Lately I'm Loving
Lately I'm Loving

Lately I’m Loving – July 2017

It seems like a long time since I did a Lately I'm Loving round up (in fact my last one was March), it's not that I haven't meant to, but things have been so hectic recently I've not had time to sit and get bits together. Hopefully, though the wait has been worth it.

Kingdom of You*.

Kingdom of You

Kingdom of You is the latest book from Lost My Name and I was kindly sent a copy to pass to my cousin Sophie who is both a mother and a childminder and this is what she thought on it:

As a childminder and a parent, I find that Children always love to be read colourful books that draw them into the story. A story that feels real and makes them feel that they are really there. A story that can make them giggle and continue to help promote the joy of reading. Kingdom of You does just this.

Three children (aged 6 years, 2 years and 5 months!) listened to the story from start to finish, hanging onto every word and each child turned into this story at their own level. The 6-year-old joined in reading keywords, the 2-year-old roaring just like the pizza monster and the baby amazed at the excitement this story brought to the room!

What makes this book unique is that it is personalised, this particular one has been personalised for my little 5-month-old boy. I’m sure he will enjoy reading it himself one day and treasure it forever with a special message printed inside the cover from Mummy and Daddy. The main character is our little boy Logan and we chose his favourite things to be incorporated into the storyline. His story is all about King Logan and the kingdom he wishes to rule.

This book is well made and uses thick, high-quality paper. It is illustrated with beautiful and colourful images. The captivating story appeals all ages. It is a lovely keepsake and makes a great, unique gift for someone special.

Agni Prasada Burning Pixie House.

Agni Prasada Burning Pixie House

I've spoken before about one of my favourite local shops, Lichfield Bespoke and of course I have been back there a number of times over the past couple of months and it wouldn't be a Lately I'm Loving post, without including a couple of my favourite buys. This particular one comes from Agni Prasada Burning.

You may have seen a piece of her work on my blog before, as I've used her “We Believe in Magic” star as a photo prop before. However, I just had to add this beautiful little Pixie House to my collection when I saw it in the shop the other week.

Agni Prasada Burning really makes some interesting pieces; I think the next up on my list might be one of the wooden snails she offers. However, her range includes a whole host of burnt items, she really is someone to check out if you are a fan of such things.

Haribo Minions*.

Haribo Minions
There is so much excitement around at the moment about Despicable Me 3 coming to the cinemas, this summer and hey that's nothing surprised about. As part of their own celebrations Haribo have made a subtle change to their ranges of Minions and as you may have worked out by the packaging, they have added a candyfloss flavoured Fluffy to both the tangy and normal minion sweet packets.

Now I can tell you it is well worth picking up both packets of sweets, as they are absolutely delicious and would make the perfect movie snack for rewatching Despicable Me 1 and 2 with, before heading off to the cinema to see what the all get up to in their new adventure.

Campsodella Pet Portrait Pendant.

Pet portrait pendant Campsodella

I featured the amazing Campsodella, in my Just Dreaming round up post a couple of weeks ago and while I absolutely adore the designs she does herself, I couldn't help but order myself one of her custom pet portrait pendants.

How beautiful does Sal look? Campsodella is able to make all pendants, keyrings and other items, using both bronze or silver coins. If you are looking for a piece of jewellery that offers something just a little bit different, I would definitely suggest you check out her Etsy page, you never know what you might fall in love with.

Natura Siberica Alladale Modelling Natural Body Scrub*.

Natura Siberica Alladale Modelling Natural Body Scrub

We finally had a shower put in last month and I finally feel able to play with different body products again, the first one on my list was this wonderful scrub from Natura Siberica. This unique brand offers natural & organic products and are the first organically certified brand to harvest herbs from Siberia.

This particular product contains Wild Thistle, the national flower of Scotland, alongside wild Organic Siberian Sea Buckthorn from Natura Siberica’s organic farm in Khakassia.

Natura Siberica Alladale Modelling Natural Body Scrub

This gorgeous scrub is a beautiful strawberry red in colour and has been made to cleanse and define the skin. It is said to be particularly well suited for those with a normal skin type, which is in need of lifting and firming.

I personally found that the scrub worked well, it was gentle on the skin while still leaving it feeling more cleansed, soft and nourished. It offers up a light natural scent of the herbs and ingredients included and really to me feels like a premium product at a pocket-friendly price. In fact, this huge 400ml tub comes in at just £11.99 and can be bought from the Natura Siberica website.

White Willow Art Mouse.

