Spring Lounge Change Around

Spring Lounge Make Over

This time last year we were just about to move into the new flat, it had been freshly painted in a neutral colour and being the trusting souls we were, we decided to skip painting again so soon and accent out the place using our own things, fast forward not so long after and smudges, stains and all sorts started showing through the paint and we were left wishing we had repainted when the place was empty.

Now we are thinking about what is the best step forward, obviously we need to redecorate but do we shuffle our things about and hope they come through the process OK or do we perhaps hang on in there a little longer and try and treat ourselves to a whole new look and while I know which one is most cost effective and likely to happen it doesn't stop me being able to dream, of my perfect spring time makeover for the place.

Dreaming is something I am good at and I have to say if money was no object I would start off with a beautiful Chesterfield Sofa and while I have protested in the past I would never have a leather one. I may just have fallen head over heels for the beautiful taupe one in the picture above. Using the sofa as my main colour, I could see myself easily buying new curtains, cushions and furniture, while painting the walls out in a colour such as Nutmeg White.

Of course as well as using the internet to blow the budget it also great for finding money saving ideas, that help you to make over your home on a budget, in fact I have been blown away by some of the ideas other bloggers have come up with to help DIY their home on a budget, take this post from Anna at In the Playroom who amazed me with all she brought for just £50. So maybe we could find a place that lays right in the middle allowing us to makeover to our hearts delight without worrying about the bank balance at the end.

Do you ever get the urge to make over a room in your home?

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  1. joanna

    I live in a rented flat would really love to decorate but its not ours to so i like to change accessories around the house from time to time.

  2. Alison

    We have been in our house for about 7 years now and we still live in a mess! I occasionally have a room move around to spice it up a bit but I would love for a team of people to just come in and sort us out lol!

  3. Hayley

    I love the cabinet and the stag cushion 🙂 x

  4. lindsey stuart

    I have lived in my house for 6 years. Always cleaning (sad i know) LOL but thats just me!
    We are currently decorating and the mess is making me want to scream so i am having time out and currently sitting on the laptop LOL!!!
    I love that tan colored sofa above! I want that in my living room 🙂

  5. SamFernley @happyhomebird

    I always want to do makeovers. I especially need to sort my bedroom out as I need better storage. I like your look especially the stag cushion.

  6. Megan Adams

    I always get the urge to move furniture around at this time of the year. As I’m 9 months pregnant, not the best time to do it, so getting itchy about it all!


    Loving the Stag cushion 🙂

  8. christy beckett

    I have started to spring clean my living room and now I’m nagging for new soft furnishing and a lick of paint to brighten the room up. Much to the annoyance of my partner 🙂 Although that leather sofa looks fab so maybe I can talk him into a new one.

  9. Lauranne

    I’ve just moved into my own house – I have almost finished stripping so I think it’s time to get excited about furnishings etc. I am loving the curtains!!

  10. Becca

    Finally decorated my bedroom,only been here 15 years!!

  11. Teresa Sheldon

    We have lived in our house for 10 years and have only just finished decorating it, now the bits done earlier need doing again

  12. sarah

    great ideas, i’d love to redecorate on a budget!

  13. Sarah Maclean

    I have rearranged all the furniture in the lounge and dining room and they look twice the size now, marvellous!

  14. Emily Shepperson

    I always get the urge to makeover a room and then start….and soon get distracted! I really need to focus and get one room done completely.

  15. Loaf

    Gorgeous and woody! Big fans of Mr Stag as well – what a dude.

  16. Anisha

    My mum used to be like this! She’d have this urge to change the living room! So by the time my poor dad used to come back from work she used to be covered in wallpaper and was halfway stripping tje entire room! Lol good times! Not that my dad will agree :p xxx

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