular among those looking for both luxuries within budget.

The Ultimate Guide to South East Asian Hotels

Boutique Hotels for Exclusivity.

Stay at a boutique hotel in almost any town in SEA.

Staying here means a specific style and uniqueness in your experience.

SEA boutique hotels can be expensive, but the experience is indeed worth it. Hotels in Brinchang,  Thailand and Indonesia are especially stunning.

Vacation rentals for comfort

For those looking for more comfort and privacy can opt for a vacation rental.

Not only are these accommodations a lot more comfortable, but allow you to save big, especially if you plan to holiday for several days.

It indeed feels like living in a home as you stay in a fully furnished apartment and cook all your meals. One feels like part of the community and explore the local neighbourhoods.

The Ultimate Guide to South East Asian Hotels

Camping for fun

Camping is another great option for those looking for a uniquely immersive travel experience.

Although camping is generally not recommended in the SEA, it is not impossible. All you need to look for is an excellent location, and once you are able to do that, it’s certainly worth it.

Luxury resorts for luxury

South East Asia boasts of beautiful hotels and luxury resorts.

Thus, these are just ideal for those who have big pockets.

Staying in a resort makes sense especially because the location is excellent and you are never far from the beaches or the centre of the city.

There are luxury hotels even on private islands with modern architecture. You can spend the days on the beach or lounging in an infinity pool.

The Ultimate Guide to South East Asian Hotels

Hostels for affordability

For backpackers and budget conscious there are plenty of rooms and hostels.

However, compromising on your budget need not mean that you get low quality. You can find really good hostels and at incredibly low prices.

These cheap hostels are relied upon by backpackers around the globe and there is indeed a very decent selection of hostels and hotels in SEA.

Digital nomads for work

For the digital nomads, Southeast Asia is simply perfect.

Thailand and Indonesia are very popular with expat crowds and digital nomads. One can look forward to fantastic destinations and fantastic food at these spaces going at such affordable prices.

This is why SEA is just perfect for digital nomads as they can enjoy vibrant cultures and unique experiences at very low costs. Moreover, they get to work the way they live with fast internet and Wifi connectivity.

Picking an accommodation for your SEA trip need not be difficult.

If you start looking early and know what you are looking for, you can certainly find a great hotel or resort in idyllic destinations.

The kind of accommodation you pick will decide the type of experiences you will have, Thus, opt for great hotels well within your budget.

Whether you are travelling solo or are with your family or plan a romantic getaway, the South East Asiana hotels always offer you a great choice.

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The Ultimate Guide to South East Asian Hotels

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