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Post of the Past and Present #2

posts of the past and present

Welcome one and all to this weeks Posts of the Past and Present! Thank you to everyone who linked up last week.

To get you in the mood for sharing we wanted to share a couple of the posts from the last link up that we loved – if you missed it the topic was: Books, TV and Movies.

The Books of March by
Bex: This post made me want to buy ALL THE BOOKS

How I Survive the Zombie Apocalypse by Someone Else's Genuis
Sarah: I have a zombie obsession, honestly I'm sure they are going to come and get me one day (in my dreams or something) so this post kept me enthralled – I don't want to give to much away you just HAVE to go over and read it.

Just as a reminder we don't want to hold rules above you all but we would suggest that perhaps you give anyone's blog you like the look of a follow and perhaps leave a couple of comments then end them with #pastandpresent so people know where you have come from.

So enough with the rambling and onto the good stuff! This week's topic is:

[dropcap background=”yes|no” bgcolor=”default|#EEEEEE”]Food and Recipes[/dropcap]We want to know what you have written, past or present that has to do with 1, 2 or all of these topics; but how it relates to that theme is up to you, it could be a favourite recipe, a review of your favourite cake, that great monthly food box.. Whatever you want.

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Past and Present Blog Hop

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  1. Jo Bryan

    I like this topic, I have shared and visited the ones on so far! Thanks.

  2. Jillian Hudson

    Thanks for hosting! I shared my kid-friendly stuffed un-conrmeal muffins and corn-less tortillas. Both recipes were created out of a necessity to remove corn from my diet due to an allergy. Corn is in my past and new delicious food is my present. That’s what Creating Silver Linings is all about! 🙂

  3. Wendy @

    Happy Easter! Thanks for the party 🙂

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