Love that Style: Straw Fedoras

Straw Fedoras

I used to love head wear – I had hats everywhere, but it was something I stopped wearing, I'm not sure why and I don't really remember when it happened and while I still have a whole host of winter hats, summer ones disappeared from my wardrobe, honestly I went looking the other day and I don't own a single summer friendly hat – how did that happen! Although on the plus side that mean I get to spend time refilling that gap in my wardrobe.

This year has to be a great year for such a space, due to the wonderful trends that are filling the catwalks and high street when it comes to summer hats. The other day I came across these beautiful straw fedoras from Nobis, they are made from natural straw and feature a contrasting band with a feather detailing, while the inside features an elasticated sweat band to help maximise comfort.

straw fedoras

These wonderful hats are made by Canadian brand Nobis a world renowned brand that looks to offer not only style but comfort and practicality, while trying to allow for each persons individuality with each piece they make.

When it comes to fedoras they have been the choice hat of many celebs this year, so when you wonder down the street, shielding the sun from your eyes, you can know you are in good company, when it comes to your choice of hat.

These fantastic Duncan straw fedoras from Nobis are available to buy from Harrods and House of Fraser where they cost just £30 each and are available in a choice of two colours, of course you can find out more about Nobis and all the other products they have to offer over on their website.

What do you think of these straw fedoras, would you fancy wearing on this summer?

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  1. Carol Cooper

    Thanks! I love the natty straw fedora I got myself from John Lewis, from the men’s department for £20.

  2. Mark Chamberlin

    I think these would suit my fiancee!

  3. Kristen from The Road to Domestication

    Oh, I would TOTALLY wear these!!! Especially on our beach getaways we have planned for the summer!

  4. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I think fedoras are so cute. Each of my boys each have one and I love them!!

  5. becca

    super cute hat. i want one I see women wearing these all the time and love them.

  6. Amanda

    I hardly ever wear hats but these ones are super cute!

  7. Jennifer Williams

    I love the style of that hat, straw hats are always so cute. I am usually in baseball caps with running attire so these would not go for that. Maybe for my outfits I wear when my family makes me dress up to go out.

  8. Amber Nelson

    I love fedoras. They are so fun, especially when having a bad hair day.

  9. Onica {MommyFactor}

    I haven’t tried wearing a straw fedora but I can see the style appeal. They are a great little fashion item that goes with everything.

  10. Kay Adeola

    I love Fedoras.These ones look really cute i need one :).

  11. Amanda

    I love fedoras! I jut bought my son one the other day!

  12. krystalskitsch

    My husband has quite a few fedoras! I’ve caught on and bought one too.

  13. Marni | Love and Duck Fat

    I’m on the lookout for a good straw Fedora. They are so cute and great for hot days!

  14. April @ Everyday Fitness and Nutrition

    I’ve never really been one to wear a hat but might reconsider that. These are super cute!

  15. Tough Cookie Mommy

    I love fedoras because I think they are hip and stylish. The fact that they are straw makes them perfect for the Summer.

  16. Alice Chase

    I just bought my first fedora this summer. Every other time I have looked at them I looked funny. I think the fit and shape can make all the difference.

  17. Celebteenlaundry

    I’ve never been a big fan of fedoras, though these look pretty cute.

  18. aloice

    Thanks! I love the natty straw fedora I got myself from John Lewis

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