Purrfect Present for Poochies

The Purrfect Present Ideas for your Pooch this Christmas

Today I hand my blog over to the lovely Steph from Hungry Harriet who has some awesome suggestions on ideas for the purrfect presents for your pooch – check them out!

Guys, I’m going to drop the C bomb so look away now if you’re feeling all Ebenezer Scrooge. Christmas is on the way and I ain’t afraid to say it. That means there will be lots of parents out there right now (or maybe even other halves looking to score some ticks in the good books) thinking about buying a puppy as a gift for their loved ones.

Now I’m all for giving an animal a loving home (I have two crazy labradoodles myself called Spud and Spike) and what better way to do so than with a wriggling box under the tree on Christmas morning. However now is also the perfect time to reinforce the message that a dog (or indeed any animal at all, from frogs to ferrets) is never just for Christmas. Pets can be extremely expensive and time consuming (as loveable as they are) so it’s important you consider the reality before falling head over paws for the fantasy.

Researching things like breed temperament, training commitments, dietary requirements, how much exercise a dog is going to need, pet insurance and any risks of any inherent conditions is always recommended before picking a pooch up. We chose labradoodles because a) they’re like super cute giant teddy bears, b) they don’t shed so good for people with allergies and c) they have gorgeous personalities that match well with humans of all ages.

It’s not all about us human though – now it’s time to talk presents for the pooches! These pet gift ideas are ideal for new members of the furry family or pets that have been in the family for many, many years but still always deserve a little extra love and TLC at Christmas time.

Some seasonal snacks

Last year we treated Spud and Spike to a whole host of festive biscuits actually. Spike has a bit of a jippy digestive system so we never feed them human food and only ever give them grain-free goodies. Spud is basically a furry bin and would consume anything you placed in front of him but we like to treat them the same. I got the boys some turkey and cranberry (I think!) bones from Lily’s Kitchen and they also loved the 3 tier Pooch And Mutt dog treats that Tesco were selling for a real bargain price.

Bake your own biscuits

Alternatively, if you fancy getting a bit crafty in the kitchen or want to be even more scrupulous about what ingredients your fur babies are eating, you could make your own dog biscuits. There are hundreds and hundreds of amazing recipes online and plenty of decoration inspiration on Pinterest so let your imagination run wild. I haven’t actually turned my hand to baking any dog treats myself yet but maybe I’ll give it a go over on my own blog before Christmas comes around. I better hurry up!

The Purrfect Present Ideas for your Pooch this Christmas by Steph at Hungry Harriet

Paw protection balm

Just like us humans, your fur baby’s skin can suffer when the temperatures drop and the weather gets a little bit damper. While kicking our way through piles of crunchy leaves, jumping about in snow and skidding around on ice might be a whole lot of fun for us, it can take its toll on paws and noses. There are lots of natural paw protection balms and dry skin remedies out there so a tub or two would make for the perfect gift for your pooch this Christmas.

A festive collar

A little tartan collar would look super cute on Christmas day and if you’ve got a particularly patient pooch on your hands, you might even be able to persuade them to don some matching reindeer antlers. My boys start jumping around like Tigger the tiger at so much as the sight of an umbrella going up as they’re still in that cheeky toddler phases so I don’t think we’ll be staging a dress up shoot this winter. Maybe next year…

The full works at the groomers

Hey, if the festive season isn’t the perfect time to treat your pooch to the full works at the groomers then I don’t know what is. We like to get ourselves all dolled up for the various parties we’ll be attending so let your pets in on the pampering action too!

This post was written by Steph who you can usually find blogging all things food and drink over at Hungry Harriet. If you’ve got any more purrfect pet present ideas that you’d like to share let her know on Twitter @hihungryharriet.

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  1. Kayleigh Rose

    First of all, your dogs are GORGEOUS. I just want to cuddle them! I don’t have a dog of my own but when i live in a bigger place i will defo be getting one. These christmas ideas are lovely. Important to treat your pets too! x

  2. Kayleigh Rose

    First of all, your dogs are GORGEOUS. I just want to cuddle them! I don’t have a dog of my own but when i live in a bigger place i will defo be getting one. These christmas ideas are lovely. Important to treat your pets too! x

  3. NAomi

    Awwwww this is so cute I really love the idea of baking them biscuits! 🙂

  4. Emma Raphael

    What gorgeous dogs, I LOVE their names too, adorable! I have to take my toddler to Pets at Home each time we go to the shops, he loves checking out which dog is being groomed in the parlour. Last week we hit the jackpot with a Saint Bernard, he was over the moon! 😀

  5. Clate aka Emmy's Mummy

    I totally agree that pets aren’t just for Xmas and get all the rage with people saying they are surprising the kids with a pet on my timelines…they are the ones who work full time and are never home.
    Great gift ideas

  6. Nina

    I love the idea of giving dogs some snacks and festive themed bits and pieces! My dog will be a part of the family, I may even get hold of some doggy beer too! Great ideas thank you for sharing

  7. Alii

    I love the idea of baking the dog biscuits! I might try that this year, my dog is a bit of a distructo when it comes to toys!

  8. Rhian Westbury

    I know when I get cats they’re going to get spoilt at Christmas time x

  9. Elizabeth

    Your dogs are such cuties! I think it’s a really nice thing to get pets gifts. We’re a cat family and I’ve got them something fab this year too. 🙂

  10. Mayah Camara

    I don’t have any pets myself but for my friends who do i’ll be sure to point them in the direction of your blog!

  11. Melanie

    Aw love doggy gifts, a nice new collar is a must. Also, like the idea of baking your own festive dog treats x

  12. Rhiannon-Skye

    We got a puppy for the first time ever back in May, and seeing her experience snow the first time was the best present ever! We did also treat her to a cute tartan collar though, so I guess great minds think alike!

  13. melissa major

    Some brilliant gift ideas for dogs! My mum likes to get her dog festive bandanas

  14. Sam Jeffery

    Every year we buy my nans dogs some silly present – it’s lovely getting animals in on the festive fun too!

  15. Kirsty

    I’ll be honest I always forget to buy our dog a Christmas present (terrible I know) as we buy her snacks every week. I should make an effort and treat her this year!

  16. Angela Ricardo Bethea

    Those are some great gift ideas for our lovely pets. I’d love to shower mine with the full works at the groomers and tons of delicious snacks.

  17. Ali - We Made This Life

    Great ideas! We got a little puppy a month ago so it’s our first Christmas with a dog so I needed these ideas! I didn’t even know that paw balm was a thing!

  18. Rachel Evans

    Oh my gosh – your dogs are sooooo cute! I saw beer for dogs the other day – it has a funny name but I can’t remember what it was now

  19. Baby Isabella

    We don’t have a pooch in our household but have Mia the dog staying with us over Christmas (she’s my grandparents dog) going to hunt down the paw protection balm!

  20. Susie Wilkinson

    Our Beagle has a festive collar with bells on it, bless him, and he has an edible Christmas card and lots of different treats for Christmas!

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