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The one place in the home where I spend the most time has to be the bedroom, I'm sure once upon a time this would have been through choice and unwilling to get up to face the day when I was a teen. These days however I have little choice, with my body so uncooperative when it comes to feeling alert, awake and full of energy.

So for me my bedroom is important, it is my little sanctuary, a place where on bad days I might just spend the whole day and as such I want to try and make it calming and restful but still somewhere I can spend time, when I might not be asleep.

At the moment it is very geared up to be the room of sleep, we have no TV just a small radio as I cannot sleep in silence and I cannot think where we would pop a TV, but then I came across the TV Beds at Furniture Village; oh my goodness, what a fantastic idea. A TV that is tucked away safely when you don't need it and just there when you do! Oh yes I can just imagine one taking pride of place in my bedroom.

To complement I would have to have a selection of matching furniture – I personally have a love for more dark wood furniture in the bedroom and the Loxley collection is just right up my street, I can imagine it working perfectly with perhaps a faux leather TV bed.

At the side of my bed, the night stand would hold a drink as well as a few books to keep me occupied through the hours oh it would be a lovely place to just relax and try and recuperate in.

While the walls will be a neutral colour and hold some of my favourites photos to make me smile when times are hard.

Now if only I could make my dreams become a reality.

What would your perfect bedroom look like?

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  1. Kirsty Woods

    Love this bedroom

  2. Helen Metcalfe

    I’d like my bedroom to look like a posh hotel room. (with mini bar included and maid service)

  3. Barbara Handley

    I want my bedroom to have a country feel so when I am resting in bed I can pretend I am outside enjoying the countryside. Lots of pictures of flowers set against French style country furniture are in my mind’s eye.

  4. Sarah Ebner

    I’d like mine to have loads of space for books etc, but still look large and airy!

  5. JuggleMum, Nadine Hill

    Our perfect bedroom is on our to do list after our daughter gets hers done! I’d love better storage as this is what I desperately need – what I have isn’t planned out that well so I’d go back to the drawing board and start again!

  6. Fritha Strickland

    my perfect bedroom would be a lot tidier than mine always is, I never seem to have storage for everything (maybe a sign I need to get rid of a few clothes!) x

  7. Hannah Wood (staveley)

    Love this bedroom at the moment we are looking for a new bigger bed.

  8. Pam Francis Gregory

    Like a 5 star hotel bedroom!

  9. mellissa williams

    I like my bedroom to be classic looking but still modern. We have white washed wardrobes which i love

  10. Sonia

    Oh I would love to have a perfect hotel type bedroom, full of luxurious beddings, throws and cushions and a big arm chair for me to curl up with my book in – heaven! x

  11. Gemma

    I would love a TV bed! Such a great space saving invention!

  12. Kara

    I have always wanted a bed where the TV hides in the end – the ironic thing is that we don’t watch TV in bed lol

  13. Jen Walshaw

    My perfect bedroom would be pitch black. I hate light when I am trying to sleep

  14. Rachel

    I always wanted one of those beds where the TV pops out of the end, but they are so expensive x

  15. Theresa parker

    ymy perfect bedroom would be totally minimal…with no clutter whatsoever…very different from my bedroom just now!

  16. Mums do travel

    Mine would have doors opening on to a terrace with steps down to a beach and inside it would be light and airy and clutter-free. Dreaming’s allowed, right?!

  17. Ninjacat

    I must a bit my bedroom decor does need a spruce up

  18. Emma

    Those TV beds look fab, just makes it so much more peaceful.

  19. Lucy Dorrington

    I’m in the process of planning a new room for my teenage daughter. I think a TV bed would be top of her wishlist too!

  20. John Adams

    You know what, my perfect bedroom would be completely free of a TV! It would, however, have an enormous bed, very thick curtains and a walk in wardrobe. Dimmer switches for the lights too. I’m unsure about the colour I’d want the walls though. I may be go for very inoffensive magnolia. I need to give this some thought as my wife wants to redecorate our room.

  21. Stella

    You have described my ideal bedroom. We don’t have a TV on our room because we don’t want a distraction but this looks like a good idea.

  22. Erica Price

    Having a lovely bedroom is key for me too. I love that my room is big, but that’s about it at the moment as it needs some tlc.

  23. Bex Smith

    I would so love a TV bed but then I can’t guarantee I would ever get out of it!

  24. Ashleigh Allan

    That bedroom looks great!

  25. Charly Dove

    Ooh how fabulous, love the idea of a TV bed! We desperately need more storage and a new carpet in our bedroom. Would love to rip it all out and start again.

  26. mummy little blog

    wish my bedroom would stay post. my toddlers go in my draws and get EVERYTHING out its the bane of my life lol

  27. Kerry (@Ohsoamelia_blog)

    A TV bed would be amazing! If only I could afford one. I just know it would get ruined though with Amelia haha, she’s always making a mess of my room! x

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