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Liz EarleI don't think it's much of a secret that in my family we are big lovers of Liz Earle so when this bundle of beauties turned up on my doorstep I completely admit I was over the moon and couldn't wait to give the a try.

I have tried a few bits from the Liz Earle make up range, the skin tint, cream blush and powder being 3 – but the lipsticks and the concealer in this range were new to me and I couldn't wait to jump in and try them out, and neither could my Mum who very quickly homed in on the lipsticks and sunk away with one for herself.

Liz Earle -Skin Tint Beach 03

Liz Earle Skin Tint Beach 03 I love Liz Earle's skin tint I find it a great way to grab that natural dewy look and with its light texture I don't feel like I am clogging my pours up. Beach 03 as you can see from the above pictures is a tad dark for me I am actually more of a Beige 02 girl, though I have a feeling this one might become useful over the summer months mixed in with Beige to make it just a slightly lighter yet still sun tanned Sarah colour. I think the picture also captures how sheer this tint is once it's rubbed in – from the application phases I would have expected it to come out a lot darker.

The sheer quality of the tint means it is capable of working with a wider spectrum of skin colours than a more traditional foundation; in fact you could probably put it more in line with a tinted moisturiser though more creamer than some you may be used to. It has a light coverage which it capable of covering small blemishes and red marks; it also contains an SPF of 15.

I honestly do love this tint – I can't find anything to not look about it – the application is great with it sinking easily into your skin leaving it looking healthy with a slight dewy glow, it doesn't ‘move' through the day and can most definitely last all day long.

If you want to try out Liz Earle's Skin Tint yourself you can buy it online for £21.

Liz Earle – Perfect Fix Concealer

I was really looking forward to trying this concealer but on the flip side to the Skin Tint sadly the shade we received was too light for me – Fair 02. But this was good news for my Mum who quickly jumped in to help try it in my place.

I admit now I think we all see our skin flaws a lot worse than others do, my Mum kept on pointing out how flawless her skin looked after using the concealer with her main ‘problem' area according to her being around the top of her eyes where she suffers from dark circles.

According to her the concealer has a highly pigmented, creamy formula that is easily blended into the skin giving great coverage of those problem areas. Even in the often prone to grease eye area so experienced no slipping of the cream which offered a long lasting flawless finish. (I really need to get myself one of these beauties!)

To try the concealer for yourself pop over to Liz Earle where you can buy them for £13.50.

Liz Earle – Signature Lip Colour

Liz Earle Lipsticks Around 5 years ago I found a great lipstick that was until it was discontinued and since then I've never been able to find something to quite replace it – until now. These sheer moisturising delights of lipsticks have been amazing. The gorgeous colours mixed with the moisturising ingredients of vitamin E, avocado oil and shea butter make for one of the nicest formulas I have come across.

We were kindly sent three of the colours from the collection (in total there is 19 and I may need to get them all in future) Raspberry 04, Peony 05 and Tea Rose 07 of course my Mum quickly took of with one as she ‘had to try a Liz Earle lippy', and I have to say I cannot think of one bad thing to say about them everything about them feels lux from the gorgeous shimmering blue packaging to the fact it glides on effortlessly and stays put for hours.

I think Liz Earle describes the colours well with Raspberry 04 noted as a muted raspberry-pink, Peony 05 a Sheer rose-pink and Tea Rose 07 a Rosy nude.

You really have to try these lipsticks to find out just how fab they are – so if you want to get your hands on one pop over to the Liz Earle website where you can pick them up for £14 each.

Have you tired any of Liz Earle's make up range, what do you think of it?

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  1. Beth

    thanks for the review. i’ve never heard of the brand. would love to try it out. have a great day. ( :

  2. md kennedy

    I absolutely LOVE the Peony lipstick! And that it is sheer (I am a natural kinda girl). I’ll have to track it down…

  3. Sarah De Diego (Journeys of The Zoo)

    I love that the lipstick has their initials imprinted on them. Neat. Thorough review, thanks for sharing.

    Thank you so much for linking up to my Weekly BlogLovin Hop, You know that I’m already a fan 🙂

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo
    Finding Humour in Everyday Life

  4. Debra C

    I have never heard of this brand. Love the lipstick colors

  5. Paula V

    Great review. Love how the foundation has a little sparkle.

  6. monica

    I love your makeup review posts. I’ve never heard of this brand – the shimmer in the lip color is pretty!

  7. Aubrey

    I like the lipstick colors

  8. RubyLou Reyes

    ei sara sorry for not coming back and replying to your mail when i was asking last time, got a part time job…ill be dropping by tomorrow saturday for the hosting 🙂 thanks again!

  9. Molly Hearn

    Love the lipstick colors.. seems like a nice brand though never heard of it before.

  10. Melody

    I find it so hard to find a lipstick color I like! I need to check out this line. Found you on the “I love my post” bloghop! 🙂

  11. denise rivera

    i love those color lip sticks . i think i might try and find one of those colors and wear it thanks again :_)

  12. MADDIE K

    What a very comprehensive review! I’ve never heard of this brand but now I want to buy it. I love the colors of the lipstick!

  13. Denise Taylor-Dennis

    This looks like a nice line of products. I really need to bring myself to wear makeup more often.

  14. Kayce

    Ive never heard of this beauty products before but I think Liz Earle’s products has a nice line of make up products. I would like to try the concealer and signature lipsticks 🙂

  15. Shelley Jessup

    Well I never knew that Liz Earle produced make up too! That skin tint is gorgeous, think I may have to pick up a sample to try.

  16. Caroline Hammond

    I’ve never tried Liz Earle before but I’m loving the colours of the lipsticks. Might have to check it out. Thank you

  17. Vicki Hale

    I haven’t heard of this brand, but I really like the dewy look of the make up and the shine of the lipstick. Vicki

  18. Christina Strapp

    I have never heard of this make up before, will have to check it out.

  19. Kamaya

    I have not heard of this brand, but the color of lipsticks were very pretty. I like a natural dewy look, so I am going to check them out. Thanks!

  20. Helen Moulden

    I’ve been tempted to try Liz Earle for a while as had heard good things about them, and due to this blog post I’ve just placed my first order! Including the lipstick in Peony! Can’t wait for it to arrive now! 🙂

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      Ekkk so exciting!! I really hope you love it as much as we do! I admit it was my Mum who originally turned me to loving Liz Earle. Would love to know what you think of it 🙂 xx

  21. Emma

    hello from girl booklet! that middle shade is especially lovely 🙂 I don’t think we get this in the US

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