Pawsomebox: A Sally Review


Sally is back again! This time she is reviewing the Christmas edition of Pawsomebox; yes I know it is either a little late or very early, but there was a bit of an issue with the post and a number of Pawsomebox boxes went missing, Sally's included, so it only arrived with us on Thursday. All I can say is good on Pawsomebox for being on top of the issue and knowing who's didn't arrived and sending out replacement.

Onto the box Sally received.


Camon massage glove
Sally loves a good pet and this is a simple way to add another dimension to pets. The glove has two parts the first on one side, is soft rubber spikes, which can help remove dust, dirt and dead hair, while the other is a synthetic fabric that can help leave your pets fur extra shiny. I've actually used gloves like this in the past and Sally really seems to enjoy them (though she loves being fussed in anyway).


Jolly Doggy latex Santa beard
Santa Paws is REAL!! Omgosh.. Oh no wait it's just your dog with a squeaky toy, after all only the pets in the family are lucky enough to see the jolly pawed one once a year.

Snowman Tug Toy
A game of tug is always so much fun, who will win (in our house normally Sally – she gets huffy if you don't let, her after all) and this is a lovely festive offering, I might just have to try and sneak it away for next Christmas.


Gingerbread Squeaky
The last toy in this box was a gingerbread squeaky, this is the none filled variety of toy, so makes for a great gift for dogs who have a tendency to eat any toys they pull apart (yes I know a couple of them myself – though we are lucky with Sal as she will spit it out).


Christmas Bag
Perfect for putting your animals treats in on Christmas morning is this cute little bag, as we have gone past Christmas now, this is being secreted away until next Christmas and then left out for Santa Paws to fill with awesome goodies.

Trixie Christmas Fillet Treats
The first of two delicious treats in this box is these Christmas Fillets from Trixie, they definitely got Sally's nose twitching when she came across the packet, so I am looking forward to being able to give her one soon!


Doggy Rawhide Candy Canes
These were the treats that Sally had to have, she actually tried to rip open the packet after stealing it from the box, but luckily we managed to wrestle it away and then of course presented her with just one for now.

Sally herself was so excited when this arrived, I was actually out and it got placed on the sofa for when I got back, instead of coming back to a nice parcel, I came back to a Sallified one and the following tale..
All was quiet, a little to quiet for the fact a Sally was in the home, so an investigation began, where was she, what was she up to? She was soon located and with her was the box! She had tracked it down to the sofa, quietly pulled it onto the floor and was nibbling at the corner trying to get into it.

Me well – I think it's a great box and would have made a wonderful Christmas present had it arrived in time.

The Pawsomebox is a monthly subscription box and costs £19.99 for the monthly sign up which can be cancelled at any time, if you design to sign up for 6 months or a year in one go, the price of the box comes down.

What do you think of Pawsomebox, do you think your dog might like it?

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  1. Lesley

    This makes me wish I had a dog. That’s pretty cool. Who doesn’t want a treat box right?

  2. Marie

    OMG this is amazing haha. love it . xox

  3. Paula Shuck

    So you can get a box of dog toys in the mail? That’s so cool! Makes me wish we had a dog too haha

  4. Christine Northrop

    love the box contents and I am sure our fogs would love them too they liked what Santa brought them once they’d ripped the paper off that is.

  5. Bex Smith

    That is such a good idea!

  6. Amber Nelson

    Those candy canes look cute. How fun for the pets!

  7. Life As A Convert

    My dog had a giant version of those striped candy canes.. She ate it so fast. Apparently they are really good. 🙂

  8. Lois Alter Mark

    That box looks like it definitely got a paws up from Sally – who is adorable!

  9. Aisha Kristine Chong

    These are adorable – never really knew about their box before.

  10. Veronica

    I love this! My dog would have a field day with it

  11. Diane Wood

    Great idea for Pampered Pooches
    I’m looking forward to reading about Sally’s antics in her new blog

  12. Krystal

    My dogs would be so spoiled to receive one! I just made them doggy cupcakes today… hehe

  13. Emma

    Love it! Wish they had ones for cats! Sniffles…then again I spoil pudding too much already! X

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