Mother's Day at Lily Charmed: Competition

Mother’s Day at Lily Charmed: Competition

I don't wish to panic anyone but it is Mother's Day this weekend (you may have noticed a small theme going on around the blog this week). However, even if you are worried here is another great idea for you this time from the amazing Lily Charmed, home of beautifully designed and quality made jewellery.

Mother's Day at Lily Charmed

Silver Peas In A Pod Necklace with Peas In A Pod Message by Lily Charmed NSPEAS59

While the website is full of a whole host of amazing charms, a stand out design for Mother's Day has to be this Silver Peas in a Pod necklace. Made of sterling silver this beautiful necklace is, of course, a peapod which has three little peas nestled inside.

Silver Peas In A Pod Necklace by Lily Charmed NSPEAS (1)

Of course, if the peas in a pod necklace doesn't take your fancy as something your mother might like. You could always look at something like their charm bangle which allows you to give charms at special occasions and allows the recipient to collect together a really meaningful bangle to look back on in years to come.

Yet that is only just the tip of their collection, with other items including necklaces, which have both been made using their charms and others made specifically in necklace form. As well as some gorgeous choices of earrings, rings, bracelets, keyrings, brooches and so much more that you would probably run out of breath if I was to list it all.

So with all those ideas for your Mum now whizzing around in your mind, you may have forgotten that right in the title I said about a competition. Well, now that I have reminded you here we go! The lovely team over at Lily Charmed have offered me one of their Peas in a Pod necklaces to giveaway and all you need to do to be in with a chance is let me know:
Other than the peas in the pod necklace what is your favourite item Lily Charmed sell?

Lily Charmed Peas in a Pod Necklace

Good Luck to you all!

P.S. Until the 8th you can get free personalisation and postage + 15% off using the code: LOVEMYMUM



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  1. Tracy K Nixon

    I love the Personalised Gold Plated Balloon Dog Necklace!

  2. carol Boffey

    lovely giveaway

  3. Margaret Gallagher

    Forget me knot earrings x

  4. Solange

    I love the Personalised Gold Plated Bee Necklace.

  5. Theresa

    Nice! Fingers crossed.

  6. Anthony Harrington

    i like the rose gold elephant charm bracelet

  7. Georgina Prince was davies

    i love the Silver Birds on a Branch Pin its so nice

  8. iain maciver

    angel wings charm

  9. A S,Edinburgh

    Probably the Personalised Gold Plated Horse Necklace.

  10. john prendergast

    The Personalised 9 Carat Gold and Diamond Jigsaw Necklace

  11. Michelle Wild


  12. Helen Thurston

    Personalised Silver Tree of Life Necklace


    I like the silver moon and star set

  14. Natalie Crossan

    I love the Personalised Gold Plated Horse Necklace xx

  15. Angela Treadway

    Personalised Silver Unicorn Necklace x

  16. jackierushton103

    The forget me knot earrings

  17. lesley renshaw

    What a beautiful idea. So many lovely things on their website, Thinking of buying the Engraved Silver Sunshine necklace for my daughter but I love the Peas In The Pod necklace. Sums up my family and it’s something I could pass on to my daughter when she’s older. Lovely! Thanks for the chance x

  18. Tracey Hunt

    The silver moon and star set be lovely

  19. Nicola Marshall

    Personalised silver hearts bracelet is lovely.

  20. AJ

    Personalised Rose Gold Plated Heart In Heart Necklace

  21. plumbobmummy

    I love the silver birds on a branch pin, it’s so cute

  22. barbara clarke

    love the Silver Elephant Stud Earrings

  23. Sharon Freemantle

    The gold plated personalised tree of life

  24. Terri Kelly

    the silver oak leaf earrings are very cute and pretty 🙂

  25. Suzanne

    I love the beautiful silver birds on a branch pin.

  26. Janette

    The personalised love birds necklace

  27. Lucy

    I like the tree of life necklace I think. What a lovely idea the peas in a pod one is though! 🙂

  28. Karen Barrett

    Engraved Silver Heart Bracelet

  29. Michelle Smith

    Silver LOVE charm bracelet

  30. Lorraine Tinsley

    I like the fairy studs

  31. Chrissy Harris

    I love the jigsaw necklace! Great giveaway thanks for the chance

  32. miswee

    The silver fox ‘live wild’ necklace. 🙂

  33. M C Bryan

    I like the silver and diamond elephant necklace

  34. Elizabeth Smith

    Silver Custard Cream Necklace with ‘Crumbs’ Message

  35. AMANDA W

    i love the Personalised Silver Heart Bracelet its beautiful!

