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Riverside LifestyleJust before Mother's Day I wrote about Riverside Lifestyle and some of the gorgeous goodies they have to offer, sadly all ours has gone now (and I still stand by the fact the Marmalade has to be some of the nicest I have ever had).

As I said back then they offer a wide of products that help you get that ‘me' time we all deserve by helping to bring that lusted after Riverside Cottage, style and relaxing to the homes of all. In the picture above I've tried to pick out just a few of things I would love to help me with some quality time:

White Lavender Chocolates – £10.99
I got a couple of these to try in the Mother's Day package and believe me they were lovely I really didn't think I would like them and it's definitely going to be an acquired taste but one worth trying all round.

Merino Cashmere Throw – £105
A mix of Merino (95%) and Cashmere (5%) this throw is meant to feel like it's 100% cashmere, I can imagine just snuggling down under the blanket with a nice cup of tea.

Dreamscape Tulip Melt – £3
I adored the melt I was sent in the Mother's Day pack and this one looks just as divine, meant to help relieve tension it is filled with: Cocoa and Shea butter and Lavender and Chamomile essential oils.

Lavender and Italian Lemon Candle – £15
I adore candles, and Lavender has always been one of my favourite.

Together these for items would help make a relaxing evening for me; from a warm soak in the bath with the relaxing melt to snuggling down under the blanket with some nice chocolates, while all the time being surrounded in the gorgeous scent of the candle – pure bliss.

Riverside Lifestyle want to help one of you have some ‘me time' and to do that they are giving away a £30 voucher for you to spend on whatever you wish over on their site.

To be in with a chance to win:
Please go to the Riverside Lifestyle site and view their products – if you could have any product you wanted ‘just for you' what would you choose?

As normal once you have completed the one mandatory entry a round of optional extras will open, you do not have to complete any of these, they are just if you would like some extra chances.

Please remember to check the full TandC at the bottom of the rafflecopter application, this giveaway is open to the UK only, any entries left that do not answer the given question or have obviously not taken the time to follow the rules will be disqualified. After the one compulsory entry of answering the given question you will open a round of optional extras you do not have to enter any of these, all entrants’ names and emails maybe used by the sponsoring company to send offers and newsletters.
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    Egyptian cotton hand embroidered bed collection (king size) – gorgeous!!

  2. Rebecca

    I would get the red teatime pot and cups cushion.. It’s lovely xxx

  3. Catherine Sinead Mary Reynolds

    lavender and rosewood aromatherapy candle is what I would love <3

  4. abby carroll

    Red teatime pot and cups cushion

    i love this x

  5. Lynn Blakeman

    I would have the personalised storm lantern, so many lovely items though!

  6. Lynsey Buchanan

    lavender and rosewood aromatherapy candle would be lovely

  7. sharon johnson

    the lavender candle, smeels lovely when your at home wrapped up and warm xx

  8. Alys Preece

    The personalised storm lantern xxx

  9. Sharon Griffin

    The white lavender truffles x

  10. Melissa Mason

    I think I would get the pepper mill. I’ve always wanted one.


    the storm lantern

  12. Michael Clarke

    A lavender candle

  13. Charley Foulds

    love the waterbottle- very cute

  14. Susan

    White Lavender Truffles

  15. Claire D

    Egyptian cotton hand embroidered bed collection

  16. Sarah B

    The cashmere ponco

  17. Judith Allen

    That egyptian cotton bed collection looks very nice, and I like the dog water bottle, I bet my old pooch would love that in summer.

  18. Sara Davis

    Navy star quilted cushion

  19. laura banks

    the stars and stripes quilt

  20. ashleigh

    I would choose these – they look amazing!

  21. jennifer thorpe

    matthew the bear – he’s gorgeous 🙂

  22. Andy D

    The personalised storm lantern

  23. Victoria Iwan (@victoriaiwan)

    The Flamenco Blue cushions are gorgeous!

