Removing The Risks Of Engagement Ring Disasters
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Removing The Risks Of Engagement Ring Disasters

When it comes to your jewellery, few things are more formative than your engagement and wedding rings. These are the two items you’ll wear until death do you part.

More than any other statement piece, these have the ability to change your look altogether. And, they should do so for many years to come.

Of course, that’s no problem when it comes to your wedding ring. This is a joint purchase which you’ll have a fair say in.

Besides, wedding bands are usually basic and easy to blend. All the better for longevity.

Sadly, the same can’t be said for your engagement ring. Tradition dictates that your partner buys this one.

What's more, engagement rings are typically grand diamond affairs which show off your engaged status. To many women, these two things are a mix made for disaster.

Let’s face it; our partners aren’t always good at knowing what would look good.

We’ve all had the cringe pair of earrings, or the necklace even our grans wouldn’t wear. These things are easy enough to hide under the guise of ‘saving them for best’.

You’ll have to wear that engagement ring from the moment you say yes. As such, there is some risk involved. Keep reading to find out how you can remove it.

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Know what you want

You need to know what you want.

Most of us don’t even consider this because we know the choice isn’t up to us. But, this is a woman’s world.

Knowing your engagement tastes increases the chances of your man getting this right.

Once you’re aware of what you want, you’re in a position to drop some not-so-subtle hints about it. So, start doing research.

You don’t need to go wild, of course, but start looking in jeweller windows. Get an idea for things like size and colour. Then, find a way to feed that information to your man.

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Leave that web page open

Your best way to drop hints here would be to find rings online and ‘accidentally’ leave those pages open.

If your man were to stumble across something like these princess cut diamond rings in his browser history, that could well be what you end up with.

Of course, only do this if the two of you have had the whole engagement conversation already.

Otherwise, this one move could ensure you never get a ring at all.

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Get the ring after the event

It’s also not unusual for the ring to come after the engagement these days.

While many women may feel cheated without a ring, this is a practical solution all around.

This way, you can go ring shopping as a couple. That ensures that your new ring caters for both your taste and size. That’s far better than having your partner risk a ring without your say so.

All you need to do is let them know this is what you would prefer. Then, they can present you with a plastic ring until you find the real deal.





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Removing The Risks Of Engagement Ring Disasters

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