Summer Home Wishlist

Summer Home Wishlist

While we are now home and comfy in the bungalow there are definitely a few things I would like to add both indoors and in the garden. Those little finishing touches that just make the place feel like it is most definitely home. Of course, I'm not that great with picking things out, so I thought I would make a list and share with you, some of the items on my mind. Then perhaps you could help me pick out the perfect pieces.

To help with this task, I was recently introduced to the amazing LionsHome UK, which brings together items from some of the best online stores around. Including; Tesco, The White Company, Wayfair and more, making online searching simple.

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Home Wishlist

Fruit Bowl – This might sound like a really silly addition but I keep seeing the most lovely fruit bowls around and after having had the kitchen remodelled, I think a change from our wooden bowl would make a really nice finishing touch for this much nicer looking room.

Cutlery – When I was in the refuge many years ago, I went to the local Authur Price factory and in their second's sale made up a cutlery set. I've never replaced it as in all honesty it is a good set,  but perhaps it is time to look at something new.

Cushions – In my world, one can never have too many cushions and I would really love to get some new ones for the lounge, as I have to admit, mine are looking a little on the flat side. Which to be honest isn't that surprising seeing as a certain pooch thinks they are for her head.

Footstool – The bungalow is really quite small and I don't have anywhere to do my blog work, other than the lounge. Something I would love to add, just to make it a bit more cosy for me is a footstool. After all, it can get a bit uncomfortable sitting in the same position for a long time.

Garden Wishlist

Garden Ornaments – I always said I would never be one of those people who had garden ornaments, but actually, I keep seeing some I really quite like. In particular, the metal designs of animals that I have been seeing of late are very clever.

Chimineas – For as long as I can remember I've wanted either a chiminea or a firepit. I think both look absolutely fantastic in gardens and would make a lovely focal point. As well as being a lovely warming addition to the area for garden parties.

Garden Lights – We have a few lights dotted around the garden already, but I would like to add a few more. There have been a number of times when I've had go to the shed in the dark, or try and follow Sal and a nice light would have made that so much easier.

BBQ – Last week's hot spell really got me in the mood for a good BBQ and there were some amazing sounding recipes doing the blog rounds. So right now I really like the idea of BBQ and getting Ash, stoking the coals to make a delicious meal.

So there are a few ideas of items I would like to add to the home, both inside and out. What do you think of them? Is there anything, in particular, you would add to the list or any items you have seen anything that would fit perfectly within the ideas I have given that I just must see?

If you are looking to add some new items to your home soon, I wish you luck!

*This is a collaborative post.
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  1. Margaret gallagher

    Loving your selections
    Wanted a chiminea for years
    Time to go shopping -youve inspired me

  2. robin rue

    I keep a bowl of fruit on the island in my kitchen. It makes a perfect centerpiece and everyone loves fruit.

  3. Stephanie Usher

    I actually love home shopping, it’s a bit of a vice! I love the way garden lights look in the evening, it makes things so cosy! xxx

  4. Jeanette

    I need to decorate my place. There’s so many things I want to do with my house and getting ideas like this definitely help with decorating.

  5. Susan B

    It is surprising what a huge difference finishing touches make. Thanks for the intro to LionsHomeUK.

  6. Mummy Times Two

    I hadn’t heard of Lion’s Home, but will be going to check them out now. I love things from The White Company.

  7. Tali Love

    Such cute stuff you’ve curated.

  8. Stefanie

    What a great list! I want to have a BBQ too! But here in Barcelona it´s not allowed to grill….

  9. Jessica Taylor

    Great list! I to need a new BBQ pit. Well, and a man to do all of the work for me! hahaha! My patio set could also use some new cushions which I am looking into buying.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      Haha, I know what you mean, the diy ones look pretty simple but I would need someone for Ruthie lifting I’d just tell them where to put things.

  10. Jenn JG

    I really like these ideas! A few little things can make such a difference in making your house feel like a home! Enjoy the summer house!

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      Thak you 🙂 my Mum sent me a really nice picture of a bench that lifts up in the middle to form a little table today and now I would love that for the garden.

  11. Heather Johnson

    I have two items on my home wish list. The first is a real laundry room. The second is a basement that does not leak.