  24. laura jones

    id love the pink merino cashmere throw so snuggly and pretty

  25. Alicja

    I would love Lavender and Rosewood Aromatherapy Candle! 🙂

  26. claire woods

    I love the Merino Cashmere Throw. I would put it on my bed at night. It is so cold at the moment. I need to warm up.

  27. Julie Picton

    love the Garden Urns

  28. Jen Schofield

    The Merino Cashmere Throw

  29. Anne Wallwin

    i really need some new bedding so being practical it would have to be that. However, if it were truly just for me it would be i love strawberry jam!

  30. Christine Dodd

    I’d have the pink bed quilt – I love to go to bed early with a good book and lovely bedcovers make it feel like a luxury.

  31. Veronica Therawati

    The reversible bed quilt is nice

  32. Carolann Leibenguth

    Wow something just for me I’m not used to this lol I would chose the personalized storm lantern or the to die for sheets.


    The latte no handle cup – stunning xx

  34. The Brick Castle

    I would have my own pot of delicious jam that the kids weren’t allowed to stab the butter knife into!

  35. Susan Ellams

    lemon and lavender candles

  36. Suzanne Cooke

    I would have the Moths storm lantern, it absolutely beautiful.

  37. Kevin Honey

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil – with some nice fresh bread

  38. Loma Wood

    I would have a throw for my sofa – love the checked one with cashmere!

  39. Hannah

    I love the Wellington boot holder

  40. clair downham

    merino cashmere throw so decadent

  41. jennifer Toal

    Latte cups

  42. Julie Guy

    I love the Wellington Boot holder. Brilliant idea, our wellington boots always get thrown into a heap at the bottom of the cupboard and take up so much room.

  43. Fiona Matters

    I like the Pet Water Bottle. Perfect for the summer!

  44. Solange

    Lavender and rosewood aromatherapy candle

  45. Amy Ripley

    The reversible bed quilt

  46. Melissa S.

    The champagne chocolates and the white lavender truffles are calling my name!! ^.^

  47. hannah oneill

    Cashmere socks!

  48. Laura Pritchard

    The curved fruit bowl

  49. Tracey A Belcher

    I would really love some cashmere socks!

  50. Lindy hamilton

    I would choose the Merino Cashmere Throw 🙂

  51. Ali Thorpe

    I would choose the funky apron as I bake a lot and I’d like to look funky doing it!

  52. Helen Stratton

    A pair of the cashmere socks.

  53. Kathy Cakebread

    red teatime pots and cups cushion

  54. Mickie Bull

    Lavender & Italian Lemon Candle

  55. jennie jackson

    The storm lantern

  56. Isabelle Smith

    Red teatime pot and cups cushion

  57. Stephanie Cater

    The lemon & ginger marmalade for breakfast in bed!

  58. Judith Gutowski

    Egyptian cotton hand embroidered bed collection

  59. greig spencer

    Garden Urns are fab

  60. Elizabeth smith

    I love the colours of the Merino Cashmere Throws and, given that I’ve got my thermal undies,lined trousers and 2 woollen jumpers on and I’m still shivering this would be the ultimate gift to myself

  61. tracy s

    I would love this throw just for me, looks so warm and cosy –

  62. Carolin

    I’d pick the grey garden urns x



    The lavender chocolates, just in time for Easter.

  64. Lilinha Espindula

    I would love to try some champagne chocolates 🙂 x

  65. Eleanor Jones

    Red teatime pot and cups cushion

  66. J.Gallant

    The Lavender & Italian Lemon Candle as well


    There are some stunning items but I think I would go for the Ceramic Grey Jug

  68. James Holyland

    It’s the luxury throw for me please

  69. Gwyn

    I’d choose the Merino Cashmere Throw. A luxury to snuggle up on the sofa with during these cold nights we’re having

  70. CarolD

    The white cashmere scarf looks very stylish & warm!