  36. Suzanne Jackson

    I love the silver infinity bracelet

  37. Char W

    Silver Unicorn Necklace is my favourite

  38. alison fisher

    the sunshine necklace

  39. Debbie W

    Having three children, I’m actually really taken with the peas in a pod one, but there is a gorgeous silver heart necklace- Personalised Silver Heart In Heart Necklace- which I also love.

  40. maureen findley

    The silver moon and star set

  41. Lauren Tourle

    I love the Personalised Silver Precious Heart & Birthstone Necklace

  42. Marisa Jade Fiore

    I have a peas in a pod tattoo! so this necklace would match my tat perfectly! Love it

  43. Zoe C

    the Personalised Rose Gold Plated Feather Necklace

  44. kagglenka

    I love the Sausage Dog necklace.

    Kelly Glen.

  45. Sarah Mackay

    rose gold elephant charm bracelet

  46. Tanya Deliyska

    I like the Silver Birds on a Branch Pin.

  47. Caroline H

    I love the North Star earrings.

  48. Jo Hutchings

    Tough choice! But I love the Silver Deer necklace.

  49. Marycarol

    Love the Silver sunshine necklace xx


    I love the silver bee necklace

  51. Angie McDonald

    My favourite has to be the Personalised Rose Gold Plated Hummingbird Necklace

  52. Katy Malkin

    I love the oak and acorn silver studs

  53. Joo Dee

    the personalised silver heart bracelet

  54. Jennifer Mai

    I really love the engraved pebble! It looks so tactile ✨😊✨

  55. Deborah W

    The silver initial charm necklace

  56. michaelaeloise

    Love the silver personalised heart bracelet

  57. Kerri elizabeth Alice Copeland

    sooo cute

  58. Ren Taylor

    I love the personalised silver-heart-spinner-necklace

  59. Sheila Mckenna

    Silver butterfly charm

  60. lokasey

    Silver linked circle stud earrings

  61. Fozia Akhtar

    I love the butterfly charm

  62. Teresa Lee

    Personalised Silver and Sapphire Bee Necklace

  63. Rebecca Brown

    The personalised silver tree of life necklace

  64. Hannah Wallington

    I love the tree of life necklace

  65. purabeautyblogger

    I like the custard cream cufflinks. It is always so hard to find gifts for men that are a little bit different

  66. leanne weir

    The angel wings charm

  67. Emma C

    Love the silver elephant charm

  68. Carole E

    Personalised Silver Infinity Love Knot Bracelet

  69. isis1981uk

    I love the Personalised Rose Gold Plated Elephant Necklace

  70. Denise

    The Rose Gold Elephant Charm bracelet is beautiful

  71. pljonesey

    everything – does that count?!

  72. Ela

    Personalised Gold Plated Bee Necklace.

  73. Holly Boyd

    I love the elephant necklace. They are my daughters favourite animal and remind me of her.

  74. Jacki Mactaggart

    Would love the bubblegum pink tourmaline necklace for my beautiful October daughter Beth ❤️

  75. jberry

    The Silver LOVE Charm Bracelet caught my right away.

  76. John Tingay

    I like the Personalised 9 Carat Gold and Diamond Hummingbird Necklace

  77. Dean T

    Has to be the silver unicorn, missus loves the unicorns

  78. Hannah

    I love the rose gold elephant necklace, or the ballet shoes necklace. Lovely collection!

  79. Phil Darling

    The rose gold elephant charm bracelet rocks

  80. Michelle Ferguson

    I like the silver north star earrings

  81. Rich Tyler

    Tree of Life Necklace


    The rose gold plated Flamingo stud earrings are really fun.

  83. Amanda Tanner

    The rose gold feather stud earrings.

  84. helen tovell

    I would choose the Personalised Silver Music Note Necklace

  85. Iain Colquhoun

    The silver moon and star set

  86. mandydoherty65

    The Personalised Rose Gold Plated Heart In Heart Necklace


    Silver Rose Jewellery Set With Stud Earrings

  88. ruth roberts


  89. lara manson

    I love the gold plated queen bee necklace

  90. Christine Lockley

    I love the “Rose Gold Plated Flamingo Stud Earrings”

  91. Simone Griffin

    The personalised unicorn necklace is lovely x

  92. Marysia

    Personalised Silver Music Note Necklace

  93. Jennifer

    The silver unicorn necklace, I love anything unicorn lol.

  94. isabella

    would love to have rosie, angel and bella

  95. melanie stirling

    There are lots of charms I like but particularly the silver watering can charm.

