Stargazer The Princess Collection Review

Stargazer The Princess Collection

Stargazer The Princess Collection

The Princess Collection was brought out to celebrate the royal wedding but it still going strong containing 4 of Stargazers bestselling lipsticks is any wonder this is a must for any girls handbag. Put together with the idea of helping you find your very own prince (without having to kiss to many frogs in the process hopefully) this collection might just be the one you need for this Valentine's.

As you might expect the colours have each been given a fitting names such as:
See Through Dress (shade 109) – A Shear Lilac
The Lady's Been Waiting (shade 122) – A Burning Hot Pink
Catwalk Cathedral (shade 135) – A Deep Red
Kensington Blowdry (shade 136) – A Candy Pink
Stargazer The Princess Collection I love this little collection, there is something for almost all occasions be it day or not, pop it in your handbag and you know you are ready to catch your prince at any time of day.

What's not to like about Stargazer?

I have to admit Stargazer is the brand I remember from my teens when I was into dying my hair crazy colours. Even then they sold a huge range of colours that were available at pocket affordable prices thus making them a go to product. Since then they have had a bit of a makeover when it comes to packaging (what product hasn't) but there affordability and quality for the price is still as good as ever.

The lipsticks in this pack as well as others I have tried from them glide on easily, coverage starts off quite low but it is very easily to build up, so you can really pick how you wear each lipstick. A hint of colour, or full on vibrant coverage? The choice is yours.

Have you tried any of the lipsticks from The Princess Collection, what do you think of them?

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  1. Sarah

    These look soo pretty! This might actually convince me to try out Stargazer after thinking about it for a while!

  2. Lola

    These are so so pretty!

  3. Kumbear

    Really cute colours, but do these lipsticks last all day?

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      Hard to say – I’m one of those people who keeps licking there lips when they have lipstick on – I daren’t think about how much I have eaten, plus I am always drinking (tea not alcohol), so I’m not the best judge of longevity of lipsticks but It’s definitely not the worst I have tried – but it’s not the best either – for the price bracket they are good, you will have to reapply but it’s not going to be every 5 minutes. I did have a hard time getting them off my hand after I put them on for the picture haha.

  4. Jessica Marie

    Love the colors! I haven’t tried them, and I don’t wear lipstick that often, but these look worth splurging on for those “special occasions”! 😉 xoxo, Jessica

  5. Shelley Jessup

    Oh look at all those pretty pink colours! I also remember Stargazer from my college days (I’m a little older than you). I would like to try it again but from what I do remember it was quite oily & came off quite easily. There’s another thing I remember about this product but I feel Facebook a message to you Sarah x

  6. Kayce

    WOW! these are pretty lippies! I love the candy pink color! 🙂

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