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A few months ago I blogged about Antiac from Salcura, which  is a product I still use daily – so when I was contacted again about trying some great for ‘winter skin' products from the same company I jumped at the chance.
Salucra Zeoderm Cream and DermaSpray.
This time I was sent Zeoderm and DermaSpray.
As with antiac and all Salcura products these are both made using completely natural ingredients – the great thing about salcura is how gentle it is on your skin, as someone who suffers greatly with most products these really have been a breath of fresh air.

Dermaspray is suitable for children under 12 months and people with hypersensitive skin, this spray is proven to help people with skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis, it helps to reduce inflammation while calming and soothing the skin and nourishing skin cells.
One of the great things about Dermaspray is you can just spray and go, it is really quickly absorbed into the skin and has an immediate cooling and calming effect, it can be used all over the body, but it's worth using it on a cotton pad on your face as you don't want to be getting it into your eyes. 
Initial usage is to apply 3 – 4 times a day which once your skin is stable can be gradually reduced to 2 – 3 times per week to keep your skin topped up with the nutrients in DermaSpray.
Although I don't suffer with any of the aforementioned conditions (well bar eczema in my ears and I don't think it's a great idea to spray this into there) I am quite an itchy person and this does seem to have calmed my skin, I don't feel like I'm randomly itching my arms quite as much as I used to, it does also have quite a moisturising effect so it's a win – win, and as it's free of steroids, hormones, cortisones, peroxides, alcohol  parabens, anti-biotics and isn't tested on animals, I can use this knowing I am doing the best for my skin.
You can buy DermaSpray on Salcura's Website with the costs as follows:
Zeoderm is a soothing and repairing cream, that can be used after DermaSpray again it is proven to help with skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. This cream really helps skin when it is dry and cracked, and again can be used all over the body – just remember to keep it away from your eyes. 
Again it's a non-greasy formula that is quickly absorbed into the skin with a highly moisturising effect, I do believe both of the products together have helped ease the itching and calmed my skin, I don't feel as if I'm suffering from winter skin as badly as I have in the past. 
 Zeoderm can be brought from the Salcura website for the following costs:
I was going to get my Dad to try out both these products but sadly he's had a flair up but if I do manage to get him to try them at some point I definitely shall pass on the results.
I really think if you do suffer from skin problems be they the ones mentioned in this post or you suffer with breakouts Salcura really is a brand to look into, I've been completely won over by all the products I have tried from them and I'm sat here looking through the website now thinking I might buy a couple more of the products for areas I also have trouble with to see how they work out for me.
Have you ever tried anything from Salcura, what do you think of them?
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