nakd bars – Review.

nakd bars

When I was first asked to try nakd bars the first thing I wondered was why the name. And well that's due to what's in them and how they are made. 100% natural these bars are free from all sugar and syrups. They are made from raw fruit and nuts rolled together. They are low in saturated fat, one of your 5 a day, free of wheat, dairy, gluten, GM free and suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
Me and the other half gave these a try well he tried coco delight and then handed it back to me after one bite (the junk food fiend strikes again, anything that isn't full of sugar, rolled in more and then topped off with just a last little bit is a no no). Anyway on from his royal highness' dislike for anything healthy and onto my liking of these bars.
The ingredients are tightly packed together meaning the texture is smoother than I thought it would be when I read the ingredients, they give a sort of melt in your mouth delightful experience when eating them, I found although they were natural there was a natural sweetness to all these bars which helped curb my sweet tooth, they also seemed to give an energy boost and I found them a great breakfast snack.
I think my favourite was the Coca Delight though I have to admit I've become very partial to all of them.
Have you given nakd bars a try? What's your favourite!

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