A New Year in the Bungalow

It seems like only yesterday we moved, but in reality, it has been almost 7 months, the bungalow is finally starting to feel like home. Although as I said the other day we are still waiting for a shower to be fitted.

Moving can be hard, there is the packing, booking the removal company, making sure everything fits into your new home (our bedroom furniture only just did). Then once you are settled you need to get everything as you want it, which seems like it often takes forever.

At this point we are pretty much sorted inside, our pictures are up on the walls and trinkets are out around the rooms, however, the garden does need some work. While we recently got a shed a lot of the outside items we had, just weren't worth bring with us and ended up at the tip, so this spring I really want to think about getting some new items for the garden and these are just a few ideas I'm pondering.

Garden Ideas

La Hacienda Sakura Fireplace – £85

I have long fancied some sort of firepit or chiminea for the garden, though I have always been put off by the price. However, they are really coming down in cost and with this one being just 45cm in width and depth and 60cm in height; it isn't going to take up too much room either.

Bamburgh Charcoal Outdoor Wall Light – £48.75

We have a light outside the back door, which is great for when we let Sal out after dark. However, we don't have one out the front and I really think we could do with one and this beauty from Laura Ashley is perhaps one of the nicest, I have come across and when it comes to cost it doesn't break the bank.

Black Wooden Beaded Wind Chime – £9.99

I would absolutely love a wind chime we could have in the garden, we did buy one not long after we moved in, but wow it was loud and as such we have moved it inside to not disturb the neighbours. This one comes from TK Maxx and I think the fact it is wooden, may well help tone down the noise a little.

John Lewis Croft Collection Islay Garden Rocking Chair – £399

One thing we didn't bring with us from the old place was the garden furniture, it had seen better days and despite our effects in trying to resurrect it, it wasn't to be. While we will probably end up with a bistro set, I definitely love the idea of a garden rocking chair.

So that is a few ideas I am thinking over for the garden, this year, what do you think of them, do any catch your eye?

*This is a collaborative post.

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  1. Lynne Harper

    I love buying garden items. The fire you featured is lovely. Our garden is always last on the revamp list especially with winter etc. Come the nicer days I plan on getting my gloves on and getting sorted for Summer x

  2. Terri Beavers

    I rent an apartment and can’t add much but I’d love a rocking chair and windchimes. I’ll have to check out all of your selections, I love sitting outdoors listening to the birds.

  3. Stephanie Merry

    Love these ideas. The Sakura Fireplace would be top of my list if I had a garden x

  4. Elodie

    How exciting! I actually don’t have a garden (city living and all that,) but my parents are redoing theirs and I’ve been so excited to help! We’re actually building a fire pit and an outdoor seating area from scratch so hopefully it’ll turn out well. The ones you picked are lovely though, so maybe we shouldn’t have gone the DIY route. Ha!

  5. carissa garabedian

    Moving is hard, but it allows for a cleaning out of things you do not want or use and is so exciting! Enjoy!

  6. Lisa prince

    oh how lovely all the best there were also currently redecorating so i know how stressful but lovely it can be x

  7. MaryAnne

    Incredible ideas to make your garden beautiful! In love with those lamps and the chairs!

  8. Scott

    With the recent warm weather, I too am looking at outside projects. I think we’re starting by re-doing the garden!

  9. Reesa Lewandowski

    We always said we’ve wanted a beach bungalow. I am loving this look and the items you picked out here!

  10. Ana De- Jesus

    Wow seven months already can you believe it??? I would love the John Lewis rocking chair it is beautiful and I imagine would look great in your bungalow. Good luck xx

  11. Heather Lawrence

    I love that I am not the only one itching to get out in the garden!
    We had a warm spell over the last couple of days and I am just wanting to get out there and play in the dirt. Unfortunately for me it’s still frozen so I will have to wait.

  12. tara pittman

    I love listening to wind chimes as I fall asleep. Those chimes are very stylish.

  13. chloe griffiths

    some nice bits, I’m obsessed with home deco atm, itching to re decorate my room.

  14. Donna

    Love all of these ideas! My garden is lovely but could do with a bit of finesse added!! Perfect x

  15. Mandy Carter

    I have always wanted an outdoor firepit similar to this one. The backyard is something I want to work on this summer.


    I love that rocking chair! I’m redecorating atm too, good luck with all the diy! xx

  17. Shirley

    I love listening to Wind Chimes and Rocking Chair is my all time favorite.

  18. Milena

    The wind chimes and fireplace are my favorite! I love making the garden a special place.

  19. Anne Yedlin

    Moving can be so hard to do. We moved into our home 5 years ago and still trying to decorate it the way we want. I collect wind chimes and the one you posted is just beautiful.

