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Custom Cartoon BakeryI've always found there to be something really special about items that have been specially made or designed just for you, so when I received an email from The Custom Cartoon Bakery I jumped at the chance to have myself turned into a cartoon.

The Custom Cartoon Bakery offers a number of different styles from doodles to TV Inspired (think Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama, American Dad etc) to Superheros and Princesses, each category has dedicated artists who will take your favourite picture/s of yourself, friends or family and turn it into a one off masterpiece in the style of your choosing. Each portraitΒ is available in one of two ways – via digital download with images presented in high quality A3, A4 and A5 files and prices starting at Β£35 or you could choose to have your new self, printed straight onto an A3 canvas where prices start at Β£75 (prices stated are for pictures of one person).

Custom Cartoon BakeryAfter a while of thinking and a lot of mind changing I decided to go for an anime style for myself – I think it's something about the eyes on them, they always make me smile, that finally made me settle on anime as my final choice. Then when it came to choosing the picture I left it to the lovely Laura to have a nose around the blog and find one which best suited the type The Custom Cartoon Bakery artists look for, to give all of you an idea of what to send if you decide to have one done yourself.

Each cartoon takes between 7 and 14 days to complete depending on how busy the artists are so if you are looking to order one for a special occasion make sure you leave enough time and of course if you're looking to order a canvas factor in print and delivery time as well.

Custom Cartoon Bakery I personally am totally over the moon with my new anime me and if you know me on Facebook you may well have noticed it has become my profile picture. I think without meeting me or really having talked to me they artist managed to capture a few of my favourite things including animals and the outdoors.

If you want to have a look through all the cartoons available or order yourself a picture pop on over to The Custom Cartoon BakeryΒ where if you use the code: LifeInABreakdown you will receive 20% off your order!

What do you think of anime Sarah, what style of picture would you go for?




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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    Oh jeez – now I am going to spend hours on their site doing this LOL.

    • Laura

      Thanks a lot for your sweet comments Robin! Sadly you can’t alter your photo yourself on our site. Instead, we have a group of artists who can turn you in various styles, from princesses to superheros to TV characters. Please let me know if you have any more questions/comments!

  2. Michele

    I think that is really really really cute! I think I will not do this cause I am camera shy and there are very few pics of me anywhere in this world!!

    • Laura

      Hehe, thanks Michele. Cartoons are the perfect anti-dote to camera-shy… even the best airbrushing can’t make you as perfect as a cartoon artist πŸ™‚

  3. Wendy Bottrell

    What a great idea! This would be a super gift idea. Will be checking it out. Thanks Best Regards, Wendy

    • Laura

      Thanks Wendy for your encouragement! We hope you enjoy, and please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

  4. Joanna

    I love this kind of thing will be checking it out!

    • Laura

      We hope you enjoy Joanna! And let us know if you have any questions or suggestions. Thanks!

  5. Rosey

    Your cartoon is so cute!!! I would like something like this too, and I’d want a cartoon of each kid and hubby too, lol. I can’t help myself they’re darling!

    • Laura

      Hehe, Sarah is just too cute as anime. Thanks for the very kind words Rosey!

  6. hannah clementson

    This is too cute πŸ™‚ N’arwhhh!! x

  7. Dee

    Absolutely lovely, Sarah. I love the one you are using in Facebook as well.

  8. Toni

    Very cute, reminds me of the old MSN characters they used to have years ago. x

    • Laura

      Thanks Toni… It does doesn’t it? I don’t *think* our artist was using that as her basis….

  9. Theresa

    What a cute idea! I’ve always wondered what I’d look like as a cartoon. I’ll have to pop over there and check them out!

    • Laura

      Thanks Theresa! And please do pop over and check us out. We have a bunch more different styles available. Do let me know if you have any more questions/comments.

  10. Casey

    Wow, that looks like such a cute cartoon version of you! I love how you can download the image so you could make projects out of it; it would be so fun to do one of these of a little kid and have a big print made for their room! πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Laura

      Thanks a lot for your message Casey! We offer A3 prints for your kids’ bedrooms/around the house. But you can also have the A3 download and use it for whatever you wish!

  11. Kate Hurn

    I did one of these on bitstrips and it scarily like me. xx

    • Laura

      Hey Kate, Bitstrips cartoons are definitely uncanny and amazing. We differ from Bitstrips however in having artists draw you, vs being an app. And have a whole load more styles. Laura xx

  12. Isabella Grey

    That is seriously adorable. Just think of all the places you can use that graphic too!

    • Laura

      Thanks a lot Isabella for your sweet words. Indeed, our customers have used it for the usual range of social media, as well as countless greeting cards, wall decorations, cushion covers, totes, etc, etc… Just got to let your imagination go wild!

  13. Vicky

    I love these so much. Would be very interested to soo what I look like as a cartoon πŸ™‚

    • Laura

      Thanks Vicky! You can check out our site and see if any cartoon styles suit your fancy…

  14. Terry

    I seen on facebook that you had changed your picture to this. I was going to comment on it but got busy and forgot. I think it is very cool.

  15. Lawna

    Yours turned out so cute! I definitely want to try this out. I can’t wait to see what I will look like as a cartoon character…fun, fun, fun!

    • Laura

      Hehe, thanks Lawna! You can check out our site for more cartoon styles that our artists can draw you in. Or you have something in mind but it’s not listed, I can always see if one of our artists can draw it for you πŸ™‚

  16. Ashley Gill

    They did a great job doing your picture! Its cute! I haven’t heard of this site before, but I for sure have to check it out!

    • Laura

      Thanks Ashley for such encouraging words! We hope you like our site, and please let me know if you have any questions or comments!

  17. anita breeze

    Oh! Oh! I am going to do this! I have been thinking about hiring someone to do a cartoon version of me for my sites. Yours turned out really cute!

