NOTD – Nails Inc Magnetic Effects Trafalgar Square – Review.

Ok so these aren't the best pictures in the world – they are more of a mess around – I've not really got the timing right – of how long to hold the magnet over the polish to get optimum effect but for a first try I'm quite proud of myself. 

Nails Inc Magnetic Effects Trafalgar Square

I did have one problem the instructions – I know there are some English ones on there somewhere but I just couldn't get to them which left a bit of try and see what works. It probably told me how long I was meant to hold the magnet over them knowing my luck. Anyway this is what I found best about 5 – 10 seconds over wet just applied polish gave me the best results though obviously if you want the change to be darker hold it over for longer.

Nails Inc Magnetic Effects Trafalgar Square

What do you think of this new varnish? Have you given it a go? Will you be?

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  1. Ashleigh Allan

    looks nice!

  2. paula evans

    mmm Im not sure nice colour though 

  3. Sarah Bailey

    The colour is lovely, it’s a silver that turns to black when you put the magnet over it. I can see how it definatly wouldn’t be for some though very hard to get it right, not enough time and it doesn’t change enough and too long and it turns very black, so quite fiddly. Hopefully practice makes perfect for me as I do love the effect it can give. xx

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