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Like Love Loathe #10

It's Tuesday!!!! (Yes it feels like Monday, the downside of a bank holiday) but it is I promise! Which means it's time to pop on over to Futures and link up with Like Love Loathe!

[dropcap background=”yes|no” bgcolor=”default|#EEEEEE”]Like[/dropcap] The garden is finally getting to a point where we can use it again for summer, in fact the guineas have been out enjoying it and the grass is no longer almost up to my knees, so I think that is a most definite win as well as like for this week.

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[dropcap background=”yes|no” bgcolor=”default|#EEEEEE”]Love[/dropcap] If you have been reading my blog for a year or more you might remember my two hamsters – Artie and Robbie, we burred each of them in a pot of Lavender and this past week has seen Robbie's pot of French Lavender start to flower, while Artie's English Lavender is looking very healthy and green.

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[dropcap background=”yes|no” bgcolor=”default|#EEEEEE”]Loathe[/dropcap] It has got to be cleaning, I've been trying to Spring clean and get some pictures up that have been waiting around for a while – but it just ends with a lot of pain, the brain is willing but the body is not.. COME ON Sarah's BODY WORK LIKE YOU SHOULD!!

Don't forget this is Bex's linky so pop on over to her blog to link up!!

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  1. Kristen @ kristenione

    We’ve been working on the Spring Cleaning here too, although it’s going very slowly. Also, Sarah, I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. If you would like to accept/participate, my post is at

  2. Hayley Todd

    I have started my huge Spring Clean and garden sort-out and can’t believe how much clutter I am finding!

  3. Tracy K Nixon

    LOL I love Spring cleaning – make me feel so good!

  4. leigh

    my spring cleans in progress

  5. Karen Hannah

    Grrr I hate cleaning too. I’d have a cleaner if I could afford one!

  6. Maya Russell

    I HATE cleaning too. I like lavender. I’ve tried to grow some but have failed. My rosemary is doing really well, though.

  7. Heather Haigh

    I’ve just got my garden tidied up – and it hasnt stopped raining since. I have spells where I enjoy cleaning and spells where I too loathe it. Think I enjoy it more if I have something to change / move around / new item to make a site for. It’s the routine that makes it a killer for me sometimes.

  8. christine szlobodnik

    I actually like cleaning 😛

  9. yasmine choudhry

    our garden is a mess as got builders in its a nightmare

  10. jackie chapman

    I love spring cleaning 🙂

  11. samantha swain

    My spring cleaning is not going well at all. Everytime I seem to get anywhere the kids trash what I have already done and I feel like I am going around in circles! Good luck with yours.

  12. Ruth Davies

    I love spring cleaning

  13. SamFernley @happyhomebird

    I have so much cleaning to do but so little time and I feel so very tired. Good to see the lavender growing well x

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