PhotoBackdrops Giveaway

PhotoBackdrops Giveaway

Photography – something I sometimes love and something that sometimes drives me crazy. One thing that has been helping me a lot of late to create better photographs is the use of backdrops.

About PhotoBackdrops

White Noise PhotobackDrop

They are perhaps one of the staples of many bloggers photography kits and come in all different shapes, sizes and designs. They even come in different forms, which means no matter the storage space you have, you should be able to find something to fit.

Personally, I have become really fond of PhotoBackDrops, who offer a wonderful selection of backdrops both in flexible PVC (which can be rolled up for storage) and a smooth PVC board (which of course cannot be folded or rolled,  but does tuck nicely into small spaces).

sidewalk photobackdrops

No matter the type of backdrop you go for, from this company they are waterproof and easy to wipe clean. They also come in anything from A1, A2 and A3 in flexible PVC and A2, A3, 40 x 40, 50 x 50 and 60 x 60 in PVC board, with prices from £20 – £32 plus postage.

My favourite thing about PhotoBackdrop is perhaps the range you have to choose from, you can go for something quite plain, like the options I show above, white noise and sidewalk or something full of colour like BeautyQueenUK has with Skittles in the photograph below.

skittles photobackdrop - photo copyright of BeautyQueenUK

What's more, they really are good quality, I personally have only gone for PVC boards, as I can slot them behind the cabinet for storage. They are thankfully lightweight (I don't know why but I assumed they would be heavy before they arrived), making them easy to move. I've used them both on the floor and on top of the sideboard, depending if I am setting up for a longer session or snapping a quick picture.

I know from past post, I have quite a few readers who are either bloggers or photographers, so I thought it would a fun and different idea to offer up a backdrop for giveaway. When I got in touch with the lovely Lucy to just make sure she was OK with the idea she kindly offered me a discount code to offer to you all as well! So right now if you spend £40 or more at PhotoBackDrops you can use the code LIABD10 to get yourself 10% off your order value!

PhotoBackdrops Competition

Of course I also said I would be giving away a backdrop so how can you be in with a chance to win yourself your chosen design, in the size and type of your choice? Well all you need to do is head over to the PhotoBackDrop website and let me know:
Which backdrop would you choose if you were the lucky winner, and what would you choose to photograph first using it?

Photo Backdrop of your Choice from PhotoBackdrops

Good Luck!



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  1. Anne

    I’d go for nautical house as it would be good for photographing many things. I think the first thing I’d use it for would probably be food related.

  2. laura stewart

    i would let my daughter choose x

  3. Annabel Greaves

    I would love to choose a beach scene

  4. Sandra Fortune

    I like the wood effect backdrops the reclaimed wood is nice . My son in law is really into photography so if I’m lucky enough to win I’d let him choose one

  5. rose

    I’d choose faded glamour cos it’s cool and quirky. I would take a pic of my gel manicured nails

  6. Jade Bremner

    I’m torn between calipso sky and seafoam. They have so many nice ones to choose from.


    I like the bridge one

  8. Ren Taylor

    The one called DARLING that’s like marble is a best seller and I can see why … it would be perfect for my daughter to use for the lovely Instagram pictures she does…..thanks for the chance!

  9. Margaret Gallagher

    Calypso sky for me – dreamy delight

  10. lynn savage

    I would like the La Maison white distressed wood board, would be fantastic to add a nice rustic element to my food photos

  11. Jamie Edwards

    I really like broken stone! I’d most likely photograph my food as I usually do! 🙂

  12. Dawn Adams

    Loving the Emerald Gate one, but there are lots I like!

  13. Susie Wilkinson

    My favourite is Sidewalk, and the first thing I ‘d photograph on it would be an item to sell on eBay, I struggle to find decent backgrounds for them!

  14. Beautyqueenuk

    Manhattan is definitely in my top 3 that I would like to have x

  15. Sarah Cooper

    I love Warehouse and I would do lots of food photography with it.

  16. Solange

    I would choose the Calypso sky backdrop if I were the lucky winner and I would choose to photograph my kids first using it.