White Willow Art Bespoke Lichfield

This is another offering from Lichfield Bespoke, this time from White Willow Art. I noticed these little mice being shared on the Facebook page, and knew straight away I needed one in my life, so was thrilled there was one left when Ash and I popped in last week.

I have little curio shelf that this was destined to go on, but then I left it on the side after taking the photo and Ash accidentally knocked it off, so now it's a one-eared mouse, waiting for a bit of DIY to hopefully put him back together, but I couldn't not include him.

Tropic Wild Mint, Lime and Pineapple Body Wash*.

Tropic Wild Mint, Lime and Pineapple Body Wash

I've included Tropic Skincare on my blog before and I was really excited to get to try something else from this fantastic natural brand. This particular body wash contains wild mint, lime and pineapple, which gives it a really unique scent, that is partly citrus and part mint, which while I wasn't sure what I would think of it, actually offers a really unique fragrance.

Tropic Wild Mint, Lime and Pineapple Body Wash

The body wash is a rich, creamy formula, which turns into a luxurious lather when in use. The formula in this product uses a mix of gentle, natural cleansers from soapberries and coconuts, alongside guava and bamboo water to refresh and hydrate.

This all round amazing body wash comes in at £10 and can be bought from the Topic website, alongside a whole host of other fantastic natural products.

Pins and Needles Collectables.

Vampire Bat Art Doll by Pins And Needles

I included the amazing Pins and Needles in my June Etsy Wishlist and I did say I would try and include the items I had on order from this lovely lady in my Lately I'm Loving post and here we are. First up I have the Vampire Bat doll, which I've been after for ages, I think it is such unique collectable and will be perfect for Halloween when it rolls around.

Sloth Doll by Pins And Needles

Next up is this amazing Sloth, I actually won this beauty and it isn't something she offers in her shop at the moment. However, if it was something you fancied yourself, you could always drop her a line and ask if it was going to come into production.

Now I just feel like I need a blue sloth (as well as a little green ghost) and my crew will be complete.

Sanatio Naturalis Orange Blossom Floral Water*.

Sanatio Naturalis Orange Blossom Floral Water

I don't cope with hot weather at all, my body seems to go into overdrive and I would do anything to cool down a little. One of the things I've been relying on of late, alongside the fan, is Sanatio Naturalis Orange Blossom Floral Water. I've kept this refreshing and soothing bottle of Orange Neroli Water in the fridge, which means every time I use it I get a cooler pick me up.

Sanatio Naturalis Orange Blossom Floral Water

The scent of this facial water is absolutely lovely, it offers a soft scent that perks you up, yet doesn't linger around on the skin. Personally, I think this is a must for everyone in this heat, I've even thought about depotting a little into a plastic spray bottle so I can carry it around with me during the day, as it really does help when I'm feeling overly hot.

If you fancy trying this skin calming facial spray yourself, this 100ml glass bottle of Orange Neroli Water comes in at £26.

Odylique Superfruit Concentrate*.

Odylique Superfruit Concentrate

Since I've hit my 30s I have suddenly realised that I need to take care of my skin, so cleanse, tone, serum, moisturise has finally become part of my daily routine. Part of the fun of this is getting to try lots of different items to find out what is right for me and one thing I have noticed is my skin seems to like more natural products.

Odylique Superfruit Concentrate

This particular serum is from Odylique and is 100% natural and 100% organic, it is vegan-friendly and is certified to Soil Association organic standards. Now that is some resume! This particular serum includes rosehip oil, sea buckthorn and pomegranate, which means it includes 5 omega fatty acids, plus antioxidant vitamins and nature’s miracle phytosterols. It is said to be perfect for dry and ageing skin (yup that would be me now).

Odylique Superfruit Concentrate

This Superfruit Concentrate comes in at £33 for 30ml and while on the face of it that may seem like a lot of money, they suggest you only need 1 or 2 per use for your face and neck. Though of course, that will differ person to person.

Personally, I've found this a really good serum, that has helped rehydrate my dry skin and now I'm in more of a routine, although I am still getting spots, they seem to be a lot calmer than before.

So there you have a few things I have been loving of late, does anything catch your eye from this list, or have you tried any of it before?

*This post contains PR samples and affiliate links.
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  1. robin rue

    Hmmm, I wonder if those Haribo Minions are available here. My kids would LOVE those!!!

  2. Sarah Honey

    Haven’t seen those Minion Haribos yet. My family would love them. I would love to try that Wild Thistle Body Scrub. It sounds amazing.

