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Swimwear for a Curvy Figure

I have to admit I am a worrier, when I was a child I would stick my latest speedo swimming costume on and zoom up and down the pool, they days I probably spend too much time worrying about what I look like in my latest buy does it make my bum look huge, does my stomach look like a huge tractor tyre are among a few thoughts that go through my mind.

Sadly I am not alone as most people seem to have areas of their body they don't like, one that they want to draw the eye away from, rather that make it say ‘hello, look at me' and when it comes to swimming costumes in particular, choosing the right one can cause a lot of worry and stress, however it need not be that hard, you just need to learn what can help hide or distract the eye from those parts.

With this in mind Marisota have come up with a fantastic infographic to try and help everyone feel comfortable in their swimming costume, no matter if they want to hide their tummy or make their legs look a little longer, there's a tip for it all and of course you can always try and divert the eye to the favourite part of your body.

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Hopefully that has helped you with some tips to make your next swimwear shop a little easier and no matter if you are swimming lengths at the local pool, or making a splash on holiday to make sure you enjoy it.

Does buying a swimsuit bring you out in a cold sweat like me, or have you perfected the art of what swimsuit, suits you best?

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    Thanks; I really needed some help with choosing a swimsuit as I’ve gained a lot of weight after surgery on my leg. This has given me some ideas & stopped me worrying about it so much

  2. Keri Jones

    I found a cute swimsuit in Matalan, the only downside it doesn’t have breast support, it’s so cute though, I dont mind 🙂
    Great advice here xx

  3. jackie chapman

    Great blog thanks

  4. julie perry

    Great article…..most women have hang ups about their body and this really helps find your right costume thus giving you more confidence 🙂

  5. Sarah Lewis

    Great blog post

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