Silent Sunday



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  1. Coombemill

    Lovely to see the vibrant colours in the depths of winter

  2. Louise

    Beautiful roses – such pretty colours too.

  3. Gemma Stevens

    Beautiful flowers. The colour really stands out. I bet they smell great too.

  4. Bloggermummylauren

    Beautiful, such vibrant colours.

  5. sherry from sherryspickings

    oh so beautiful. what lovely colours. do they smell nice? roses have such different smells but i think i prefer the deep musky ones. happy 2015!

  6. Sara (@mumturnedmom)

    Beautiful, lovely to see some colour. Special occasion?

  7. Leslie

    What lovely colored roses. I don’t know why exactly but Alice In Wonderland just popped into my head. I bet they smell amazing.

  8. John Adams

    Stunning colours, great contrast and a lovely shot.

  9. Jo Laybourn

    Lovely roses! I had a similar idea on my post today too! Gret minds! #MySundayPhoto

  10. Merlinda (@pixiedusk)

    Lovely colors! #MySundayPhoto

  11. City Coastal Lifestyle

    Lovely to see some colour at this gloomy time of year, flowers always cheer me up.

  12. OneDad3Girls

    AMazing colours, bet they brighten up the house

    Thank you for linking up

  13. My Life As A Mummy

    Lovely bright colours for winter! I need some of these!

    Laura x x x

  14. Kim Carberry

    That is just beautiful!

  15. Ojo Henley

    Lovely detail, beautiful colours, I do love roses x

  16. Mommy's Little Princesses

    Such beautiful and vibrant roses.xx

  17. Anne Wallwin

    beautiful flowers!

  18. Zena's Suitcase

    They are perfect. Were they for a special occasion?

  19. Kate Davies

    Beautiful colours in the gloom of winter.

  20. Sonia Parham

    Beautiful flowers. I’m glad you shared the flowers. I’m ready for spring as it was cold and icy today. 🙂

  21. Sarah @ let them be small

    What a lovely pic. I posted my first flowers of the year too as my sunday photo

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