RetarDEX a way to white teeth?

More and more we have become fixated on having whiter teeth, and popping up all over the shops are ways to help. 

Clinically proven to whiten teeth in just 14 days RetarDEX is bursting onto the scene.
My other half has become a huge fan of the toothpaste – it's minimal taste and the fact it doesn't foam has been a huge hit with him. At first I was surprised by the lack of flavour and wondered would it give the same just cleaned feeling as my normal minty toothpastes, and pleasantly I was surprised. My mouth did feel fresh – it was a bit odd at first getting used to not having the taste explosion, but that's about it.
RetarDEX's mouth wash is alcohol and colour free – it comes flavourless but there is a packet inside the box to add a spearmint flavouring if you wish. I decided to use it without the flavouring, mainly to see again how I would cope with something that isn't what I am used to – would it still leave my mouth feeling fresh, and like the toothpaste it did.
So did it whiten my teeth – I think it did, not hugely but I could defiantly see it starting to work. I do have a before and after photograph but the problem is they weren't taken with the same camera, and you can tell there is quite a bit of colour difference between the two – which is obviously related to the difference in cameras rather than anything else (I don't have anything on my lips in either picture, yet if I didn't know that I would think I did.)
RetarDEX Before and After
Have you given RetarDEX a try? What did you think?

*Product received free of charge for reviewing purposes, all views are 100% honest and my own. No other compensation was received for this post.


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  1. Sarah Bailey

    Definatly worth giving them ago 🙂 Very easy to get hold of as well as they are just on the shelves with the other toothpastes in everyday shops (noticed them in Boots, Morrisons and Tesco around here) xx

  2. Paula Evans

    I like the sound of this I too am searching for the “perfect” whitening toothpaste I’ve tried a few,will have to give this a go.I did buy some gel on ebay a few years ago the was really good,but think they`ve stopped selling it and it did make my teeth a bit sensitive.

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