  3. Lisa

    Any book that both of my kids will sit and listen to is a must read! I am adding that to my list. I also need to see if I can find those Minion candies, my kids would love them!

  4. Nelu Mbingu

    I love that pixie house. It seems like it would make a really good decoration for a bedside table

  5. Betty Boiron

    Ohhh Haribo! My husband has told me all about those from his childhood trips to visit his grandparents in France. I wonder where we can get them now?

  6. Shannon

    Children do love bright and colorful stories! My son also loved stories with funny rhymes and animal sounds. Kingdom of You looks like a great book! I’ll have to see if it’s at our local library.

  7. lisa

    All of these products look great but I would love to try the body wash. It sounds like a great scent for summer. And I love Minions and gummy bears so I must try those.

  8. Corinne & Kirsty

    Haribo Minions? OMG, you got me at this! I had no idea Haribo Minions existed! I have never seen them anywhere.. OMG! All the other products look great but not as good xx corinne

  9. GiGi Eats

    This may come as a shock but – I have never seen a Minion movie before!

  10. MsPrettyLThings

    Ooh I love a good body scrub and anything with Scottish Heather has always got my name on it.

  11. Dona

    Hi Sarah! I love the smell of Orange Blossom and I love using body scrubs at least 2x a week. I agree that since I’ve gotten older my regime has changed. I use vitamin C in my products for my skin. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Tasheena

    So many wonderful items. The Campsodella Pet Portrait Pendant is super adorable and is something that I would love to get.

  13. Jessica Taylor

    We have Kingdom of You and LOVE it! My daughter’s favorite food is pizza, so the pizza monster is her favorite part! SUPER cute!

  14. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    Kingdom of You sounds like a great book for the kids. I love the art style and the message.

  15. Bill Sweeney

    Those dolls look awesome. I love the way they combined monstrous and cute like that.

  16. Heather Johnson

    I love finding new books to share with my kiddos. Kingdom of You sounds like an amazing title. Those Pins and Needles Collectables are totally adorable.

  17. Catherine Sargent

    What a great round up. I really love the Pins and Needles and the Agni Prasada Burning Pixie House.

  18. Helene Cohen Bludman

    Wonderful selection of cool items. The pet portrait pendant is awesome and would make a great gift.

  19. Mummy Times Two

    I love that little pixie house. It would make the perfect present for my daughter.

  20. Pam

    That body wash and that scrub sound really awesome. I love finding new products to pamper myself with.

  21. Gloria

    I’m living for orange blossom water. That and rose water. I can’t be without those two! It’s the best to use on your face and so insanely underrated. =D

  22. Ana De- Jesus

    Aw yay I love Tropic Skincare, their products are fab. I really like that white willow mouse as well so cute! xx

  23. Amber Myers

    You have an amazing list here. I need to pick up that pixie house for my daughter. She’d love it. I also know that I’d love those Minions gummies!

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    The pixie house was such a nice find. Very cute! The pendant from Campsodella is really impressive too.

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    I will have to get me some of those minions. I love them in the movies. They are so sweet. I bet they taste even sweeter!

  28. Franc Ramon

    I actually have tried the Haribo Minions and I liked it’s sour flavor. The Pin and Needle collectible would be a cool one to have too.

  29. Theresa

    The burning pixie house is right up my alley. I love how whimsical and charming it is!

  30. Debra J Hawkins

    Oh my word. That pixie house is the cutest thing I have ever seen! I would love something similar for my house!

  31. Kirsty Woods

    Love the pixie house

  32. Maurene Cab

    Kingdom of You sounds like a great book. My baby niece is always drawn with colorful books.

  33. Gareth Torrance

    I really like the look of the Agni Prasada Burning Pixie House! It would go so well with the other ornaments we have in the living room!

  34. Rhian Westbury

    Wow so many awesome bits, I love the vampire bat, it looks like just my sort of thing x

  35. Samantha Bye

    You find so many cute little bits! That pixie house is really cool. The Tropic hand cream is really nice too, I recommend giving that a go!

  36. Natasha Mairs

    That mouse is just so cute!! And I also like the little pixie house. My kids have had some of those Haribo minions and we cant wait to go and watch Despicable me 3 soon

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    I had no idea there were Haribo Minions around – I need to get some ASAP! x

  38. Blair villanueva

    For me the Haribo Minions kill the buzz of excitement of other stuffs you like. Minions are so cute and genius! Hahaha sometimes I wish i counld speak multi-language in a sentence. 🙂

  39. Catvills

    I need to find those Minion candies. A couple friend of mine recently announced that they are expecting their first born in February. They’ve been trying for about 6 years and yesterday, they put out an announcement on Facebook. “We will be welcoming our very own Minion in February.” I know they’d love those candies.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      Aww how cute is that as an announcement, the biggest of congratulations to them, if you need help finding them for such a special occasion let me know.

