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Life On A PVF Day

I realised today just how lucky I am to have my other half, I have spent the day hardly able to move, limbs so heavy and just no energy, I can make it to the loo and back but that's about it (luckily I live in a flat so no going up and down stairs) and I've been completely wiped out just by doing that.
My wonderful other half has spent the day running around after me, making sure I always have a drink, that I'm comfortable, even that my blanket hasn't fallen off me. He is truly my angel.
So tonight I dedicate this small blog to him, as a thanks for all he does for me on my bad days, for ‘trying' to understand how I feel and what it's like. I know how hard that must be for him, who could understand the fact your so tired that you just can't move, even after sleeping for hours. I know I couldn't tell I had gone through this.
So thank you to him, my most wonderful other half!

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