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Prezzybox Wishlist – September 2017

Prezzybox Wishlist September Personalised Wooden Heart Dish Pusheen Teapot & Mug Fuzzy Friends Shark Slippers Personalised Pug Doorstop

Ah, it is that time of the month again when I head to one of my favourite websites; Prezzybox* and track down some of my favourite things to share with you. Hands up I always find it quite a hard time, as they offer so many amazing things, which are both perfect for presents and for treating yourself.

So what have I found for September:

Personalised Wooden Heart Dish

Hands up I have such a thing for wooden objects, I'll have to include a recent buy in my next Lately I'm Loving post to show you and this Personalised Wooden Heart Dish* I think might just have to be my next purchase. While I can imagine having both mine and Ash's names put on for use as a key dish, I can also see adding my blog name for use as a photo prop.

Pusheen Teapot & Mug

Now come on, there can't be many people who don't love Pusheen, and this teapot and mug set* is just perfect for those like me who love a good cuppa, yet don't need to make a whole pot. I could just see me using this first thing in the morning, to help with the perfect wake-me-up brew.

Fuzzy Friends Shark Slippers

With the weather getting colder I am all for keeping my feet warmer and these Fuzzy Friends Shark Slippers, look like they would do just the job. Cute, warm and fuzzy they have winter indoor footwear perfectly sorted and now they just need to get on my feet.

Personalised Pug Doorstop

The doors in the bungalow all close of their own volition so we have to have doorstops on every door. Our back door one, however, is looking a bit worse for wear and this Personalised Pug Doorstop looks like it would make for the perfect replacement.

So there are a few of my favourite items you can buy right now at Prezzybox, but how about you, what do you think of these items?

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  1. Margaret gallagher

    More DELIGHTFUL treats
    The pug doorstop would be welcome in my home anyday

  2. robin rue

    Those are the greatest slippers of all time. I totally NEED a pair. Must sign up for PrezzyBox!!!

  3. Alli Smith

    The shark slippers are too cute! I’m loving the personalized wooden heart dish as well and that teapot is perfect for one. Great gift ideas!

  4. Lucy | Real Mum Reviews

    Omg those shark slippers are fab!!!

  5. Mummy Times Two

    I love that wooden Heart dish, it would be perfect for the Other Half for our anniversary x

  6. Amber Myers

    My daughter LOVES Pusheen, so she’d want that teapot. Plus she loves pugs, so she’d be all about that doorstop too.

  7. valmg @ Mom Knows It All

    My Mom loves both cats and tea so that teapot would make a great gift for someone like her. The slippers are very cute too.

  8. five little doves

    Ahh I love the pug doorstop!! We love pugs and the girls go crazy for anything to do with dogs, I might have to get this!

  9. Jessica Taylor

    That Pug Doorstop is too cute for words! I love your september wish list!

  10. Jeanette

    My aunt is very much into teapots! I know she would get a kick out of the one you have here. That might be a great Christmas gift for her.

  11. AllMyDeals

    Loved everything but those slippers stand out

  12. Elodie

    That trinket dish is so cute but that Pusheen teapot and mug set has to be my favourite. It’d look perfect to have tea while lounging in my Pusheen t-shirt…

  13. Kirsty

    That tea pot is so cute! The door stopper is really cute too 😀 x


  14. corinne

    All the products on your wishlist looks amazing and so cute! I think the tea set would be my fav!

  15. Joanna

    Prazzybox always have such lovely bits dont they? I adore that heart wooden dish its perfect for autumn decor.

  16. hannah

    I do like that pug door stop, it looks amazing

  17. Kita Bryant

    Those slippers are to die for. How cute are those?! Shark Week in style, am I right?!

  18. Super Busy Mum

    The pusheen teapot!!! Oh, my life!! Also, my daughter would lose her MIND at the pug doorstop!

  19. candy

    Love the wooden heart. Would fit right into my bedroom or any room for that matter. Slippers are adorable.

  20. Melanie

    Love all these presents but my fav has to be the Pusheen mug and teapot set :)x

  21. Melanie Smith

    You have good tastes! I love so much the Pug Doorstop! It looks so cute!

  22. Jacqueline

    I think I know just the person for the Pusheen Teapot & Mug. A colleague’s family cat died. It was a large cat that was loved by all. She would love this as a gift and Xmas is coming…

  23. Ana

    Funny you should be writing a Prezzybox wishlist because I am too. Love the look of the Pusheen mug and tea pot.

  24. Dogvills

    I would have them on my wish list too! Great picks this time. I love that personalized wooden heart shaped box. That would be a nice gift for a birthday, even for Christmas. For me, I would love to have those fuzzy slippers and the pug door stop. So cute!

  25. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    I love all these finds. The shark slippers are so adorable. There’s nothing better like furry slippers during fall & winter.

  26. Lisa

    The wooden heart dish is adorable. But those shark slippers are calling my name. I would torment the dogs with them.

