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Let’s Talk Periods

My blog is a bit of a strange place, Tina from Girls Gospel was tweeting me about one of my first posts last week.

Honestly so embarrassing.

However, it also got me thinking, how both what I talk about and my outlook on my blog has changed.

Yes, it is still my safe space.

That said when I first started my blog I was never going to talk about my health.

These days, however, I find it therapeutic to speak about it. To share those trials and tribulations with others, without dwelling on them and perhaps helping others with those words.

The change in attitude isn't just towards my health though.

lady Holding Hot Water Bottle

Menstruation is Here to Stay.

One post I did many years ago as well (2012 I just looked), was about tampons and your period.

Even now all these years later, I remember feeling awkward at the idea of talking about menstruation.

Something every woman goes through. Something so many of us has to deal with.

Yet in some ways, it is still a taboo.

It is a natural process our bodies go through, yet we seem to find talking about it wrong.

Period calendar vector

Periods in my Pre-Teens & Teens

I started my periods in primary school, I was an early bloomer as people often like to say.

Of course, this made me a brunt of jokes. My peers were still quite childlike, or just starting to change while there was not getting away from the fact I was already 5ft 5 and had big boobs.

To make it worse, my periods were a nightmare.

Physically painful and mentally exhausting, they were very heavy. In fact, I have been on the pill since quite young due to how they mess with me.

Period Pad Vector

Feeling Fresh

On top of the symptoms, periods gave me. I also found it hard to feel like I was safe from leakage or even odours, the feeling that everyone knew it was your time of the month was horrid.

However, thankfully things are changing.

Companies realise that teens need to feel safe and secure when having their periods. They have been there, felt the embarrassment and are making changes for the better.

So things like a leakproof boyshort are becoming more common. Helping young girls be more comfortable and not worry about leaks, odour or moisture. Amazing!

So while my tween/teen years when it came to periods were a nightmare, hopefully for coming generations things will be easier and that time of the month will be a less taboo thing to talk about.

How did you deal with your periods in your younger years, did you feel it is still a taboo subject in some ways?




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LEt's Talk Periods

This article has 58 comments

  1. Kate Findlay

    Well done Sarah for bringing this up. Not only at school was it taboo but at work later I suffered from dreadful period pains most months and always made some other excuse for being out of sorts.

  2. Candy

    Part of life and boys and girls both need to be informed. Just glad that part of my life is over.

  3. Alli Smith

    I was a late bloomer and I was the last of my friends to start my period. I thought something was wrong with me. Then once it started, I was wishing I had never started. It was definitely more of a taboo when I started my period than it is now.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      I think it’s hard coming where ever isn’t it, if you’re the first you are looked at as being early and before your time and if your late people can be so funny about it, it is so hard.

  4. Glenda Cates

    I also have shared things on my bog I thought I wouldn’t talk about including incontinence but I figured why hide it if I would help someone. I could see myself even discussing periods as all women have them and we may be able to help them.

  5. Jeanette

    I should’ve right on target of when girls typically got their periods. I still hated it and I wish the ways that would be easier. I’m glad there are better things nowadays than there was when I started.

  6. Ashleigh-Jayne O'Connell

    YES. We should always talk about periods. I refuse to let them be a taboo subject and I’m quite open with how much of a bother mine can be. I could barely move at the weekend from the pain.

  7. robin rue

    Those boyshorts sound awesome. I have seriously heavy periods and need those sometimes.

  8. Terri Steffes

    As part of my breast cancer treatment, I underwent a complete hysterectomy. Good news: I have no more periods. I don’t miss Aunt Flo one bit.

  9. Karen

    Periods are terrible for a lot of us. They bring pain, mood swings, and horrible bleeding. The worst thing about them, though, is that it seems like no one is allowed to talk about them. Thanks so much for this!

  10. Pam

    Periods seemed to be a lot more taboo to talk about when I was younger. I was a late bloomer and didn’t really know what to expect. I made sure my daughter was prepared!

  11. Amber Myers

    Yup, there’s nothing wrong with talking about periods. I’ve been talking about it openly with my daughter, who is 11. I want her to always feel comfortable about it.

  12. Tasheena

    I love the idea of talking periods. My periods were horrible most of my teen years ( not as bad as some though) I wish the leakproof shorts were around.

  13. Emma Raphael

    There’s definitely still a taboo surrounding the subject isn’t there? Posts like this will help normalise it. x

  14. Rhian Westbury

    I think these are topics that more people need to talk about. I was an early bloomer in Year 7 and I remember being the brunt of jokes too x

  15. Alex Gladwin

    I don’t really get embarrassed talking about periods, as they’re such a natural thing that us ladies go through. It’s great to hear companies are bringing out products to make us feel more comfortable during our time of the month! xx

  16. Kacie Morgan

    It’s surprising how much of a stigma still exists around periods. I’m quite open about the topic but sometimes I still get funny looks when I mention it in a conversation.

  17. Melanie williams

    It is an absolute pain literally! They are just a real hassle and yes is still a taboo subject sadly xx

  18. Kathy

    I’m not really embarrassed to talk about them at all. It’s natural and it happens for us girls. My kids are still to young for theirs, but I’m sure that day is going to come up quickly. They already know a lot about them as well though.

  19. Amee

    This is a very informative and helpful posts especially for teens. During my teen years my period was easy but during my early twenties something changed and it became painful and a hassle. It’s great to prepare our girls for this.

  20. Catalina

    Period is a subject that we need to discuss, especially with children (teens). They are so curious and then, they need to know and not to feel uncomfortable talking about it!

  21. rika

    It was taboo back then but I didn’t feel embarrass about it…This is a great post for teens, menstrual cycle is natural.

  22. Sara Welch

    I know how devastating a period can be. Some are worse than others.

  23. Kita Bryant

    I feel pretty lucky with mine. I don’t hardly notice them most times.

  24. Bethel C

    And now it made me wonder why I always have leaks during my younger days 😂 shame on me. Now this post could help a lot of teenage girls.

  25. Louise

    I feel like topics such as periods, online dating, sex etc are becoming more and more talked about online thanks to blogs x

  26. Jona Shares

    I agree with you, I guess talking about this for some is a taboo but good thing there are some people who already are not afraid of talking about this. It is such a big help for everyone to learn that what they feel is normal and also this is a good avenue to share about experiences and how to resolve some issues about our periods too.

  27. Susie Wilkinson

    I’ve always said that we should have a switch that we turn on or off as to whether we need babies, when I first said it, it would have been like a light switch, but now, we just need an app.!
    At 47 I’m just looking forward to them finishing!

  28. Fatima

    I was 13 when I first got my period and I had totally no idea about it. I came to know a little about it after I started bleeding and I told my aunt about it, as I was staying at her place at that time. I always hate periods as they’re so painful. 🙁

  29. Janelle M

    Ugh. Reminder message here. I don’t mind this talk, at all. I just think I am not ready for it, yet LOL.

  30. Amy Simpson

    Thanks for bringing this up,it should’t be hard to talk about periods x

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