Make the most out of your Astral moisturiser.

I've previously spoken about Astral, a complete all around moisturiser that is just so rich and creamy. In fact it has been available for over 60 years and in that time they have come to really understand the needs of a person's skin.

Astral produce two different formulas of the cream, the first and original is fantastic for dehydrated skin, it is intensely moisturising and perfect for protecting the skin. The second is Astral Light & Creamy this cream includes all the goodness of the original but is less rich, making it just perfect for younger skin, it also includes the added goodness of Aloe Vera and vitamin E.

Alana Phillips; daughter of Arlene Phillips and leading celebrity make up artist has joined with Astral to produce a video showing just how you can use this all round cream to help make a fantastic flawless makeup base, that will help your skin look amazing all day long.

Astral can be brought at many high street stores such as Boots, Wilko's, Superdrug and many supermarkets – so make sure your skin is flawless this summer by adding some Astral to your daily routine.

Have you tried Astral yourself, what do you think of it?

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  1. Terry

    I know my skin could sure use some Astral. I haven’t tried it yet, but if I had the chance, you can be sure I will.

  2. Carmen Perez

    I like to use moisturizer but I have never heard of this one. Will have to check it out. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I need a good moisturizer! My skin gets so dry and cracked in the winter!

  4. Lisa Ladrido

    I have never heard of that brand, so thank you for sharing. I definitely need a moisturizer.

  5. Kristen from The Road to Domestication

    I have not tried it, but I love trying new moisturizers. I always have dry skin somewhere on me, it seems!

  6. Heather

    This sounds like a nice moisturizer – I love trying new products.

  7. lindsey bluff

    I absolutely love astral cream, I discovered it a couple of years ago now. I use it as a night cream and on my very dry, cracked heels and its fantastic. The added bonus being that its a bargain and smells fantastic too!

  8. Theresa

    I haven’t heard of this brand before, but I really need a good moisturizer. The sun really zaps my face in the summer and I don’t want it to get leathery looking!

  9. becca

    I love a good moisturizer as I live in Fl and my skin gets really dry.

  10. Jaime

    I’ve never heard of Astral. It sounds like it would be a great moisturizer!

  11. Lady Lilith

    I have not tired this but if it works, it sounds like something worth checking out.

  12. Rosey

    I love that it has Aloe Vera in it. We had those growing in our yard in Florida, and I swear they were a miracle plant. I miss them. 🙂

  13. bex smith

    Interesting post – I have heard good things about Astral!

  14. Jennifer Williams

    I need to find something that will work for me. This time of year I normally do not have a problem but for some reason my dry skin is just not leaving.

  15. Amanda Ripsam

    As a product reviewer blogger myself I haven’t yet tired Astral but you and few of my other bloggy buddy’s have gotten to review and try it. I love skin care hair and makeup products this is right up my alley.

  16. April @ Everyday Fitness and Nutrition

    I need to find a good moisturizer for winter so I’ll have to try this one!

  17. Tami

    Great review! I’ve never tried or heard of Astral. However, my skin could definitely use a good moisturizer. I’m heading to the UK in a few months so I’ll check it out.

  18. Pam

    I have not heard of this moisturizer or at least I don’t remember hearing about it. It sounds fabulous and I love trying different moisturizers and also mixing mine up so my skin doesn’t get use to just one.

  19. Elayna Fernandez ~ The Positive MOM

    I have never used moisturizer. I probably need to. Your tips are encouraging, for sure!


    My mom has always used this but I always found it a bit ‘icky’ – good to know there’s a lighter version for younger (ha! I’m middle-aged!) skins.

  21. April Smith Decheine

    I have never heard about this moisturizer, with being 48 I am looking for a moisturizer that won’t break the bank but will help me with my aging skin.

  22. krystalskitsch

    I can never find anything that works well on my face. THanks for this tip!

  23. Dawn

    I don’t wear makeup like I used to, but my daughter is constantly trying new makeup ideas! She has been looking and looking for a new moisturizer that would be great for her skin type, I’ll tell her about this!

  24. Laura F

    Always thought of Astral as cheap and cheerful – my skin is very dry this summer so I might try it instead of my more expensive brand.

  25. Hazel Hulson

    Never tried astra tend to use nivea but may try this brand just to see what it is like.

  26. Lynn Hathaway

    I always try to look after my skin well… must admit, never heard of Astral.. might have a look out for this one!

  27. Wendy Brown

    my mum has used Astral for around 50 years since she was in her 20’s. her skin is admittedly better looking than mine, and i’m 34 years her junior!

  28. Sarah Fawcett

    I’ve never tried Astral myself, but the name keeps popping up in various articles that I read and I know a number of celebs are fans of this moisturiser, this post has actually prompted me to put it on my shopping list today – my daughter has just run out, so I’m going to get her some and I’ll have a sneaky little try myself – and it will make life so much easier being able to pick up at the supermarket with my weekly shop!

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