Summer Tech Wish List

Summer Tech Wish List

If there is one thing I love it has to be tech, gadgets and gismos. I've always loved getting hold of something new and having a good play to find out how it works. There is something almost relaxing about it (although it can definitely drive you insane if you can't work out exactly how it works). So I was surfing around the internet and I came across a few things that are on my wish list this summer, which I thought I would share with you.

Panasonic LUMIX Digital Camera

If you have been following me on social media you might have seen my camera went to camera heaven and while I replaced it with another DSLR, I came across some great smaller cameras such as this Panasonic Travel Camera. Which I think would be great to pop in my handbag for everyday use and as such I am tempted to buy.

Fun This Way Illuminated Canvas Wall Art

Having moved I am looking for new things to put up on the walls, as right now they look pretty bare and one thing I am loving of late are these illuminated canvas. I have an S and I wish I had brought an A in the same style to have over the bed. However, for summer fun I think this one from Shop4 is a great idea.

Minion 8GB Flash Drive

Yes I love the Minions and as a blogger who have 1001 photos all over the place, I am always looking for new storage devices and I have to admit this Minion one from Qwerkity is such fun. I have to admit, I'm not sure I would manage to keep all my blogging stuff on it, but perhaps it would be a good place to keep Sally photos.

Bush 24 Inch Full HD 1080p LED TV

For my bad days I am wondering about having a TV put on the wall in the bedroom, I wouldn't need it to be something huge, just something small and streamlined so this 24″ from Argos seems like a good starting point for that idea.

What is on your tech wish list this summer?

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  1. Savi

    Love your list – I really want to invest in a drone this summer because I’m knee deep into travel photography and feel like those take travel photography to a whole new level 🙂

  2. Yaya

    Great picks! I have been coveting the Dyson hair dryer. It’s currently out of my budget, but it makes me swoon. x

  3. LaaLaa

    Yes 24″ TVs are perfect for bedrooms I find, I have one. I was looking for a more lightweight, smaller digital camera but more of a want than a necessity x

  4. Lex

    Buying a small digital camera is the best thing for my blogging I’ve ever done. I got a Canon G7x for vlogging but now use it for lots of blog photos, events, as well as all my YouTube videos. Love it and wish I’d got it ages ago!

  5. Colleen Lanin

    That TV sounds great. The thing I love about those televisions is that they can also be used a computer monitors so you can get 1080P from your desktop.

  6. Christine Dodd

    I carry a small camera in my bag at all times for blogging, but I would really like to upgrade it to something like this Panasonic. I’ll add it to my wishlist and hope my OH takes note!

  7. La French Connection

    I recently bought a Lumix G7 and I’m really impressed by the quality of it so I’m sure the digital camera must be excellent quality.


  8. Francesca

    Hahaha omghow cute is that minion USB!? And I love that wall sign!!

  9. Chavonne Harvey

    I have a PS4 on my list along with an All in One Computer. A really good camera would be nice too.

  10. angela hamilton

    I love your list. For me, and I know I’m a little late to the party lol, but I would love a Bluetooth speaker!! There was one in the caravan we stayed in on holiday this year and it was fab!! p.s love the minion flash drive, too cute.

  11. Sam | North East Family Fun

    Oh can I have it all please! I’ve heard good things about the Lumix x

  12. Alyssia

    That minion flashdrive is amazing, I used to have an 8GB octopus flashdrive when I was in Sixthform, everyone thought it was really weird haha

  13. Kelly Hutchinson

    I would love to have a Panasonic LUMIX Digital Camera. I need a good POS when I cannot take my DSLR.

  14. Rhian Westbury

    Aw the minion USB stick is so adorable. I could definitely do with a new TV in my bedroom though x

  15. Pam

    That TV is definitely on my wishlist. We could use a TV in our guest bedroom! I have been looking for one.

  16. Brandy

    This is a great wishlist. I love the minion flash drive, it’s so cute!

  17. valmg @ Mom Knows It All

    I don’t have anything on a tech wish list at the moment but that can change with any given day. I didn’t like dragging my dslr around so I got a small good quality digital camera last year and love getting quality shots in a small camera.

  18. Christie

    I have a similar minions USB drive! It’s one of my favorites. FUN tech list

  19. mary

    I MUST have the minion flash drive! It’s so stinkin cute. And I would lvoe a new camera. My teen has taken mine over

  20. rachael

    i really want a fitbit – thats my number one tech wish for this summer, followed by an electric spiralizer because I’m THAT lazy!! love that canvas print!

  21. Nikki Wayne

    As of this time, my only wish is a lappie so I can work remotely, even on vacation!

  22. Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy

    We are looking in to getting a new TV at the moment. There is just so much choice out there!

  23. Melissa

    Yes to all the gadgets you shared! I know a few kids who would gladly take one of each. Going to check these out now-thanks for sharing!

  24. Brianne

    Ok that flash drive is awesome. I totally geek out over things like that!

  25. ana

    The Panasonic Lumix camera looks fantastic, I would love to have that camera to capture some good memories.

  26. Amanda Love

    That camera is amazing! I like the items that you have on the list, that wall canvas is fun and the minion flash drive is just so adorable!

  27. Rachel

    I think this is a fab list and we do need a new TV for the front room, ours is almost 12 years old and it has kind of had its day x

  28. Sarahjane Wood

    Omgh that minions pen drive looks so cute!! Hehe!

  29. Nicole Escat

    I love the minions’ drive! My ultimate wish is a mac on our bedroom.

  30. Baby Isabella

    We’re big fans of illuminated canvases, especially ones with pretty patterns on and inspiring words. Perfect for kids bedrooms 🙂 Great picks!

  31. Melanie Edjourian

    Great wish list, I’d love a few of those myself.

  32. Vicky

    My sister-in-law would LOVE the minion flash drive, the camera looks great too, I could do with a new camera just for travel shots. I don’t have anything on a tech wishlist apart from maybe an iPad just for me, my husband monopolises the shared one.

  33. Fashion and Style Police

    Fab Wishlist. I like the sound of the TV.

  34. Afshan Nasim

    This sounds like a great tech list. Love the idea of the minion hard drive. Good for those who have lots of pics like me too. The tv in the bedroom is a good idea too, great when tired, so don’t have to get out of bed. 🙂 I new iPhone is on my tech list! The camera works only intermittently.

  35. Shell

    That Minion flash drive is adorable! I think I’ll pick that up for my middle schooler.

  36. Crystal

    I’m with the previous commenters. I want a Fitbit! But I would also love a new tv for my living room.

  37. Natasha Mairs

    Love that minion usb stick!! I think minions are so cute and often try and nick my kids stuff

  38. Hannah

    I love that USB – I need that in my life haha

  39. Tara

    I love novelty USB sticks, I really want one even though I use hard drives.

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