  17. Carrie Medford

    I’m in love with the Drama Queen backdrop!

  18. Megan Williams

    I love La Maison. As I’m in the process of getting my blog back up and running this would be the perfect thing to take more interesting looking pictures!

  19. Heather Haigh

    I would choose reclaimed wood as I think it would be suitable for many subjects though I’m mainly thinking food and plants.

  20. Ursula Hunt

    I would choose pearlescent and take a photo of my new puppy

  21. debbi ruskin

    I’d choose the Darling pvc backdrop, photograph my food & let people think that I have marble countertops! Lol

  22. Kel Brett

    Oh my word there are so many lovely ones to choose from, I would pick the Candy Floss though, it is such a pretty colour and would bring some loveliness to my photos!

  23. ruth cartwright

    Tuscany and id photograph some food

  24. Jodie Cook

    I would choose Breeze and use it as a backdrop for some books.

  25. Dale Dow

    I would choose the Breeze design, it’s beautiful, we would get it out for PTA photos

  26. Tiffeny Brown

    I would choose simplicity and would take a pic of my new sunglasses first 🙂 x

  27. sarah rees

    beach scene

  28. Stephanie Tsang

    They are all such beautiful backdrops, but I would probably go for Bridge, and I would use it for my flat lay clothing and accessories photos.

  29. Rebecca Phillips

    Oh my goodness, this is just what I need! I’d go for Bridge and I’d use it for photographing review items for sure! Plus it would make my Instagram photos just that much prettier!

  30. Sarah Mackay

    I love the beach scene.

  31. Suzanne Jackson

    I like the lagoon

  32. Sarah Rees

    I would choose Faded Glamour but I like loads of them

  33. Danielle Spencer

    I like the sidewalk and would photograph my handmade cards

  34. Caroline H

    I’d choose Lunar Moon. The first thing I’d photograph would be some of the plants I’ve brought on for an upcoming fundraiser so they could pop it on their publicity posts.

  35. Lynn neal

    I would choose the marble effect one called Darling!

  36. mike fiera

    the lagoon one gets my vote, thanks

  37. Joanna Bayford

    So hard to choose I love both Angel and Breeze.
    I’d photograph some flatlays with coffee, my favourite book and some flowers first.

  38. Kitty

    I would pick Midnight or Pistachio and the first thing I would photograph on it is a lino print and my tools! 🙂

  39. simon tutthill

    have to say i love the breeze design

  40. Sarah Hughes

    I would pick the pure backdrop as it looks stunning!

  41. Kathy cakebread

    makeup for my beauty blog 🙂

  42. Rich Tyler

    The beach scene

  43. Kim Carberry

    Ohh! They are all so good but I think I would go for Lilac Walkway. It would be perfect to use to take some photos for my blog and items I have to review. x

  44. Ruth Harwood

    I think Bridge would be a great backdrop for a family photo

  45. Claire Glace

    I love the Tuscany for some of my recent wedding pics…

  46. Victoria K

    I love the Emerald Gate

  47. Anne Green

    La Maison – love grungy wood backdrops! I do a lot of toy photography, so probably would use it for that!

  48. Jennifer Toal

    A beach theme

  49. Anonymous

    The marble effect one called ‘Darling’ would probably be my choice and I would use it for photographing clothing items to sell on eBay if my husband wasn’t using it as a base for his jig-saw puzzles. Thank you for bringing this product to our attention – we wouldn’t have known of its existence without your blog.

  50. kris mc

    La Maison white distressed wood board

  51. Christine

    I love them all an I can’t choose between Desert, Warehouse and Old Beach Hut! I’d use them to photograph my craft tutorials on.

  52. A.E. ADKINS

    The porch in flexible PVC would be absolutely perfect.

  53. Rosemary Tily

    The marble effect one called ‘Darling’ would probably be my choice and I would use it for photographing clothing items to sell on eBay if my husband wasn’t using it as a base for his jig-saw puzzles. Thank you for bringing this product to our attention – we wouldn’t have known of its existence without your blog. (Apologies – I forgot to post my name when I added this comment on the 22ndMay)

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