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The Right Way To Style A Modern 20’s Inspiration Look

People often gaze back upon the post-World War I era with nostalgia and longing. It is perhaps understandable why as after all, the way the era is portrayed; makes the 20’s sound like not only a revolutionary period, but a time filled with liberty, glamour and a lot of partying.

It’s not just the lifestyle that many contemporary people long for. The fashion style of the period is so well known and recognisable, completely reflecting the spirit that defined the decade. Women untied their corsets, chopped at the length of their dresses, shortened their hair locks and adopted attires that were just right for all the dancing they did. Fortunately, there is a way to revive this style and bring it into modern times.


Love the Feel of Lace

Although the fashion of the 20’s may have died out, the same cannot be said about lace. This is a material that often is the most eye-catching aspect of an outfit; after all, lace is able to breathe elegance into anything. Women in the 20’s were particularly fond of lacy dress and managed to create a surprisingly memorable combination by adding fringes and sparkly accessories.

However, it doesn't have to necessarily be a dress. If you’d like your display of 20’s nostalgia to be a bit more subtle, you can happily do so through other pieces of clothing too. There are numerous variants of lace-centred tops and bottoms on the market, all of which are guaranteed to make you look chic and refined.


Top it With a Hat

Hats were a pivotal element in 20’s fashion. Even though hats aren't an uncommon accessory today, the ones from that particular era are iconic. Cloche style hats scream 20’s like nothing else and they can really give a boost of vintage elegance to your outfit.

If you’re not a hat person, but would still like to wear something on your head, you can always go for the subtler approach, take for instance headbands, they were just as big of a hit as the cloches back in the day. Women would style their hair with perfect waves and then tie a band around their head, these would often feature giant feathers or other bold accessory attached. You can however ditch the feather, but forehead bands have been trendy for a while, so they can be easily included in your daily attire.


Embrace the Pearls

Close your eyes and imagine an elegant woman attending a party in the 20’s. It’s almost a guarantee that she would have pearls around her neck. Pearls were at the peak of their fame during the inter-war era and they are almost as popular today. While long strings of pearls might come off as a bit too flashy when showing up at your job or strolling through the park, you can always opt for plenty of other alternatives.

A simple pearl necklace is just as good and funnily enough, might even be more helpful when it comes to providing a subtler dose of vintage elegance. Don’t dismiss the possibility of accessorizing with a set of dainty freshwater pearl earrings or a bracelet of fine pearls, either.


Show Off Your Gloves

A clothing item that will always be popular over the colder months is gloves and they just so happen to be one of the quickest ways to achieve an aura of glamour and elegance. They’re ideally worn during autumn, when it’s chilly enough to be able to rock some gloves, without your hands boiling and yet, warm enough that you won’t be forced to take your wool mittens out of the drawer.

Leather gloves are extremely trendy at the moment, with several celebrities – Kim Kardashian, for example – having been spotted with their fingers clothed in pairs of leather gloves. We say that they make for an ideal combo; you can get a boost of elegance and you can shelter your hands against chilliness at the same time.

The 20’s fashion can be summed up with one word – elegance. Keeping this in mind and analysing several pictures of the period, you can construct your own re-enactment outfit that is bound to turn heads as you walk by.

What is your favourite part of 1920s fashion?

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*Women in lace dress photo from Shutterstock.
*Look of Love photo from Shutterstock.
*Pearls on Lace photo from Shutterstock.
*Women wearing gloves photo from Shutterstock.
*This is a collaborative post.

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  1. MadeFromBeauty

    I absolutely love lace too & like to incorporate it into my look if I can!

  2. WhatLauraLoves

    I really love the lace and bead work that comes with 1920s fashion. Its fun but elegant at the same time xxx

  3. valmg @ Mom Knows It All

    It is so interesting how fashion styles and fads always come back around. Some look good decades later and others not so much.