  40. Leah Lander-Shafik

    That pixie house is so cute! I must check out the other stuff – it’s definitely the sort of thing that we would have in our house.

  41. Sandy N Vyjay

    I love that “Burning Witch House”, it looks unique enough to put it up on display as a centerpiece. Minion-marketing has reached its peak now. But is love to try the Haribo Minion candies all the same.

  42. Lauren

    I love the pet portrait pendant! I may have to get one of these made for my dog (bonus it’s made from coins)!

  43. Travel Blogger

    So many great items! My son would love that book, and I would love to try that body scrub. It sounds so nice!

  44. Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes

    I love posts like for some new ideas, I’d love to give the mint and pineapple body wash a try! How cute are those Minions Haribos?!

  45. Anh V. Nguyen

    Wonderful! I love the serum so much. Thank you for sharing, maybe I will try one.

  46. Toni | Boulder Locavore

    These are really interesting finds! I would love to check these out those stores! 😀

  47. Diana E

    Fun sweet little treats! They look like great gifts for friends too. On the wishlist!

  48. Chrystal | Nevermore Lane

    What a bunch of great, fun stuff! I am a huge fan of big, colorful books for kids. I admit sometimes I buy books based on their art. Loving the pixie home.

  49. Jenni

    I got the lost my name book for one of my nanny children for his 6th birthday 🙂 so if kingdom of you is like that I bet it will be lovely! That strawberry body scrub looks amazing! It literally looks like blended up strawberries! I bet it smells divine

  50. Kylie

    Oh such great finds! I love the Haribo Minions the most! ❤️

  51. Melissa Chapman

    Minions candy is something I would love to take to the movie. I have got to try that scrub it looks so refreshing and soothing. I will look for these things at my mall

  52. Jeanine

    That body scrub is screaming my name. How good would that be right about now for me. I will have to check it out!

  53. Louise Bishop

    I loved those penny pendants! I would love to get one made for our family!

  54. Leo T. Ly @

    I am a dog owner and would love to get one of the Campsodella key chain. Maybe I will get one for my dog to put it on his dog collar. Such a cool item. I love it.

  55. A S,Edinburgh

    These are some lovely finds. I do like a bit of pyrography, and coin jewellery!

  56. Shannon Gurnee

    This looks like some great things you’re loving in July! I didn’t know that Haribo made Minion candies.

  57. Crystal

    My kids are all about the minions right now. They would get a kick out of the gummy candy. I think the wild thistle body scrub is more my speed though.

  58. Our Family World

    The Haribo Minions are so cute! i haven’t seen any of those in my area, but I guess I just did not notice them. The Campsodella pendant looks great too. It will check out her Etsy page.

  59. valmg @ Mom Knows It All

    That’s an interesting grouping of things! I haven’t seen the Minions candy but I know my nephew would love it.

  60. Emily

    That personalized book sounds so fun! My kids are 9, 7, and 6 now and they have grown up with a love of reading. My two oldest are past the age of wanting me to read to them but my youngest still lets me have some cuddle and reading time!

  61. Rosey

    I am excited about the Minions movie. I do love sour goodies.

  62. Bernadette Siazon

    The serum looks promising! It’s packed and it’s really concentrated.

  63. Debra p

    That mouse is just completely adorable! We’ll be looking out for the Haribo Minions too – haven’t seen them in the grocery store yet!

  64. Lisa prince

    im agreeing with those haribos i actually love tho9se too x

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    I think I need to find me some Minions gummies! These are all lovely products. My favorite is the pixie house.

  66. David Elliott

    You have such a lot of cute things here. I love the pendant. The collectables are also a lot of fun. I also love that cute mouse. Great post.

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    The lime, Mint, and Pineapple sound so refreshing! You have a great round up here!

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    That is quite the stash you shared. Your beauty products made me swoon and the artsy crafty things are just adorable.

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    By far the minnion is my fav! Don’t get me wrong I like the rest, but I have a special place for that one!

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  81. Laura H

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  82. Janie-Fleur Matcham

    That pixie house is just adorable i have a little fairy garden that i have made from recyled and up cycled bits not sure i could copy that though. got me thinking the fairies have a home but i must accommodate the pixies now.

  83. Anneka Avery

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