  96. lorraine polley

    love the silver north star earrings, so pretty

  97. CLARA

    The Personalised Gold Plated Sunshine Necklace


    silver moon and star necklace

  99. Susie Wilkinson

    I really like the Personalised Gold Plated Infinity Necklace

  100. Lorna Ledger

    Personalised Silver Sweet Heart Necklace , gorgeous!

  101. Sandra Fortune

    Love the sterling silver elephant necklace

  102. Katherine Lucas

    Silver Birds on a Branch Pin

  103. Cathleen King

    I like Garnet Charm – January Birthstone.

  104. Jen Oconnell

    I love the personalised heart bracelet

  105. Lucy Barlow

    love the hummingbird charm SILVER HUMMINGBIRD CHARM…

  106. Dawn Hull

    I really love the Lily Charmed Personalised Silver Unicorn Necklace.

  107. Louise

    Too cute!

  108. justine meyer

    My daughter would love the dog necklace x

  109. Ailsa

    I like the silver birds on a branch pin

  110. Catherine Stewart

    Unicorn necklace is gorgeous

  111. Hannah S

    The rose gold hummingbird necklace

  112. Chanette Kennedy

    I love the Personalised Silver Pug Necklace. I rescue pugs so that necklace is perfect for me!

  113. Susan B

    The Personalised Large Silver Feather Necklace is very very pretty.

  114. Sadiyya Maryam

    Such beautiful pieces. My daughter would love the personalised silver unicorn necklace.

  115. Dale Dow

    The pin that is the silver birds on the branch x

  116. Catherine Wren

    Rose gold feather necklace

  117. lapsapchung

    Silver Infinity Love Knot Bracelet

  118. clair downham

    rose gold elephant earrings

  119. lynn neal

    Rose Gold plated ballet shoes are lovely!

  120. lozzle77

    the starfish charm bracelet

  121. Shaun Heathcote

    Gold Plated Pug Charm

  122. sadiewoohoo

    Personalised Gold Plated Balloon Dog Necklace!

  123. Karen Nagle

    I love the silver balloon dog charm

  124. HAzel Rea

    I love the Modern Infinity Necklace – great shape.

  125. Megan Williams

    The personalised silver elephant necklace is beautiful, as is everything else.

  126. Helen Stratton

    The Silver Love-birds are gorgeous.

  127. Angela Morgan

    Rose gold plated hummingbird necklace

  128. Sandra C

    Silver starfish

  129. Mary H

    Lovely jewelery. I also love the forget me not earings. This pendant is lush.

  130. Ursula Hunt

    I like the Personalised Silver Bee Necklace

  131. Sarah Austin

    I like the Silver forget me not necklace.

  132. Claire Glace

    Personalised Silver Infinity Love Knot Necklace

  133. Rachael Gibbons

    Oh I like the silver elephant stud earrings, I love elephants 🙂

  134. Fiona Johnstone

    Love the personalised birthstone necklaces.

  135. Kat C

    Love the Silver Snowflake Stud Earrings, very delicate

  136. Pam Gregory

    Personalised 9 Carat Gold and Ruby Hummingbird Necklace

  137. claire woods

    Personalised Silver Forget Me Not Necklace

  138. adeinne Tonner

    I really like the gold plated bee stud earrings

  139. sarahjane24carter

    I love the Silver Ballerina Necklace its beautiful x

  140. Maria Blythin

    love the bumble bees x

  141. karen T

    I love the Personalised Love Birds necklace

  142. Gemma Evans

    I love the silver lotus bracelet, as I have just started to learn how to give Reiki at a local charity. I also love the rose gold heart necklace. The peapod prize would be perfect, for my little family of three 💞

  143. Ruth Harwood

    Personalised Rose Gold Plated Flamingo Necklace

  144. Kim M

    Like the Silver Fairy Stud earrings x

  145. Katherine McDonald

    Silver Birds on a Branch Pin


    So many to choose from! I love the jigsaw piece jewellery and the shooting star jewellery.

  147. Jessica Powell

    I love the rose gold plated hummingbird necklace, it’s so pretty!

  148. Karen Usher

    Rose gold plated ballet shoes

  149. Natalie Gillham

    It’s hard to choose just one but I do love the Gold Plated Feather Stud Earrings

  150. A.E. ADKINS

    Love the Personalised Silver Branch Necklace and the peas in a pod necklace


    I like the Engraved Heart & Birthstone Necklace

  152. Melissa Lee

    I love the Rose Gold Elephant Stud Earrings

  153. Louise Reeks

    I really like Personalised Silver Linked Hearts Bracelet

  154. Rachel Craig

    Tee of Life necklace.

  155. Rebecca Beesley (The Beesley Buzz)

    the jigsaw piece necklace and earrings are stunning x

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