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Long Haul Travel Destinations Without The Ridiculous Price Tag

So you want to travel the world? It’ll cost you.

Well, that’s what people like to say. But will it really empty your bank account? Or is there a way you can have your cake and eat it too?

It turns out that the world is replete with budget-friendly travel destinations.

When combined with money-off vouchers and special deals, it’s something that practically everyone can afford.


Desert Naminia Dunes Sand

Namibia is a country in southwest Africa, just north of South Africa, but it’s a unique place like nowhere else on Earth.

This former German colony is mostly desert. But the sand here is a deep red, giving you an other-worldly experience.

Prices are low too, thanks to the fact that local hotels and travel services can keep labour costs to a minimum.

If you visit, hiring a 4×4 is a must.

The roads, especially those outside of the big towns, are a little hairy.

While in Namibia, you can visit the beautiful Etosha National Park and see the wildlife, or take a look at the unusual shipwrecked Skeleton Coast.


Morocco Marrakech Arc

Morocco is another African favourite, thanks to its delicious food and an exceptional climate.

The weather can get hot here, but thanks to the fresh Mediterranean breeze, temperatures never soar too high.

What about prices?

Just like in Namibia, services tend to be cheap.

You can grab a restaurant meal for a fraction of the price you’d pay back home in the UK or US, thanks to more affordable food and labour.

You can also get money off holidays in Morocco using things like Net Voucher codes to bring prices down even more.


temple in Thailand

Thailand is probably one of the best-value destinations in the world. Not only do you get access to beautiful natural environments, but the cities themselves, especially Bangkok, are thriving and entertaining metropolises.

Thailand is a country of contrasts, with beautiful turquoise tranquil lakes to the buzzing, overcrowded cities in the centre.

While you stay in Thailand, be sure to visit the beautiful Chiang Mai to the north or the paradise islands in the Indian ocean to the sea, the backdrop to many films and TV productions.

Take advantage of the country’s stunning national parks and go and visit one of its many ethical animal habitats that protect large indigenous species, like the Indian elephant.


Island in Indonesia

While Bali is the most popular destination in the chain of Indonesian islands, Indonesia is a vast country with many dozens of islands, all offering something truly unique.

Don’t just stick to Bali – explore further afield to see what this country of more than 150 million people has to offer.

One of the most interesting things about Indonesia is just how many ethnic groups live together in a single nation-state.

You can find hundreds of different tribes dotted throughout the archipelago, many of which allow tourists to visit and take part in their daily lives.

You can also go for a wildlife odyssey at the incredible Gili Island its coral reefs, or take wander through the rice paddies and see local macaque monkeys.

Do you have a long haul destination you would love to visit? 





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Long Haul Travel Destinations Without The Ridiculous Price Tag

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  1. Amilia Nicholls

    Would love to visit some of these further flung places but my bucket list number 1 place to visit has got to be Japan… great post btw 😎

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