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Perfect Party Ideas

Perfect Party Ideas

Planning a party can be hard work, especially when it comes to those for an extra special occasion. So to try and help you all out a bit, I've come up with a few ideas that might just add a little bit of extra fun to that special day.

Personalised T-shirts

There are many occasions that call for personalised t-shirts, they are great for events, work and of course some special occasions. Just think of heading out on the town with your friends, all wearing a fun and funky designed-by-youΒ t-shirt. Now back in the day that meant walking the streets looking for a print shop that could help, but these days bulk t-shirt printingΒ is easy, online stores such and Printsome offer an easy interface that offers you a quote in minutes and allows you to personalise multiple areas of the t-shirt.

Photo Props

While a photo booth is a bonus, you don't always need it to enjoy photo props. A cheaper idea could be pinning up a white sheet to a wall or window, grabbing out your phone and snapping away to get the perfect fun reminders of a night with your friends.

Create Your Own Perfume

If you fancy doing something completely different for your special day, then how about making it a day out creating your perfect perfume. I sent my Mum to do this a couple of years ago and she absolutely loved the experience and of course getting to have a bottle of her one of a kind perfume at the end was a great bonus.

Personalised Bubbles Cocktail Glass

Sometimes before you head out on the town, a drink is on the cards at home, so why not start off the night with a personalised glass (there is a style for every tipple). Not only does it help the lucky recipient start the night with a delicious drink, but also offers them something to keep.

So there you have a few ideas to help you put together the perfect party, what do you think of them, any you particularly like?Β 

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  1. Helen Costello

    Making your own photo props is a great idea and a fabulous way of keeping any kids at the party entertained.

  2. Tammy

    I love the tshirt idea. Our large familys, when we get together, do the tshirt idea. Helps to identify who belongs to who. Great post. Sharing

  3. Melanie

    Love photo props literally just bought some of these for my birthday party in June – can’t wait! Love the idea of the personalised bubbles glass too πŸ™‚ x

  4. Candice Nikeia

    Photo props at parties are always so much fun! Especially after a few drinks – taking funny photos makes the night even more enjoyable!

  5. Tara Pittman

    Those are cute photo props. I want to have a party and do this.

  6. Natasha Mairs

    I think photo props are great!!! My friend had a party with loads of photo props an we all took loads of pictures and the photos where the highlight of the night

  7. Amber Myers

    I love all of these ideas! Those photo props would be a lot of fun.

  8. Megan at Lush to Blush

    I love photo props! So fun and definitely cheap and easy – dollar stores are great for this!

  9. Stephanie Merry

    I love the photo props, they’re a great part accessory and the pictures look fab! x

  10. Elizabeth O.

    Awesome party ideas! It would be nice to make the guests feel busy creating different things. These ideas will definitely make parties even more fun.

  11. Anosa

    Nice ideas! I would love to try the photo props so we can add a twist on our pictures during parties.

  12. Ashleigh

    I had a big box of party props like wigs and things for my 21st birthday! Such funny photos haha.

  13. Whatlauraloves

    Fabulous post as I LOVE parties! The photo booth idea is brilliant as it gets everyone involved and people are encouraged to express themselves. Plus you have those photos as memories to keep for a lifetime afterwards xxx

  14. Fatima Torres of MTME

    These are all great ideas. I love the personalized tees one. We’ll be celebrating our eldest’s birthday this summer and will be using some of these. The cocktails will be used for the adults, of course.

  15. Victoria Sconion

    I love the t-shirt idea especially if you are hosting a party in a park, pool, or somewhere public. The picture props are a cool idea. I would’ve never thought of that.

  16. Jemma

    Lovely party ideas, photo props are always so much fun!

  17. Jay Simms

    I never thought about doing personalized shirts for a party. I will have to remember that for the next party I throw.

  18. Echo

    I love the idea of photo props! How fun would that be!

  19. Ruth

    Your parties must be amazing. I just do drinks, music and let the rest take care of itself.


    The create your own perfume sounds like it might be fun, I would love to give that a go. I’m not surprised your mum loved it.

  21. chloe griffiths

    some great ideas! xo

  22. Olivia Thristan

    I love the idea of creating your own perfume as well as photo props, they get everyone involved! πŸ˜€ x

  23. Mel

    I like the idea of creating your own perfume. It’s such an original idea and it’s great to really choose every single note of the fragrance you are creating.

  24. Erin

    Photo props are such an awesome idea! They are fun for everyone, no matter what age!

  25. Leigh Anne Borders

    We have some parties coming up soon and this is going to make them so much more fun. Love the ideas you shared.

  26. Andrea

    It has been a while since I have hosted a party, but I absolutely love these ideas! I am so trying these during my next Memorial Day get together πŸ™‚

  27. Bel

    This is just simple, creative and fun

  28. Shoshana Sue

    The idea of photo props is really a brilliant one and so are t-shirts. I am excited about the idea of creating own perfume! This is something that is not so common. I would like to try this on my nest milestone birthday party! Thanks for the heads up Sarah-Louse!

  29. Baby Isabella

    We’re really big fans of photo props! They always raise a smile at parties and help break the ice. Nice selection of products x

  30. Annemarie LeBlanc

    The photo props are a great idea. I could also throw in some old or funny wigs, hats, bandanas. The kids would have a blast. We had the same thing during our grandson’s first birthday party.

  31. Stephen

    I have always quite fancied having a go at making my own scent considering how many I own!

  32. Ana De- Jesus

    I really like the idea of creating your own perfume it sounds like a lovely idea x A personalized cocktail glass is another great shout! x

  33. Nicole - Miss Sparkle

    Cool ideas! I love the perfume creation one! I would be up immediately for creating my own perfume – have never done that before!

  34. Kira

    I love these ideas! I always try to do photo booth props because they can be quite funny but never really thought about personalised tshirts πŸ˜€

  35. Ayesha Heart

    Great ideas! Love everything that you listed. Surely Photo props are fun and we all enjoy at a party. Thumbs up!

  36. Misty Nelson Dawn

    Wow, I really love the ideas especially the photo props ideas and creating your own perfume.

  37. Jessica spencer j

    Love this post me and my boyfriend have an event hire company so we organise parties quite a lot, it’s so fun!

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