  71. Tim millington

    The storm lantern

  72. Michelle Williams

    Garden flavours chocolate truffles, they sound so delicious

  73. Katherine Coldicott

    Merino Cashmere Throw

  74. Sarah R

    I would choose the aromatic reed diffuser – I love them!

  75. cheryl dawn lovell

    Egyptian cotton bed linen 🙂

  76. Jenny Smurthwaite

    Got to be the Cashmere scarf 🙂

  77. Helen

    I’d choose the Olive Wood Carving Board; practical I know but would look fantastic in my kitchen and I could admire it.

  78. Anne McCutcheon

    The Personalised Fruit Bowl please

  79. Rachael Donovan

    love the personalised candle pot x

  80. Elizabeth Yeates

    I love the funky apron!

  81. Zoe Coen

    Matthew the bear for my son

  82. Faiza Osman

    White lavender truffles, yum!

  83. amanda davis

    flower pots

  84. Karen R

    I love the Curved Fruit Dish:

  85. heather brown

    cashmere scarf

  86. sarah parker

    wellington boot holder

  87. Susan Freeman

    The Cashmere Poncho would be my treat for myself

  88. Sally Poole

    Cotton Bedlinen <3

  89. Eleanor Powell

    Matthew the Bear!

  90. Janine Atkin

    id pick the Lavender and Rosewood Aromatherapy Candle

  91. Emily Jane Ann Nelson

    I know this sounds mad, but i love crisps! The bonilla crisps look so Tasty! Id stock up on a few of these ..

  92. Deborah Bird

    If I could have anything at all it would be the cashmere poncho (think its the most expensive thing on the website ooops!)

  93. Phillippa Lee

    I would love the Cashmere Poncho x

  94. lisa tebbutt

    Merino Cashmere Throw

  95. denise s

    Grey Garden Urns would look fab on the patio

  96. victoria thurgood

    Grey Garden Urns

  97. Ceri Enfys Mcclellan

    I’d love the olive oil soap, & to wash my dog too 🙂

  98. Sophie Hedley

    I don’t know why but I’d love this!

  99. Rona G

    The Merino Cashmere Throw would be so cosy and warm in this freezing cold spell.

  100. Alexandra McGahey

    I love the Distressed White Wooden Tray!

  101. Hannah Whitling

    The ‘Wellington Boot Holder’ as I have nowhere to put my boots while they dry off after walking the dog, and this is much more stylish than my old newspaper lying on the floor!

  102. ClairejB

    The ‘garden flavours’ chocolate truffles sound amazing with some unique flavours. I would love to have these to myself, I would take a moment by myself, have some peace & quiet & enjoy just one or two of them at a time & really enjoy each flavour! 🙂

  103. Penny Oderberg

    The distressed white wooden tray

  104. Laura Hardstaff

    I would love a Merino cashmere throw!!! To snuggle up under in front of the fire!!!! Oooooh i would love it!!!


    The distressed white wooden tray

  106. Carrie Talbot-Ashby

    I would love to choose so so many things! But the Storm lantern is unusual and would be the perfect accessory for my home! Love it! Thanks for competition, the prizes are brilliant! 😀

    • Carrie Talbot-Ashby

      Meant to say the items you have chosen are all brilliant, and the prize itself is a good one! Be nice to spoil myself! 😀

  107. taylor willbourne

    anyone of the cashmere blankets:)

  108. Payal Sanchaniya

    Flamenco Blue Cushion


    Reversible bed quilt love those.


    I was first tempted by the cashmere poncho but with summer on the way (ever the optimist!) I’d go for the Garden Flavours Chocolate Truffles – intriguing!

  111. Stacey Guilliatt

    Champagne chocolates!

  112. sara

    I would choose Egyptian cotton hand embroidered bed collection (king size)


    Egyptian cotton hand embroidered bed collection (king size) – I need some new sheets


    dog water bottle

  115. jackie rushton

    Lavender and Rosewood Aromatherapy Candle

  116. Alisa Moore

    Lavender truffles

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