Premier Housewares Slate Serving Tray: Review

Premier Housewares Slate Serving TrayAre you thinking of preparing a special breakfast in bed for your Mum this Mother's Day? Then how about this beautiful slate serving tray from Premier Housewares, coming in at 40 x 20 x 4cm it is just the perfect size for breakfast for one, or perhaps a cup of their favourite hot beverage and a slice of cake.

Premier Housewares Slate Serving Tray

This beautiful slate tray almost has two sides to it with its rustic looking worn edges and naturally uneven surface, mixed with the modern stainless steel handles, which I'm sure will enable it to be used time and time again, when visitor come to visit or just because something needs transporting from room to room.

Premier Housewares Slate Serving Tray

If you're worried about the slate easily chipping or denting, then worry not as it has been made from a durable hard wearing slate that is said to be able to sign up to even everyday use, when it comes to cleaning it's simply a matter of wiping it down using hot soapy water and a cloth. One thing worth noting though is as this serving tray is made of slate it does come in with a weight of around 650g but for the different, beautiful look you get from it – I think it's worth the extra grams in weight.

Premier Housewares Slate Serving Tray

You may be wondering how much such a lovely slate serving tray would set you back, well you might be surprised to learn that it comes with an RRP for just £12.49 and in fact there is also a whole host of fantastically priced slate items in the same range such as slate trays with accompanying bowls and bamboo spoons, a clock, cake stands, a Lazy Susan, coasters and place mats – so the tray could just be the start of a collection.

Premier Housewares Slate Serving Tray

Premier Housewares Slate Serving TrayWhat do you think of this beautiful slate serving tray from Premier Homewares, could you see yourself or your Mum using it?

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  1. Mums do travel

    It does look lovely but I’m not sure about the sticky-up handles – isn’t it a pain to store?

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      It’s been ok, I’ve popped it at the bottom of a cupboard and stacked lighter things on top, I do play tetris with my cupboards though anyway 1/2 the time 😉 so I’m probably used to it storing things ‘oddly’ x

  2. Gude @HodgePodgeCraft

    This is lovely. Can I have a cheese selection on it please? 😉

  3. joanna

    I love this sort of thing such a fab gift idea

  4. lisa prince

    i am looking for ideas and props just like this for my new home , it is a very handy tool when your entertaining or needing to carry multiple treats x

  5. Clare Mansell

    I think the serving tray would be great for serving cheese at a dinner party.

  6. Jen aka The Mad House

    Oh I like it, you could write on it with chalk so that people know what the food is

  7. Jayne T

    What a fab tray, my mum would love this.

  8. Sarah Ebner

    Looks very smart and useful. I don’t think we have any trays in our house at all!!

  9. Kirsty - Hijacked by Twins

    Ooooh I need one of these! I love it and its a good price too, I was expecting it to be more! x

  10. Michelle

    I’ve got a couple of slate boards for serving food. I’m not keen on the handles on this one though – would look nicer without – but that’s personal preference! I’ve requested breakfast in bed this mother’s day, wonder if I’ll get it!!

  11. You Baby Me Mummy

    It does look like it should cost more. I would like it better if it had different handles, not sure if the silver goes with the slate x


    it looks great; unique. perfect for parties

  13. Jo Bryan

    I have a small slate cheese board, its lasted for ages, washes really well and looks lovely with cheeses and grapes on. I like the handles so easy to move about when entertaining. Can’t get over the price, that is such a bargain.

  14. Astrid

    Interesting review. I like the design.

  15. Mummy of Two

    This looks great but I did think it might be a bit heavy! It’s a really good price for what looks like something very special.

  16. Louisa

    I really like the look of this tray, just the ticket for breakfast in bed. Now, to leave this page open so hubby sees…

  17. Aisha from expatlog

    Popping out to nick a set from the nearest roof…

  18. Ged @ The Ged Lab

    Quite like the look of this tray but wondering about the weight. I am quite a disaster in the kitchen and constantly ‘test’ whether things can bounce on the floor…by accident of course. 🙂

  19. Rachel @ activities4kidz

    That is beautiful!! I love slate things. And the price is fantastic, I would have expected it to be double that at least!

  20. Healthier Mummy

    I love slate – it looks so beautiful with cheese or as a coaster. And we could always do with a new tray. Sounds like it would be heavy though? Not sure one for the kids to carry.

  21. Kizzy

    Oh I like this, I brought my mil a slate lazy Susan for Christmas, she’d love this to match!

  22. mellissa williams

    It looks great for cheese. Not so sure about the handles though, it’s probably easier to carry but not as aesthetically pleasing as a slate board without I think

  23. Orli D

    It looks really lovely, could I have it as well as someone to make me that breakfast in bed? 😉

  24. agatapokutycka

    Oh yes please! Could I have one too?!?
    Stunning looking.
    It is going on the wish list

  25. wendy

    What a great idea. I would use it for mini cakes for the children. xx

  26. Sylvia @ Happiness is homemade

    Lovely item! Would look good in my props collection 😀

  27. Model Mummy

    Great review and i have to be honest i could not see my mum using it.
    However i would use it for so many things. I am the kind of host that loves to place beautiful nibbles in the middle of the table for my guests to help themselves.
    Very impressed with the price too!

  28. anna

    I like the look of it, I don’t have anything like this – more stylish than a normal tray! I’m only wondering if its heavy?

  29. Charlotte

    Wow I’m really surprised at the price! It looks so much more expensive, especially with the weight!

  30. Jenny @ The Brick Castle

    Gosh! I’m stunned at the price, I’d have assumed it would be far more expensive than that!

  31. Kara

    love these – not sure i would have one at home though

  32. Lori

    Ooh this would be great to serve cheese on at a dinner party, especially as you could write on it in chalk. x

  33. Ruth Davies

    Very Different

  34. Samantha R

    this looks great, never seen a tray like it

  35. Donna R

    Love this. Different and stylish. Can imagine a selection of sandwiches and nibbles served on this for a dvd night

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