#MyJobYourJob Sally’s Job! Competition

Ever since Sally joined my family, my life changed, at first I thought I would never be able to cope with having a dog, they need so much more care and attention than cats. But we soon learned to pull together and work with each other.

She became the reason I got up in the morning and she was my shadow.  One of the only things I knew from the beginning was it sounded like a good idea to made sure she was insured, after all you never know what might be around the corner and believe me there has been a number of occasions I am glad that I did put that safety net in place. As over the years Sally has had to have a couple of operations which without insurance, I'm not sure I would have been able to afford and the difference they have made to her life has been remarkable.

Sally has become an amazing part of family life, she is by my side most of the time and when we have to go out for longer than a quick pop down the shop, she goes over to my parents (in fact my Dad will happily tell you she is his dog – that is as long as she is behaving herself, if isn't she's mine).

Within the family she has given herself a number of jobs – one of them is to be a clown, if you are ever upset you can bet on Sally turning up sooner, rather than later and making you laugh with one of her stupid antics.

Yet she has one important job, that she took upon herself from the moment I met her and in some ways is the reason she won't leave my side. That job is….


Well I'll tell you what, Pet Plan and I  want to know what you think her job is and return we will be rewarding our favourite answer with £100 to spend at Pets Pyjamas, so go on let me know in comments what you think Sally's most important job is.





Competition Terms:
The competition is open to residents of the UK aged 18 and over.
The prize is 1 voucher worth £100 for Pets Pyjamas website, no cash alternative is available.
The competition closes at 11.59pm on May 4th 2015 and the winner will be contacted within 7 days.
Please make sure you leave a way to contact you in your comment (if your email used to leave the comment is up to date then I can use that, otherwise a twitter ID or similar inside the comment would be fine).
The winner will be chosen by myself and will be my favourite answer to the question what is Sally's job.
No cash alternative is available.
One entry per person is allowed, duplicate entries will be void.
Please allow up to 28 days for prize delivery.

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  1. Sandra Clarke

    I think she is your guardian angel, she barks if you start to fall asleep in an inappropriate place or warns others if you are ill, as she has a sixth sense for this. She sounds a lovely, faithful dog, you are lucky to have.

  2. Cazi

    Sally is your own personal Empath who can feel just what you need at anytime of the day.
    if your feeling happy she’l join you bouncing around spreading that happiness to the rest of the family. If your sad or worried she will be their at your side quietly offering her paw and a soft warm head to stroke. Proven to lower blood pressure. She is the canine jack of all emotinal trades to give you everything you need when you need it. She just knows.

  3. Dee Dmonte

    I think Sally alerts her owner when she is about to suffer an epileptic fit. She then watches over her until all is well and guides her back home.

  4. Leanne

    Sally’s job is “super hero”! Not through her ability to see through walls or to fly, but by her ability to lift you up whenever you are down. To provide TLC when you can’t even express what is wrong.

  5. Margaret Dunlop

    I think she is your calming influence when all else goes wrong she is always there steadfast and comforting.

  6. Susan Rogers

    I think she is your own personal doggy nurse – there to make you feel better whatever your ailment!

  7. kelly mobbs

    I think Sally is your own personal pet carer… she is a special girl who in times of need will be there for you. If you are poorly she will help, she will make you smile at low times and ultimately be your best friend. She is your shadow, never too far behind, she seeks solace in this x

  8. janet humphrey

    I think Sally is an alert dog – perhaps diabetic or epilepsy? – She’s a gorgeous one anyhow

  9. Sandra stitchell

    I think she is your Guardian Angel to all intents and purposes. What would you do without her.?

  10. Tania Atfield

    I think Sally helps alert you to an imminent epileptic episode.

  11. Lelia

    Sally looks like a modern Florence Nightingale. I think she helps in every way she can, from the big things like alerting you if she senses something not right, to the little things like loving little licks and being a professional cuddler.

  12. Mary Wilde

    Sally is your soul mate. Like my dog Lily. How they know when you have a fibromyalgia flare up I don’t know – but they do. They are therapists without words. They encourage you to try and don’t judge you when you just want to flop.

  13. Sinead ORourke

    I think she sniffs out when her owner is about to have diabetic episode.

  14. iain maciver

    I think she is a carer

  15. LuckyBluie

    I think she is your guardian angel, She sounds a lovely, faithful dog, you are lucky to have 🙂

  16. CJ Smith

    I think Sally’s job is to help alert you to an imminent epileptic episode.

  17. David J

    Professional snuggler!

  18. Tina Hewitt

    I think Sally is your helping dog / carer, she helps in many ways, maybe to warn you of an oncoming ailment but she does a lot more, best of all she is your companion and loves you

  19. Kathleen Bell

    Nursemaid! And a constant loving companion, I’m sure.

    She’s beautiful.

