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Having successfully challenged myself to a one-week spending ban with the aim of changing my spending habits to see what I could save, it got me thinking… If I could save £380.16 per year by not grabbing a hot drink and soft drink from McDonalds everyday – what other savings could I be making?

This is the year that I made a promise to myself that I would take control of my finances, after Ash had a stint off ill they had run away with us a little, which had left me worrying about money, which in turn had a surprising impact on my mood, wellbeing and general day-to-day happiness.

So, if money worries are taking over your life and you find yourself wondering how you are ending up with no spare cash at the end of the month, it’s worthwhile questioning your spending habits, and making a financial plan that will allow you to take control of your money.

Since realising how much I could save by making simple spending changes to my daily routine, I have been itching to tell anyone and everyone about how much of a difference it can make. With the money that I have saved, I am going to split between paying of debt and putting into a bank account. Having that added financial security tucked away for a rainy day has already lifted my mood.

Having been inspired to make changes to my spending habits, I couldn’t wait to find out what else I could be doing to increase the size of my bank account. That’s when I came across Mrs Moneypenny (click here). You may have seen her on Channel 4’s Superscrimpers– she’s a guru of financial advice, and her helpful tips will definitely open your eyes to how you could make substantial savings by making small yet significant changes.

Here’s some of the helpful tips and advice that I found out.

Get a notebook and note down every penny that you spend

The demands of everyday life often mean that it is impossible to remember every last penny you spend. I don’t know about you but I struggle to remember what I did an hour ago, let alone yesterday.

The easiest way to identify areas, in which you can make beneficial changes to your spending habits, is to ensure that you record your spending.  You could keep a diary in your bag and, every time you reach into my purse, make sure that that you write down what you have purchased. This includes groceries, fuel, even that pack of mints that you grabbed on your commute to work.

At the end of the week, add up how much you have spent during the week on things that I bet you thought wouldn’t have even noticed.  It’s this realisation that often shocks people into making changes.

Could you be paying less for your TV/telephone and Internet access?

When it comes to your TV/telephone and Internet provider, many people end up spending far more than they should be. Mrs Moneypenny points out that we should be renewing these things regularly, which will help keep the cost down.

All of these are competitive industries; which means that they are constantly looking at ways to keep their customers and attract new ones by offering them value for money deals. So if like me, you feel that you are paying over the odds for any of these services, it’s worthwhile shopping around to see if you can get a better deal – click here to find out more.

Thanks to Mrs Moneypenny I will never settle for the first price, package or deal that I am offered.

Check your credit report

But if you really want to get a hold of your finances, I would advise checking your credit report to ensure that there are no financial errors that you need to address.  At the very least, this will put your mind at rest.

What are your top tips for getting on top of your finances?

*Post written in collaboration with the aforementioned company.
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  1. Christine Lockley

    Fantastic – sometimes it really is all about the “small things” adding up and can really make a difference. At the moment we are a one wage family and I have made this my year to make every penny count (mainly cos I’m home all day – recovering from a heart attack) so have signed up for checkoutsmart, am trawling for coupons, taking my meter readings every week to see if there are big spikes in any usage that I can cut back on (I recently found that the attic computer had been eating power for months – the computer didn’t work but the virgin engineer switched it on and connected the router to it) and I even picked up a receipt from the floor and used against my shopping :0

    Would be interesting to see if you get lots of “small things” tips and ideas to use

    Thanks for sharing and apologies for waffling

  2. Amanda Walsh

    I definitely didnt realise how much i wasted on coffee and lunch whilst out and about until I kept my receipts and noted them down!

  3. Clare

    Great tips! Just bought a house so i really need to save back up again!

    Clare |

  4. yolanda davis

    Thanks for the tips. You don’t really realise how much your spending when it’s just a small amount every day, but when you add it all up you usually get a shock

  5. Nicky Benton

    Brilliant I’m a single mum and currently off and work sick, down £100 per week so really need all the help i can

  6. Marie Burn

    Thanks for the tips

  7. sandra ralph

    thanks for the tips i always like to watch the pennies too

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