  12. Franc Ramon

    I agree you can never have too many cushions as its a really flexible home accessory and decoration. The barbeque in the garden can also come in handy for parties and gatherings.

  13. Josselyn Radillo


  14. fashionmommy

    I’ve just read this and realised we don’t have a fruit bowl either, always seem to stick it in the fridge.

  15. Jay

    I love those wire baskets ! Those would be so cute with candles during the summer:) Cant wait to see more of you inspo.

  16. Kimberly

    I love fruit bowls. Especially for my little one to run up and grab that on to go snack. Those candles are darling by the way!
    I also second the footstool. I love mine. My son also uses that as a resting spot for his bottom to read books.

  17. Melanie

    I am with you on the fruit bowl, such a simple addition to a home, but with the fruit really adds life to a place 🙂 x

  18. Rebecca

    I used to have a chimenea in my last garden, it was so lovely! It broke when I tried to move it to move house and I didn’t get around to replacing it. I quite fancy a water feature, and some wind chimes too for the garden!

  19. Joanna

    I can never have enough cushions on my couch and I always end up buying cute ones. My latest addition was a fox shaped cushion, from Asda. I just couldn’t resist.

  20. Nina Bashaw

    I love decorating especially outdoor living areas because it’s an extension of the home. My favorite are the outdoor lights, it adds a feeling of being on vacation to your back yard!

  21. Kim

    I love those bird cage candle holders. They are so unique and love metallic accent pieces.

  22. Amber Myers

    I wish we HAD a summer home! It’s just one home here, but if we had one, I like a lot of these ideas. I’ve always been a fan of garden lights.

  23. Pam

    Garden lights were on my list for the longest. I finally got some and I love them so much.

  24. Blair villanueva

    I love your wishlist especially those lights on the picture. Hope your get all these this year!

  25. Marysa

    These are great items! I love the garden one – I work in a greenhouse and I’m obsessed with gardening 🙂

  26. Maurene Cab

    It’s exciting to move in a new place and see how you can design it according to you to your preference. I think you really need that footstool.

  27. Teresa Britton

    You have a lot of good ideas here! I’d love to go on a little shopping spree!

  28. shannon

    I think you covered all the essentials! BBQ would def be at the top of my list…after a summer home haha!

  29. Rhian Westbury

    I’ve been looking at footstools too as I spend a lot of time sitting on my sofa and I know it would be more comfy x

  30. Stephanie Merry

    I have so many things on my home wishlist at the moment, but one of the biggest things is some new lanterns for my living room x

  31. Jordan Jarmain

    Getting hanging lights for the garden rather than Ines that push into the ground. We had some planted round our lawn and our cats took issue with them and dug them up!!

  32. Anosa

    I can’t believe I too don’t have a fruit either, now I need look for one. I am loving your home and garden wishlist and inspired me to come up with one of my own

  33. Tim B

    Those bird cage candle holders look nice. I’d like a nice footstool too but our house is small as well not making it convenient to have one.

  34. Ashleigh

    We have just got a fruit bowl for the kitchen and it’s helping us to maintain the fruit in it. Awesome guide for summer design!

  35. Angela Milnes

    What an awesome list and I love to have Footstool too and BBQ in our house.

  36. Betty Boiron

    This is a great summer list. Now I’m going to get started on mine now that you’ve inspired me!

  37. Eileen |

    Great wish list! I want some of those items on your list too! Home decor is one of my fave things!

  38. Samantha Bye

    I’ve got a fruit bowl which is metal spikes from the middle base, rather than a round bowl. Would advise against one of these, the fruit falls out all the time and gets misshapen against the sides (mother in law bought it for Christmas, have to use it out of obligation haha, argh). Get some book cases too, they’re great for putting up pictures and any nick nacks you’ve got lying around, with the books.

  39. Neha Saini

    You have a great wishlist! J I think I also need to do some changes at my home. Now, I’m planning to make a BBQ pit in the backyard. We can use that in winters or for house parties, to grill. Perfect idea! I wish you luck!

  40. Nicole M Caudle

    This is such a great list of items!! I need to do better at decorating myself, but every time I start I get overwhelmed and quit!

  41. Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes

    Great wishlist, I love the idea of garden lights and a chiminea or fire pit…perfect for enjoying the garden on cooler evenings 🙂

  42. Lauretta at Home and Horizon

    Those are beautiful pieces you should really be adding to your home.