    • Laura

      Thanks Anita! Our website has loads of styles, so I hope one takes your fancy. If not, let me know, and I’ll see if one of our artists can do it for you!

  18. Nicole A.

    How cute! I don’t really use those for anything but they’re always fun to make!

  19. becca

    omg how cute i want to be a cartoon this looks awesome. plus it make a great profile picture for fb and twitter

    • Laura

      Thanks Becca! indeed, they make great social media pics, or you can buy the canvas for wall decorations. Or you can use the image to print on totes, cushions, given them as gifts.. The possibilities are endless!

  20. Pam W

    This is really cool. I think these would be great gifts, and so cute too!

    • Laura

      Thanks so much Pam! i can’t tell you just how many friends I have given them as gifts to… to be honest, I probably need to come up with new ideas!

  21. Jennifer

    I searched for something that would allow me to do this when I was trying to create a business logo. Now I have to go play and see if I can get one for my family.

    • Laura

      Thanks Jennifer! We have a whole bunch of styles available on our site in case you want to have your family done by our artists. If there’s another style you want, just let me know, and I can see what our artists can do… πŸ™‚

  22. Maria

    I would love to create one for myself!! I love the likeness and how cute the character is!

    • Laura

      Hehe, you totally should treat yourself Maria :). We have a bunch of styles on our website… if there’s something specific you had in mind, I can see what our artists can do πŸ™‚

  23. BabsProjects

    I have seen versions of this on Facebook. Are they the same thing? I will check it out.

    • Laura

      Hey Babsproject, I think you might be talking about BitStrips on Facebook. Bitstrips is a self-controlled app, whereby you create cartoons of yourself in the Bitstrips style. We have artists who do bespoke drawings for you, and lots of styles ranging from Sarah’s Anime to princesses, superheros, TV characters etc. So Bitstrips is instant and quick fix and DIY, we are bespoke and by artists. Let me know if you have any other comments/questions/suggestions! Laura

  24. Chubskulit Rose

    Oh this is cute and fun. I love what you came up with yours!

    • Laura

      Thanks Chubskulit Rose, that’s very sweet of you! Sarah does look just adorable as an Anime!

  25. Amanda

    This would be an awesome gift for my kiddos! They would love to be a real cartoon πŸ™‚

    • Laura

      Hey Amanda, thanks for your kind comments! We’ve found that most of our customers tend to be parents turning their kids into their favourite cartoon characters. And it’s always gone down a treat! Laura x

  26. Michelle G.

    Too cute!!! I’ve been wanting one of these for some time. I think it would be something different. Thanks for sharing.

    • Laura

      Thanks Michelle! We have a bunch of different styles online. But also let me know if there’s something particular you have in mind, and I’ll see if one of our artists can do it for you!

  27. Lady Lilith

    I never knew they do custom characters. That is such a clever idea.

    • Laura

      Thanks Lady Lilith for your sweet comments. We have loads more styles on our site!

  28. Erika Holt

    I want to be a superhero Sarah, like Batman!!

    The picture is brilliant and reminds me of the old fashioned cartoon before everything seemed to become Anime. I love it!

    • Laura

      Thanks Erika! You can find Batman and other superhero options on our website πŸ™‚

  29. Le-an Lai Angeles Lacaba

    I once enjoyed this when I was younger. It lost its appeal though.

    • Laura

      Hey Le-An, sorry to hear it’s lost its appeal. Thanks for taking the time to give your feedback though!

  30. kay adeola

    Wow this is great i really like the one you have chosen i agree the eyes are something else πŸ™‚ i am off to spend hours on their site now lol.

    • Laura

      Hehe, thanks a lot for such a sweet comment Kay. Agree – Sarah just looks fantastic as an Anime character. We have loads more styles on our website!

  31. Melanie S.

    That’s so cute! I think I’d make myself a princess. It’s the closest I’ll ever get to being one. πŸ™‚

    • Laura

      Hehe, thanks Melanie… you can definitely turn yourself into whatever kind of princess you choose πŸ™‚

  32. sue seaman

    oooh thats fab think im gonna waste a few hours here lol

    • Laura

      Thanks for your kind comments Sue! You can check out all the styles we have on our website. And if you have something particular in mind, I can see what our artists can do!

  33. amanda

    What an interesting way to make a new avatar 9 yourself. I think it looks like you!

    • Laura

      Thanks Amanda! You can check out more styles on our website. And agreed – Sarah’s Anime does very much look like her πŸ™‚

  34. Fabulous Perks

    I have to admit this is super cool. I checked the website out and I am in love. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • Laura

      Thanks so much Fabulous Perks for your sweet comments! Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions about anything on the site! x

  35. Dawn

    Your little cartoon is cute! I would love one of these for myself!

  36. Onica {MommyFactor}

    Your cartoon version is so cute and this looks like so much fun. I’d probably make myself into a cartoon a tons of different ways

    • Laura

      Thanks for your sweet comments Onica. You can check out a whole load more styles on our website!

  37. Lori

    I love it! You make an absolutely darling cartoon and now I’m curious as to what I would look like.

    • Laura

      Agreed Lori, Sarah does just look adorable. You can find a whole load more styles on our website!

  38. marielle altenor

    How cool! I wish I had skills like that lol Love this!

  39. Amanda Love

    That is great. I wonder what I would look like done up that way. Will have to give them a further look into. Thanks for sharing.

    • Laura

      Thanks Amanda! You can find loads more styles on our site. Otherwise, if you have any questions, please just give me a shout!

  40. cork board ideas

    Your style is so unique in comparison to other folks I’ve read stuff from. Thanks for posting when you’ve got the opportunity, Guess I will just bookmark this blog.

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