  27. Mimi Green

    My immediate attention went to the Pusheen Teapot & Mug. It is so cute and so me. My next favorite is the slippers. I love fuzzy anything.

  28. Megan

    I’m obsessed with the teapot! It is SO cute!

  29. Liz Mays

    The slippers are really cute and it’s just about time to pick some new ones out anyway. I’m not looking forward to the cold!

  30. Claudia Krusch

    I love the shark slippers. They would be a great gift for my Son for Christmas. This is a great wishlist.

  31. Cheryl

    OMG I love those shark slippers! They’re so cute, I would wear them all the time.

  32. Chloe

    I am loving the wooden heart dish! I can actually see that being used at a wedding or something too. Or as a perfect anniversary present!

  33. Cottagegardentrio

    I have a cousin who would love the pug doorstop. Pugs seem to be very popular at the moment don’t they?

  34. Akamatra

    I am a true tea lover and that awesome kawaii tea pot is made out of my dreams!

  35. Joanna

    I really love the Pushin teapot! I love cats and I actually have a similar one but I never used it because I think it’s too cute. I love the way the cup comes underneath it.

  36. Anosa

    I think the heart dish is really cute and would make a nice addition to my dresser top

  37. Leila Benhamida

    Wonderful selection. Love the Personalised Pug Doorstop

  38. Amy Deverson

    I love Prezzybox, they sell some fab things. I especially love the personalised items 🙂

  39. Christiana

    I have never really heard about prezzybox but it sounds like something I would really love to check out. Really love the items they have in it.

  40. Stephanie Usher

    I really love Prezzybox, the pig doorstop is absolutely amazing xx

  41. Debra Hawkins

    Oh my word! Those slippers sound pretty darn amazing! I am kind of absolutely in love with them!

  42. Angela Milnes

    This list includes so many things I love. The teapot, ugh, love it.

  43. Elena

    Couple more things to add to my wish list too 🙂 I love those personalized wooden dishes.

  44. Yaya

    Love your Prezzybox wishlists! That Pusheen tea cup is so cute and perfect for tea for one. x

  45. Heidi

    I love the slippers! Besides the fact that they look really fun, I bet that fabric feels really cushy on the feet!

  46. Chubskulit Rose

    I love that heart shaped wooden container. I would love to have one of those with my husband and I’s name engraved in it.

  47. Hey Sharonoox

    Looks like you got a great box. I think everything is so cute! My favorite has to be the teapot and the shark slippers. I’m going to check on this one

  48. Marysa

    These are all adorable! My daughter loves Pusheen and tea – this would make a fantastic gift. I’d love that personalized dish, what a cute place to put wedding rings.

  49. Afshan Nasim

    Love your choices and especially the personalised wooden heart dish. Those slippers look comfortable too and the pug is just too cute! Will have to check out Prezzybox.

  50. Denay DeGuzman

    What precious wish-list items. My daughter Brooke is getting married next year, and she would love having an engraved wooden heart to put on her bedside table.

  51. Ophelia Tang

    I love all these products. The Pusheen Teapot & Mug is so cute and I want it now! Thanks for sharing.

  52. Elizabeth

    I love that little wooden dish! I too have a weakness for wood decor 🙂

  53. Sandy N Vyjay

    Quite an impressive collection. The Shark slippers are something that I flipped for instantly.

  54. Jo Carroll

    I love that Prezzybox has so many items you simply can’t find in other places. Makes gifting them so much better as people haven’t a clue how much you spent? 😉 x

  55. Baby Isabella

    The shark slippers are absolutely amazing! My mummy would like these for herself as the nights draw in x

  56. Anchal

    Loved all these cute little items. Love that wooden dish. I wish I could get these too 🙂

  57. Nichola - Globalmouse

    I love these. My favourite are definitely the slippers, my feet are getting so cold at the moment and I love those shark slippers, they would definitely make me feel happy this winter!

  58. Louise

    OMG, how cute is that Pusheen Teapot and Mug?! I may have to stick this on my birthday wish list 😉

    Louise x

  59. Lindsey

    I MUST have that tea set. LOVE it so much!

  60. stephanie

    I love that pug doorstop! I live in a flat with heavy fire doors so this is perfect for me! x

  61. Fritha Strickland

    those slips are amazing! what a good idea, the tea pot is so cute! x

  62. Marcelo Pareja

    Nice stuff! The shark slippers is so cute, would love to give something like that to my daughter.

  63. paula cheadle

    I love the pug door stop, I think he is fantastic

  64. Lynsey Harvey

    I love this stuff it’s so unique and great gifts for Xmas as it’s always something different. Loads of ideas ?❤

  65. Sarah Taylor-Fergusson

    Thanks for the heads up on the Prezzybox site – it is coming round to THAT time of year once more (!) and I will need help. My youngest would LOVE those shark slippers.

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