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One weeks spending ban


Last week I was challenged to ban myself from buying one thing for a whole week, it didn't have to be anything big, so I decided on the drink I always buy on my way to pick Ash up from work. Originally I would just get him a coke from McDs, but it soon turned into me picking myself up a tea in the winter or a fanta in the summer as well, which meant an extra £1.49 going out 4 days a week.

While on the face of it £1.49 doesn't sound like much I did some maths:
That little amount adds up quickly in fact it comes to:
£5.96 per week or £23.84 per month, which at the end of the year adds up to a whooping £286.08! Doesn't seem quite so little now.

I was surprised how easily I got into the habit of not getting myself one, yes it was hard the first day as I drove round the drive through, I had to force myself not to say and a tea as well please – but by day 4 it wasn't even crossing my mind to ask for a drink for myself, having made sure I had one not long before leaving and knowing I could make another as soon as I got home.

It also got Ash and I talking, while he will always need a drink after work could we look at a cheaper alternative than McDonalds and the answer was of course yes.

So from this week when I make myself my last drink before heading out the door to get him, I will also be grabbing him a bottle of pop from the fridge and even that small change will save us another £1.96 a week meaning by the time a year is up between us we will have saved £380.16.

So what will we be doing with this little gold mine? Well we could be good and put it all away in an ISA but knowing us some of it will be spent on little treats – but I will definitely try and hold onto some of it as it really should be an easy way to save.

Now it's your turn, to put yourself on a week's spending ban and see how much you could save by switching.

What are you going to give up for the week?

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  1. Angela Spicer

    I don’t tend to buy myself anything on a regular basis, but it’s an eye opener to think about the little things and how much they add up to over the year.

  2. Mina Joshi

    It’s amazing how much you can save when you take the drinks from home as most of the takeaways make their money by charging extra for the drinks. I stopped buying my lunch from M $ S a few months ago as it used to be a sandwich and a drink, then some crisps and a chocolate bar ….which put a dent in my pocket and inches round my waist. Now I just take something health from home saving myself quite a bit each week.

  3. Sam Bresnahan

    I’m on a 3 month spending ban from buying skincare and cosmetics.
    I have too much so have to use most before I can buy any more, but I keep getting sent more, so this ban maybe a lot longer (Been 10 weeks so far!)

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      Ekk good luck, not sure I could manage that long on something, but then again I’ve totally stopped this habit after just a week so you never know.

  4. Erica Price

    Drinks are so expensive I think. I can’t believe how much some of these catering places charge for a cup of tea. We’ve saved a lot since I started making packed lunches for my husband.

  5. My Family Ties

    It can really add up and when you break it down and look at the annual spend it is quite shocking!

  6. jamie

    Drinks are somewhat expensive, indeed

  7. David Jackson

    I couldn’t go a week without my cost latte

  8. Carly Markham

    We are so guilty of this our biggie is buying a bottle of pop each whilst doing the food shop or popping to town etc. If we had a drink at home before we left the house we could save a couple of pound a week which would soon add up!

  9. lisa prince

    I dont really think i spend all that much , if anything my husbands the nightmare hes spent a fortune this week and ive not spent much at all bar veg from shop ll x

  10. Susan Barrie

    I always used to buy my lunch from Tesco, rather than making a packed lunch. This year I’ve pledged not to buy my lunch, and only go out for lunch once a month. It’s working well and i’ve enjoyed the challenge of having to be organised the night before to make soup or a sandwich!

  11. VaiChin @RamblingThroughParenthood

    It is amazing how little things add up. I should give up chocolate and see how much I can save.

  12. Clare Mansell

    I have an almost constant spending ban. We have lots of big projects to do so I’m just totally out of the habit of casual spending. I think the last time I bought anything was the weekly shop last Friday! 🙂

  13. Claire Barker

    The little spends really do add up, a really interesting post.

  14. Hannah Staveley

    So good on how much can save not sure could do this with my coffee as love it way too much and its my only treat I get.

  15. Mummy of Two

    This is a great idea. We were talking the other day about how much we could save by cutting out those little things we buy.

  16. Absolutely Tara

    Starbucks gets far too much from me to be comfortably open about it. Way to go!



  17. Margaret Weir

    Its impulse buying in the supermarket that empties my purse! From now on I’m going to try sticking to a list – if it’s not on the list it’s not in the trolley!

  18. Layla fletcher

    I always buy lunch on the way to work. I should really make it

  19. Jen aka Muminthemadhouse

    Come and link up to the #Fabulouslyfrugal linky, this is a brilliant post. And show just how small becomes big

  20. Ann Cluck

    I need to give up spending for about 3 months!!! I am an online shopping junkie. It is a very difficult addiction to get rid of!!!

    So, since this is only for a week, I will give up all online shopping. It should save me a tidy sum 😉

  21. Kara

    Its scary how these things add up isn’t it – we rarely buy treats these days as we just cannot afford it

  22. Emily Endrizzi

    That’s a great idea. It is shocking how much the “little” stuff adds up over time. I have a bad habit of eating out too often. I know we could save a ton of money if we cut down on that.

  23. agatapokutycka

    I couldn’t give up my coffee on the go but I could stop buying a newspaper and ready the news online I guess

  24. Jaime Oliver

    What a great way to save money .. i find the littlest things make the most difference to the pocket, I have been doing something similar and its saving me fortune

  25. Sonya Cisco

    It is amazing how quickly a small saving turns into a big lump sum isnt it!

  26. Rachel

    Its amazing how much the little bits add up to isnt it? x

  27. Michelle

    It’s crazy when you add it all up!! xx

  28. Globalmouse

    Wow what a great saving! It’s true that these things can really add up and it’s surprising quite how much they do so! Well done – so inspiring as always.

  29. Clare Nicholas

    It’s amazing how the little things end up costing so much money.

    Well done

  30. Cherished By Me

    It is scary how those pennies soon add up for what seems a little thing at the time. Well done for sticking to it. 🙂

  31. Clare

    I need to try and give up buying food at work and start making food and bringing it in but i’m so unprepared!

    Clare | http://www.clare-without-an-i.com

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