  20. tiggerific1973

    She is your soul mate! A nurse and care giver……I have cats and they are all my little saviours! xx

  21. Alex B

    Perfect nurse

  22. Vikki Sanderson

    I think she’s a Psychological Assistance Dog. 🙂

  23. Julie Martin

    I think Sally is a therapy dog. Like the ones that keep their people calm and feeling safer. … like my Freya.

  24. kayleigh white

    I think Sally has many jobs…
    (1) She comforts
    (2) Reassures
    (3) Alerts her owner to danger
    (4) Best of all, she is a soul mate!

  25. Jen Schofield

    I think Sally is your personal carer and best friend. She makes sure that you ok when out and about and can raise the emergency alarm if you ever need it.

  26. Tom Baines

    I think Sally is a nurse dog, helping with daily tasks and helping when needed like pulling alarm cords

  27. Caroline H

    Sally sounds like a doggy security agent, looking out for danger and averting it, making sure you have everything you need to feel safe.

  28. Rich Barker

    An alert dog, I think, sensing when you are about to have an adverse medical episode.


    I think Sally is a furry ANTIDEPRESSANT she will get you out of bed in the morning as she needs feeding and walking and a wee wee so rolling over and not facing the day is NOT an option ! she will make you get dressed and go out n face the world even when you feel like hiding from everyone . People will talk to you when you have Sally with you who wouldn’t otherwise give you the time of day so even if you don’t feel like talking they will talk to you and Sally ! She will encourage you to exercise so release Endorphines – natures antidepressant and give you an extra lift 🙂
    Most importantly she will always be there for you – never judge you – always in the same mood and always fight your corner with her extreme loyalty – how would you live without her – unthinkable just like me with my Luna who rescued me from 2 years of virtually housebound misery x

  30. bev

    I’ve followed your blog and FB for a long time and I’ve always had the impression from your posts that Sally is your reason for carrying on. People vastly underestimate the effect a dog can have on wellbeing – everyone knows about guide dogs and hearing dogs and so on but wellbeing dogs – despite being just as important to their companion – never get a mention. Just knowing someone is there who needs and loves you unconditionally is a great feeling.

    After a bad time in my life during which I had chemo and lost my dear old Bonnie, I saw no reason to get up each morning until MooMoo came into my life. I had to get up each morning for her sake – breakfast, potty, walks and so on – and she really gave me a reason to get up and face the day. I was going to suggest that like MooMoo, Sally doubles as a permanent hot water bottle but as i said, I always assumed that Sally does the same for you, so that’s the answer I’m going to give.

  31. Siobhan Davis

    I think Sally sounds like a hearing dog helps and guides you along the way 🙂

  32. Isabell Stewart

    I think Sally’s job is a nurse

  33. Cheryl Edwards

    I think she is Florence Doggygale!

  34. Di Dilly

    If Sally is anything like my dog Holly then she is probably your personal food taster.

  35. Louise Comb

    I think she is an actress, playing “Nursey” in Rowen Atkinson’s “The Black Dogger” 😀

  36. Laura Pritchard

    I bet she’s in charge of “looking after” any edible items you need 🙂

  37. esther james

    To be the best friend there ever was- to watch over you when you are unwell and make sure you get the help you need, without ever asking for anything in return.

  38. angela thompson

    I think Sally is an enabling dog, she helps to comfort you 🙂

  39. Paula Readings

    I think she maybe a veterinary nurse.

  40. Judith Allen

    She’s there to love and be loved. And get lots of snuggles and tickles. That was what our gorgeous dog was for anyway.

  41. alice lightning

    such a lovely picture gorgeous little dog “mans and everybodys best friend ” new saying

  42. Susan Ellins


  43. Claire Davies

    I think she is your everything and the one who makes sure you are safe and protected 🙂

  44. Jane Butler

    I think she can detect diabetic comas/episodes. She’s a beautiful, intelligent dog & you are lucky to have each other & obviously have a fantastic friendship & relationship.

  45. Laura Anne Farnworth

    I think Sally is your best friend, cheers you up when your down or tired, is always there to give and receive a warm cuddle and also tells you when the postman’s here.

  46. Stephanie Whitehouse

    A PAT dog

  47. Fiona

    I think her job is just to be herself. I think this is one of the great things of having a pet, they are so honest and help us learn how to love them and accept them for who they are, which is a great lesson to us too.

  48. sally brown

    She cares about you deeply and will nurse when you’re down her uncomplicated love will see you through everything x

  49. Karl Borowy

    she makes everyone happy

  50. claire griffiths

    i think sally is a medical alert dog maybe for epilepsy or diabetes

  51. Adelle

    I think Sally is your lifesaver / lifeguard / guardian angel. As a fellow (rescue) dog owner I know what they can do for the improvement of mental and physical health.

  52. Danielle Vedmore

    I think she is like Nana dog in Peter Pan – looks after you and looks cute in a hat!

