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Stalk that Stuff you Love! With My Stock Stalker

Have you ever visited your favourite website, found that perfect item then noticed the price and owch? Then you always mean to go back to keep an eye on it for when it goes down in price but by the time you actually remember it's nowhere to be seen?

Well enter My Stock Stalker.

A website dedicated to being right on top of the prices at some of your favourite stores in fact they have a list of over 100 websites so far including:
Amazon, ASOS, Barrett's, Benefit, Boohoo, Boots, Boux Avenue, Cath Kidson, Debenhams, TK Maxx and many more.

And stalking is so easy!

Say you have found that perfect pair of shoes but they are just a little out of your price range – grab the link and hop on over to My Stock Stalker, pop in the URL wait while it brings up the current information on the product, then type in your ‘stalk' price (the price you can afford to pay for that lusted after item).

Then as soon as that lusted after item hits your ‘can buy' price an email drops into your inbox and you won't miss out.

Simple right?

As My Stalk Stalker keeps track of the price when you added the item and the current price you can log in at any time to view your list and see if there has been any change.

Confused on how to use it check out this video that offers a step by step guide to stalking.

What do you think of My Stock Stalker, is it something you think you would use?

P.S. If there's any shops you would like to see featured on the site – let me know in comments and I'll be sure to pass it onto the company :).

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