  20. Liz Mays

    You definitely have to make your outdoor areas cozy and stylish! I like these choices! I do want to get some better lighting outside.

  21. Amber Myers

    I’ve been wanting to get a wind chime! I need to get our outdoor area put together. It looks pretty terrible at the moment.

  22. Marcie W.

    Moving always takes a lot out of you, so getting unpacked and settled can be difficult. I love your outdoor ideas, especially that comfortable rocker!

  23. Whatlauraloves

    Great picks but that rocking garden chair is my ultimate fave. That would be PERFECT for sitting in to read a good book on my Kindle when the lighter evenings are here. I can just imagine it now! xxx

  24. Bree

    Moving can be so exciting and tiring at the same time. These are great ideas. I especially love the wind chime and fireplace!

  25. danasia fantastic

    Two of those garden rocking chairs would be perfect on my patio!

  26. Ali Rost

    Love, love, love the rocking chair! I’m picturing it in a bungalow .. I image it’s perfect!

  27. Rhian Westbury

    The rocking chair looks awesome. I don’t have a garden as i’m on a second floor in a block of flats and sometimes I think I’d love one but other times I think I couldn’t deal with the upkeep x

  28. hannah

    I like the items you have chose, especially the rocking chair x


    Oooo that rocking chair looks great they really are relaxing to sit in although I’d probably not spend quite that much on one.

  30. Elizabeth O.

    A garden sounds like a great idea! When you first move in to your home, you’re going to think of many ways to improve it even if already looks great.

  31. Yaya

    I’ve been longing to live in a bungalow for a while as they remind me so much of American homes. I love wind chimes and there’s nothing like a relaxing and peaceful outside space. x

  32. Lilinha

    I love the rocking chair. How amazing would it be relaxing on it over the summer? Bliss!

  33. Karlyn Cruz

    Black Wooden Beaded Wind Chime looks perfect for its price! i like it! i think i should get the same as this!

  34. wendy

    I love the wind chimes and the fire pit. The look like they are reasonably priced. What a great way to sit and relax this spring/summer.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      I really want to get the garden feeling like somewhere we can relax our old garden wasn’t somewhere I felt I could relax so excited to make this somewhere we can.

  35. Emily

    We have had such warm weather lately here and I am planning my home projects, itching to get to work on them. That rocking chair is gorgeous! Also the cute light, love the finish on it.

  36. Emma

    It’s definitely the small touches that make somewhere feel like home – glad you’re starting to feel more comfortable in your space now – keep decorating and that cosy feeling will come!

  37. Azlin Bloor

    Moving can be such a pain, glad you’re settling down. I absolutely love the La Hacienda fireplace. I’ve got my eye on their firepit for the garden, that doubles up as a bbq.

  38. Teresa Bowen

    I would love that chair in my garden this summer. I could sit comfortably and watch Leigh do all the gardening.

  39. Angela Key Milnes

    I remember when we was moving, It’s really hard and so many things that need to fix and buy

  40. denajayne

    I’d love a beach house! Especially somewhere peaceful! xo

  41. Bethany Stout

    I love these pieces. That rocker is amazing. I could see that on my patio.

  42. Miranda

    One thing I love about new places whilst it can be stressful it’s furnishing if and just starting over agin with the blank canvas. The pieces you’ve shared are very nice and classic

  43. Misty Dawn Nelson

    I really love this and looks that you had an awesome wishlist, I want that rocker too.

  44. Rachel

    I absolutely love the look of the garden rocking chair x

  45. Baby Isabella

    Nice selection! We need to invest in some new garden furniture this year as our outdoor space as been neglected recently x

  46. Dannii

    Oh I can’t wait to get out in the garden. I love that rocking chair. Perfect for wasting an afternoon in 🙂

  47. kira

    I love the outdoor wall light! It’s similar to ones we have at home! Such a lovely style!

  48. Lubka Henry

    These look like great furniture features. They would perfectly fit into a California style dream house 🙂

  49. Yona Williams

    I would want to have a Garden Rocking Chair. That would be perfect for relaxing in the sun, and reading books.

  50. Tanya Brannan

    I absolutely love that little rocking chair. I can imagine a lazy sunday afternoon rocking away with a book (and probably a glass of pimms in my hand) We have a woodburner just like that, and it is great on an summers evening when it is starting to get a little chilly; means we can stay out longer!

  51. fashionmommy

    I think doing your outdoor space is nearly as interesting as doing inside. I love that rocking chair!

  52. Margaret gallagher

    Beauties may invest in a rocking chair -looks so relaxing

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