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October Shoe Love

How have we reached October already?

I'm really finding it hard to keep up with how quickly this year is going by, please tell me I'm not alone.

Anyway, it is that time of the month when I thought I would share with you some of my favourite finds from the shoe world that is Spartoo.

ConverseCHUCK TAYLOR ALL STAR HI Black / Multicoloured Airstep / A.S.98CORN 18 Camel Remonte Dorndorf SERNNA Betty LondonJOUTAIME Black

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

Hands up who loves Converse?!

Over the past few years, Converse has come out with some really awesome pairs. Ash has some with Marvel on. Which he absolutely loves.

Personally, I am loving this pair. Which are not only in my favourite shoe colour – black; but also comes with a colourful splash of confetti over the side.

ConverseCHUCK TAYLOR ALL STAR HI Black / Multicoloured Airstep / A.S.98CORN 18 Camel

Airstep Corn

I am really liking so many of the designs for Airstep at the moment.

The only issue is the price! Oh to have so much to splash on a couple pairs of shoes.

That said I really love the different vibe they give off.

Personally, with this pair, I really love the strap detailing which is just a bit different to other boots I have come across so far for this winter season.
Remonte Dorndorf SERNNA Betty LondonJOUTAIME Black

Remonte Sernna

I'm having mixed feelings about this pair but I still wanted to include them.

I love the fact they look so comfortable and cosy. A pair of boots which will really keep your feet warm this winter.

However, I'm not completely sold on the overall look of them.

Perhaps they are a pair that will grow on me as time goes on. Who knows.

Betty London Joutaime

This last pair are something a little different.

They really jumped off the page at me and hey I could really do with a pair of shoes that are perhaps a bit more dressy.

I love the fact these lace up with ribbons and while I don't normally go for shiny patent shoes, I don't know this pair just calls to be and says you need me in your life!

So there you have 4 pairs of shoes / boots I am really loving this October.

However, what about you, do you like any of these pairs? Could you see yourself buying them?

This is a collaborative post.


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October Shoe Love

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  1. candy

    I love the second boot you have shown. Love the strap and jewels that go around the boot. Kinda like the black pair that actually look like shoes.

  2. Stacey

    I am really looking forward to the chilly weather. I havent been able to wear my boots in awhile.

  3. Glenda Cates

    Each year my son says he would like a pair of boots and we pick him up a pair. As we are shopping Charlie says I should get a pair as well and this year I plan on it and also getting a pair of workboots and I can’t wait to share the ones above with my son to help me pick out a pair of dress boots.

  4. Jeanette

    I love shoes! Anything to do with shoes I am all in for. There are so many different kinds of shoes that you can never have too many LOL.

  5. Teresa

    I really like the brown ankle boots. I need a new pair of boots. Every time I want to wear a certain pair of my shoes or boots, one of my daughters has them on her feet these days! LOL

  6. Tasheena

    I want all of the shoes! They would be perfect for my fall wardrobe. Especially the booties.

  7. ada

    All those shoes are amazing! I love fall not just because its so beautiful outside but also because we can dresses up so nicely as well! And great pair of shoes is a must! Such a great recommendations! thanks for sharing

  8. Alli Smith

    I’m also a shoe lover and I just bought two pairs of fall shoes this past weekend. I see several more I’d love to add to my collection.

  9. robin rue

    As usual, I LOVE your picks. I am big on shoes anyways, but I love all the ones you have here.

  10. Enriqueta E Lemoine

    I agree with you: time flies! My favorites are the sparkling Converse and the Oxford. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Joan

    I am super excited to go shopping for some comfy boots now that the weather is changing just how I like it.

  12. Kaz | Ickle Pickles Life and Travels

    You just can’t beat Converse – my older kids absolutely love theirs. Kaz

  13. LaaLaa

    Can we ever beat the classic converses, I don’t mind autumn it’s a nice time to switch up and feel cosy in clothes and shoes

  14. Andrea

    I’ve never heard of Spartoo but wow I really like the 4th pair!

  15. Ashley

    I’m so ready for boot weather. I like the brown ones you pick out above.

  16. Terri Steffes

    I am a shoe-a-holic. I have had to give up shoes as I had so many that I couldn’t even see them all. I now have 25 pairs and all are out and viewable!

  17. Marysa

    Those definitely all have a great fall vibe. Love those sparkly converse sneakers!

  18. Anosa Malanga

    I love converse! Cold season is finally nearing down so we really need this kind of shoes to warm us up while outside.

  19. Betzy Cuellar

    I am so excited for fall fashion. Yet, it still feels like summer in California.

  20. Emma Raphael

    Love the confetti Converse especially, that’s a fun design! I love colder weather for being to be able to wear warmer clothes and boots! 🙂

  21. Tess D

    love the strap detailing on the brown boots too – would definitely buy these x

  22. Caroline Tokes

    I love all those shoes, gives me some good ideas of what i want next time i go shoe shopping

  23. Catalina

    Betty London Joutaime is calling my name, too! I think they are the shoes of the moment! I would like to have them!

  24. Bethel C Esmillarin

    Loving boots everytime! Converse Chuck Taylor All Star is the all time classic 💕

  25. Jeanette Leighton

    Love the brown boot on the top right

  26. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    A great shoe can really make an outfit stand out. I love all the items in this post, especially those booties.

  27. Kara

    The airstep shoes are gorgeous, might have to save some pennies for them and treat myself

  28. Amee

    I love shoes and fall season is my favorite because there are just way too many cute shoes and boots for the season. All your picks are great but I’m loving that Converse with confetti.

  29. Yeah Lifestyle

    I’ve just brought out my winter / autumn boots and kept my slippers away. Totally loved the Converse brown boot as its totally my style.

  30. Shoshana Sue

    The airstep corn boots are just fabulous. I could see myself rocking them- I love the two-tone colours

  31. Peter Nyiri

    Shoes are not easy to buy… You never know how durable they are and how long they last. Is it worth it?

  32. Ruth I.

    Love how cute and cool these shoes are! I think the Converse is my favorite here!

  33. Susie Wilkinson

    I love Converse, and I have ‘too many’ pairs according to my partner, but these need to be in my collection!


    LOVE shoes. Need shoes. Want shoes. These shoes are pretty cool. Converse is getting pretty niffy with their shoes.

  35. Bohemian Babushka

    Funky and fashionable, Babushka can see why you’d like these boots. As for this Bohemian, sandals are more BB’s choice of foot covering. Oh, Si, this year has just flown by!!

  36. Melanie williams

    Yes! Love the brown boots and feel I could just treat myself to the converse. those are right up my street xx

  37. Echo

    Converse are always a classic winner. However, I am loving the look of those boots! They are perfect for fall!

  38. Helen Clark

    Nope you’re not alone Sarah, this year is flying by! I really love the glittery converse and the Airstep boots too.

  39. Michelle Murray

    I love this weather, I can get all my cute boots out of storage!

  40. Jenn

    I am so excited that it is almost boot weather!! I love all boots and have a huge selection myself. These are some cute ideas to add to the family.

  41. Jade Bremner

    I like the converse like Ash I favour the Marvel ones. My trusty flash converse broke on me so I’m on the look out for some new ones.

  42. Wanda Lopez

    Perfect timing. My daughter has been asking for a new pair of shoes. She’ll love the Convers.

  43. Rupal

    I am a bigtime shoe lover and loved all your selections.

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