  43. Ana De- Jesus

    I don’t own my own home but I am very into lusting after home items like cushions and lights. Maybe I am getting old LOL :p It is fun to imagine your dream home though x

  44. Steph

    My house is overly full and were2on a mission to declutter but id also love a little low footstool..i get really irtibme legs are feet and always end up with a cushion under them so a little low stood would be perfrct. I’m also loving those cage candle holders

  45. Dogvills

    A fire pit sounds wonderful. I will ask my husband if it would be feasible to have one made in our back yard. I recently repainted our patio furniture and would be adding garden lights and new cushions as well. I am thinking of solar powered lights though. Just a little effort to help save the environment.

  46. stacey

    I love switching out my pillow cushions for the seasons, it makes a huge difference.

  47. Hey Sharonoox

    I would add garden lights in the shopping cart. It’s summer and perfect time to hang some lights in the patio.

  48. Maureen

    I love these ideas! The fruit bowl is such an awesome idea because having a small space I can’t do much decorations but the fruit bowl sounds like something I could easily do 😀

  49. valmg @ Mom Knows It All

    I’m guilty of not really decorating the inside of our house much. My husband would love to have a chiminea outside.

  50. Annie B

    Many bits you have covered I want on my wishlist too. I am doing both kitchen and garden up and having an idea is becoming so tough. Keep seeing things I like but with no similarities!

  51. Yaya

    Great selections! A footstool and cushions are a must if you’re working from your lounge. x

  52. Tanya

    When I move I definitely want a little cosy spot where I can do my blogging. I really want a chiminera too but I’m scared I’d burn down the garden

  53. Lorna Ledger

    If you could, who would have a room just with big fluffy cushions, snuggle blankets, and candles?! xx

  54. michenn

    I love BBQ’s in the summer! Nothing better than throwing something on the grill and opening a beer and just relaxing. It screams perfect American summer to me.

  55. Baby Isabella

    We have waited nearly 10 years to get our garden done and high on that list is a Chiminea. Its our dream to have one so hopefully this year it will happen!

  56. Elizabeth o

    I love that you created a list as that will help you to stay on point throughout the decoration process. I love list making too.

  57. Kiwi

    Yes to eeverything! I want a chalkboard makes it all offical!

  58. Rebecca Swenor

    These are all great lists of items to at to your summer home. I love the idea of adding a fire pit which can be great for outside parties or just relaxing. The cushions I would have to agree with you on because I believe you can never have enough. Thanks for sharing these awesome lists.

  59. Tanya Brannan

    I always love buying new little knick-knacks and accessories, and I think cushions are my biggest addiction. I am always changing and updating them! I would also love a bbq but know it is quite a bit of money and we would probably only use it once or twice a year 🙁

  60. melissa major

    My home wishlist is very similar, I want more cushions and some cutlery

  61. Nay

    I’ve never heard of this company before but I am really impressed with the products that you chose! Plus I am redecorating right now and need inspiration.

  62. William Gould

    We have a chiminea, but find it one of those things you use a few times, and now it’s just an ornament. We have a couple of metal bullrushes though. The are very effective to the extent of having dragonflies landing on them!

  63. Becca Talbot

    I’m looking to buy a new house now, and these are all things I want – just hope I can get the new house before the summer ends! x

  64. Mary Brothwood

    I love little homely touches that make my home feel cosy and beautiful.
    I have been buying little bits and pieces over the years but trying not to go too overboard as we’re planning to move soon.
    Hopefully it won’t be long and I can focus on these finishing touches, and making the garden a place I can relax and unwind too 🙂

  65. Lynnette Joselly

    A fruit bowl is a great way to lighten up the kitchen/dining area. I need to add more colorful fruits into my bowl.

  66. Deborah Cruz

    Garden lights are my favorite. They just seem to make it magical. Good luck with your decorating and have fun. Trust your gut and make it your space.

  67. kioandlew

    This gave me an idea to go shop some things and redecorate my place. All the things on your wishlist are great!

  68. Emma Walton

    I love to pull out all my garden decorations and accessories in the spring/early summer. We always use the garden to sit and eat dinner and just chill out in the summer months and we have lots of bright colours, lights and cushions out there.

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