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Personalised is a website that specialises in personalised gifts, it was born after the owners received a handmade gift baring their family name and they realised there was something special about receiving something that includes a person's name or a special message, so they set out to create a website dedicated to gifts that included a personalisable element. At the moment the main focus of the site is gifts for celebrations from anniversaries to birthdays, weddings and the up and coming one that is Christmas, with almost all of the products available on the personalise website customisable free of charge.

The lovely people over at sent me one of their personalised calendars to have a look at, they allowed me to choose a calendar of my choice from the range of 20 they have available with all being able to be personalised and a few even allowing you to choose which month the calendar begins on and I'm sure it will come as little surprise I decided to go for the Zoo Animals Calendar which I have personalised with both mine and Ash's name.

calendarThe Zoo Animals calendar allows you to use up to 12 characters for your name and up to 2 lines of 25 characters each on the front page message, as well as being in the range that allows you to choose your starting month.
(If you are after a calendar specifically for a couple and need more characters in the name there is a dedicated calendar that offers space for 2 names of up to 12 characters).

One thing I love about this calendar is how they have made the writing fit in with the picture so it looks like it is a naughty bit of graffiti that just so happened to be present when the photo was taken rather than black or white text in the bottom corner.

When it comes to timing the calendar arrived within a couple of days of ordering, and was packaged in a strong non-bendable cardboard packaging.

I really cannot wait for next year to come so I can have this as one of my calendars.

If you fancy ordering yourself a personalised calendar from you can just click on over to the website where cost from Β£13.99 each.

Or you could enter my fantastic competition! As have kindly offered me the chance to give on away as well.

To be in with a chance to enter all I want to know is:
Which calendar would you pick if you were lucky enough to win?
(Just click here to look through them all).
a Rafflecopter giveaway

*I received a calendar free of charge to help with this post.

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  1. Caroline Blaza

    I would pick the personalised Little Princess Calander

  2. sharon pearson

    sweet tooth for me


    love the new york one πŸ™‚

  4. Liane

    Personalised food calendar

  5. Alice Beaumont

    Personalised couples calender x

  6. Tracey Peach

    I love the sweet tooth calender because I have a sweet tooth!

  7. Holly Smith

    Personalised Little Princess

  8. Julie Roo

    sweet-tooth-calendar I like this and it’s already got my name on. *mine* lol

  9. Dia Barrett

    Hope you are having a lovely, sunny day! πŸ™‚

  10. Zoe

    I’d choose the holiday one, because I wish I was always on holiday πŸ™‚

  11. Amy Beckett

    Personalised New York Calendar for me – Maybe the bf will get the hint

  12. Tammy Tudor

    I love the holiday calender!

  13. Cris Curran

    I’d go with the sweet tooth calendar, I love that shade of red!

  14. Karen Barrett

    The Holiday calendar

  15. Carol

    Personalised Gardening Calendar

  16. Frankie Tuck

    The personalised love calendar.

  17. laura jones

    sweet tooth good enough to eat

  18. Caroline H

    I’d go for the food calendar – it would make a lovely Christmas gift for a couple of people I know.

  19. claire nutman

    car calendar is gorgeous…..x

  20. Jill Webb

    Kids Space Calendar

  21. ashleigh

    I would love the princess one!

  22. Jo welsh

    The chocolate Calender

  23. Victoria N

    I love the New York calendar

  24. Haley Redshaw

    Food Calander x

  25. Irene Mason

    Zoo Animals calendar

  26. Lynsey Buchanan

    Personalised Calendar For Her


    With two grandsons due it’d have to be the Personalised Baby Boy Calendar

  28. Paula Harvey

    The Ultimate Chocolate Calendar

  29. ANJI MSE

    Ooooooohhh Yonkers every time!

  30. nikki pellow

    for her one!

  31. katrina day-reilly

    The Ultimate Chocolate Calendar


    Personalised Car Calendar

  33. Maya Russell

    I’d choose the Personalised Gardening Calendar

  34. Martina Pichova

    The Food Calendar – would be perfect for our kitchen

  35. Rachel Craig

    Personalised Food Calendar.

  36. emma falvi

    Personalised Couples Calenda

  37. claire woods

    Personalised Advent Calendar – Cream/Gold

  38. rhian purches

    New York Calender

  39. Pat White

    I would choose the gardening calendar

  40. Tracy Nixon

    I would choose the The Ultimate Chocolate Calendar!