  4. Rosana @ Hot&CHilli Food and Travel Blog

    the 20’s sound like a dreamy era and hats were worn often, which i love! R

  5. Enricoh Alfonzo

    haha great pics used.
    Was visually appealing

  6. Wendy

    The 20’s was one of my favorite time periods. I’ll admit I adore watching the old black & white movies just to see the fashion sometimes. Incorporating these looks in today’s fashion can be so much fun. Thanks for such an inspirational post!

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      It is really nice isn’t it. I love the idea of bring a hint of it into your outfit if you aren’t completely comfortable with going all out. x

  7. Amanda Love

    Pearls and lace was truly a thing back then and I loved the classic look. I’m more of a old timer myself and prefer the looks of the past to that of the present.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      I’ve been told a few times I would have been better born in an bygone era – not sure which one, next time I’ll have to ask haha! x

  8. Rhian Westbury

    I went to a 20’s themed night for new year a few years ago and had a lovely lace and stone set dress x

  9. Inspiring Kitchen

    I also love the lace. I like the style of the 20s.

  10. You Baby Me Mummy

    Such a fabulous post! I love the 1920s style, those ladies were so elegant. I love the cut of the dresses, perfection! xx

  11. William Sweeney

    My wife would have a blast dressing like the 20s. What a fun decade to dress after, I love the pearls.

  12. Nancy L.

    I love all of these fashion favorites from the 1920’s! Lace and pearls are classics that never go out of style. Love the look! Leather gloves are awesome too! 🙂

  13. Laura Starner

    I love pearls, lace and all of the styles of the 20’s.

  14. Delaine

    I like the 20s style, hats, lace and beads

  15. Elizabeth O.

    Lace is in right now, so it’s not so hard to replicate that 20’s style! These are pretty awesome tips. I love the details because it’s very classy and feminine.

  16. Elizabeth

    Such a gorgeous look! I could totally dress like this if I ever had anywhere nice to go!

  17. Aziel Morte

    love the pictures and I love the memory of 20’s

  18. Jojo Vito

    beautiful. I thinks the lace has never been out of style 🙂

  19. Brandy

    These are all great fashion ideas! I think I love the idea of topping it off with a hat!

  20. Rebecca Swenor

    These are indeed some great tips to having the style of the 20’s in modern time. I do love the stylish look of the 20’s. Pearls and lace are both something that make an elegant look to anyone. Thanks for sharing the ideas.

  21. Andrea

    Oh my gosh I love the 20’s look…so much fun! Very well done

  22. Eva Appleby

    I just wish this fashion would return x

  23. Natasha Mairs

    I really love the lace look. I think it looks very feminine and chic.

  24. Shaney Vijendranath (youbabyandi)

    I love pearls – just wish I could take good care of them. I cannot take care of jewellery, always end up losing the special ones. 🙁 Cool post.

  25. Anthea

    I wear leather gloves all year round and have them in many colours. I like to wear them when driving as they make gripping the steering wheel better and so they are now a must have accessory for me

  26. Lauren

    I love 20’s fashion, especially cloche hats. Not so sure about pearls though, they just don’t suit me at all.

  27. Jaclyn Anne

    Long strands of pearls are a must – Great tips for getting that glamours 20’s look!

  28. Amber NElson

    I loved that era for fashion. so much fun! I can’t wait to try some of these looks and modernize them.

  29. Nathalie Porbes

    Such a great post, I always remember the 20’s style to my cousin

  30. rika

    I really love these look! Very classy and elegant, I also love the pearl necklace

  31. Katy Stevens

    I think pearls and lace really sum up the 1920s!

  32. Amy Hunt (Purely Amy)

    Beautiful pictures on your list, I really do think that style before the 60’s was at it’s peak. Then again I’m an old fashioned girl, I’d love to go back to corsets and ball gowns..

  33. Christina Aliperti

    The pearls and lace are probably my favorites. I love the old school glamour and beauty of the modern 20’s.

  34. Shannon Peterson

    I loved the style and the class that oozed from the 20s era!

  35. berlin maynigo

    I love laces and pearls but I cannot imagine myself wearing a hat. Pearls are my favorite accessory.

  36. Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen

    I loved 20’s fashion and pearls are a classic and never go out of style whatever time period it may be.

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