  53. Liz Marriott

    Professional deliverer of doggy cuddles and canine kisses

  54. Carole Cambridge

    I think she visits patients in hospital to give them lots of doggy cuddles x

  55. Frances Heaton

    Sally is your official ‘cleaner upper’. Every morsel of food that you drop, she will diligently clean from the carpet, ensuring your home stays clean. Beyond the call of duty!

  56. Sheila Sloan

    She is an alert dog, giving warning of an epileptic attack.

  57. Dawn Canning

    Nurse/alert dog.

  58. Anthea Holloway

    Sally is your soulmate, helper, carer, loyal servant, guardian angel, exercise buddy and is the best substitute in the world for anti-depressant pills. Stroking that lovely velvety head when things are bad gives instant relief.

  59. janine atkin

    shes your nurse, always looking after you when you most need it

  60. Claire Barker

    I think that the gorgeous Sally decided to be a medical alert dog for your Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Plus pets are always fabulous for helping to improve mental health, if my family didn’t have our indoor cats, rabbits and chinchillas I don’t know what I would do.

  61. Susie Wilkinson

    I think Sally is your ‘carer’ in the respect that she’s always there when your depression takes over, making you feel wanted, needed and loved. I think you should be able to get pets on prescription to help with depression, I’d certainly be dead now if it wasn’t for mine.

  62. jenette ogborn

    I think she is like Doc Mcstuffin, Helping those that are ill, making them feel better keeping them from danger. Selfless with a heart of gold, dogs love unconditionally

  63. Helen Allan

    I think Sally’s job is nursing and helping everyone feel better. Thank you!

  64. Ruth Grover

    Sally is your best friend.
    I have Dobby and he is always there for me… always. Doesn’t matter how I look or feel… he is my friend.

    Sally loves everyone… but loves you most. Her job. To just be there.

  65. Kelly Ellen Hirst

    Her job surely has to be being the best warm blanket/heating you can find! Sitting on cold feet & warming them or laying on your lap on a cold night. Who needs central heating & itchy wooly blankets when you have a loyal doggy

  66. Emily Knight

    I reckon she’s your warning beacon – she alerts you to when things are wrong, she cheers you up when you’re feeling down and she’s on full alert when you want to have a little chill time to make sure that everything stays ok!

  67. Kerry Pool

    I think she is your furry guardian angel 🙂 Like my Pareto.

  68. Jay Hill

    I think she is a self-taught medical assistance dog


    Definitely a Florence Nightingale impersonator!

  70. Kim M

    I think Sally gets help if needed.

  71. Nancy Bradford

    Sally knows when those around her are in need of assistance and barks for help.

  72. Tracey Kifford

    I think Sally can detect when a diabetic attack is coming on – so it can be dealt with before it becomes a problem x

  73. sue seaman

    being your friend, confidante and velcro always by your side.

  74. Shelley Jessup

    I think Sally is your carer just like my Hudson is my carer.

    She cares for you in so many ways even when she may not realise it herself.

    HCA Sally (Health Care Assistant)

  75. Victoria Prince

    I think she is just Sally 🙂 there whenever you are upset or in pain, great at cuddling in bed on bad days – everyone should have a Sally!

  76. deel

    By the sounds of it sally is a 2nd mum!! Lol. Your best friend…. there for you always…makes you smile… a mum what else?! X

  77. Linda Guest

    I think she can detect when your blood sugar level is low and warns you to check it. She is beautiful

  78. Agata

    I think she is your friend… this isn’t really a job, it is a calling or a life choice but Sally strikes me like a best friend type, who will always be there for you

  79. Sarah Parker

    Best friend 🙂

  80. Hannah Whitling

    I think she is an Alert Dog for either Diabetes or Epilepsy to help you to remain safe during an oncoming epileptic fit or for when your blood sugar levels need dealing with to prevent a diabetic coma. I also think she is an important companion dog so helps keep you in company in a way that really helps to get through the day with giving you confidence when going out and stopping any feelings of being alone.

  81. Donata

    Like most dogs she is your emotional support dog!

  82. Lisa from Lisa's Life

    Like my Stella, your Sally is a very caring nurse. I think they both just know when we’re feeling poorly or blue and are there to offer comfort, support, and, a shoulder to cry on 🙂 x

  83. Jayne Mather

    Best Friend

  84. Emma

    Florence nightingale impersonator!

  85. Erica Price

    A vet dog calming down sick animals and caring for them.

  86. Susan Pringle

    I think Sally is your pick me up, your reminder to get out of bed and get out and about, even on day where you feel you can’t.

  87. Emily Clark

    Sounds to me like Sally’s job is a trusted listener. Everything you tell her is valued and absorbed, without judgement, and in total confidence.

  88. Leanne Perrett

    i think her job is to help sick children by being a calming influence when they have to have tests done that may worry them

  89. Monika S

    Alert dog? heart attack? epilepsy?

  90. Tracy K Nixon

    Licking your wounds!

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