  41. katrina walsh

    the sweet tooth calendar

  42. karen cowley

    i would love the Sweet Tooth Calendar, looks fab, thanks for the chance to win this xx

  43. Emma Ellison

    kids-space-calendar for my son x

  44. Annie Costa

    Personalised Couples Calendar

  45. Laura Morris

    The Purple Ronnie calendar

  46. clair downham

    personalised girls calender

  47. caroline

    The chocolate calendar

  48. Kay panayi

    Sweet tooth I think

  49. lowri earith

    Personalised Girls Calendar

  50. Carolin

    I’d choose the sweet tooth calendar x

  51. claire griffiths

    i would pick Personalised Couples Calendar

  52. Susie Wilkinson

    I love the Purple Ronnie Calendar <3

  53. Angie Hoggett

    sweet tooth

  54. samj

    Princess one:-)

  55. Laura Pritchard

    The Ultimate Chocolate calendar

  56. Mummy of Two

    Sweet Tooth

  57. Pamela

    The car calendar for my hubby!

  58. jayne hall


  59. Helen Atkins

    Kids Space Calendar

  60. kim neville

    Zoo Animals calendar

  61. Tina Holmes

    Food calendar

  62. Samantha R

    the girls calendar

  63. Tamsin Dean

    The Food calander

  64. Emma Lewis

    I’d choose the Personalised Girls Calendar.

  65. Solange

    I would pick the personalised Little Princess Calendar

  66. jessica agyin

    personalised Little Princess Calander

  67. Janet T

    The Food calendar

  68. zoe matthewman

    Personalised Princess

  69. Katie Walker

    Personalised Baby Girl Calender

  70. Kieran

    Zoo Animals Calendar

  71. Natalie Crossan

    The New York Calender πŸ™‚

  72. Dee

    I would pick the personalised food calendar πŸ™‚

  73. karen hutchinson

    car calendar

  74. irene gilmour

    Personalised Girls Calendar

  75. Christina Jarrett

    The personalised car calendar, for my dad! πŸ™‚

  76. Janet Rumley

    Little Princess Calendar

  77. esme mccrubb

    the car one for my father in law

  78. Julie Paton

    The Purple Ronnie

  79. Ruth Davies

    Little princess Calander

  80. andrea lloyd

    little princess calander

  81. Clint Howat

    The chocolate Calender

  82. Julie Barrett

    I would pick the zoo animals calendar too

  83. Jennifer Rhymer

    I would choose The Ultimate Chocolate Calendar

  84. Janine Atkin

    id choose the Zoo Animals Calendar

  85. jodie harvey

    sweet tooth please πŸ™‚

  86. Robby Price

    New York for me


    the animal one! for my mum πŸ™‚

  88. Anne Charlee Brookes

    i like the Zoo Animals calendar

  89. katherine b

    Kids space calendar

  90. Kelly Ellen Hirst

    The sweet tooth calendar

    Kel x

  91. julie baxter

    i would choose the princess calender for my daughter

  92. Julie Brooke

    Food calendar


    The little princess one xx

  94. trevor linvell

    Zoo Animals calender

  95. Emma Wolski

    I love the Personalised couples calender!

  96. Miss Helen Southam

    the holiday calander

  97. Angela Williams

    Personalised Little Princess

  98. Wendy Guy

    Personalised New York Calendar

  99. Pam Gregory

    The Ultimate Chocolate Calendar

  100. Lydia G

    Zoo animals for me

  101. sarah lee

    Personalised Little Princess Calender

  102. Karen Martin

    The Ultimate Chocolate Calendar

  103. Diana Croos

    Would choose ‘Baby boy calendar’

  104. Anne Woodthorpe

    The new york one x

  105. Alison

    The birds calendar

  106. Susan Seaman

    would have to be the zoo animals for us, as were animal crackers

  107. Kristy L Brown

    I would pick the Personalised Couples Calendar

  108. Jeanette Downing

    Personalised Couples Calendar


    chocolate calendar for me πŸ™‚

  110. jen jackson

    The zoo animals

  111. Sarah H

    I would love the chocolate one for my choccie loving daughter πŸ™‚


    Personalised Little Princess

  113. Jamie

    New York Calendar

  114. leighanne palfrey

    little princess

  115. Chris Fletcher

    The New York one is oh so cool

  116. Diana

    The Ultimate Chocolate Calendar

  117. Zoe Roxby

    The ultimate chocolate calender

  118. leanne williams

    Zoo Animals calendar

  119. alison c

    The new york calendar – i really really want to go and seeing it every day might make me save that bit harder!

  120. Clare F Wood

    I’d’ have Sweet Tooth Calendar

  121. louise bennett

    Personalised Little Princess Calendar

  122. Lorna Holland

    I love the zoo animals calendar! πŸ™‚

  123. Gillian Hutchison

    The New York calendar πŸ™‚

  124. Karen R

    I love the New York calendar πŸ™‚

  125. Becky Downey

    Personalised New York Calendar

  126. carol boffey

    new York calender

  127. Jade Walsh

    The Zoo Animals Calendar πŸ™‚ xx

  128. Tracey Spencer

    The Ultimate Chocolate Calendar

  129. lisa tebbutt

    new york is fab

  130. Kerry Kilmister

    i would pick the personalised little princess calendar

  131. victoria thurgood

    Zoo Animals Calendar

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