Lately I'm Loving
Lately I'm Loving

Lately I’m Loving January 2017

It seems like many moons ago I was writing my Lately I'm Loving for November last year, at that point I had planned to write one in December. However, with Christmas and not a lot to include, as I put most of it into a gift guide, I decided to put it off for a month. So here I am back on the bandwagon, with some things I've loved of late.

Bee Good Intensive Hand Repair*.

Bee Good Intensive Hand Repair

Winter and my hands do not mix, thankfully for the past weeks I have been using Bee Goods Intensive Hand Repair. I have been applying this nightly before bed, allowing it time to work as I sleep and it really has made a difference, so much so, that if I forget to put it on at night, I can really tell by the next morning.

This hand repair cream uses ingredients such as British honey to moisturise, echium oil to replenish and calm, borage oil to strengthen, propolis for its antibacterial properties and beeswax to combat dryness.

I personally found that as well as being great for the skin on my hands, this cream has also really helped my nails and cuticles, so for me it has really been a great all-rounder.

The Bee Good Intensive Hand Repair costs £12 for 50ml and can be bought from the Bee Good website.



So my hands are sorted, now my feet need looking at and Footner are perhaps the best way to get rid of dry skin or your feet, but are definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Now I'm not saying Footner hurt, I actually thought they would, but they don't. However, you’re likely to be inundated with flaking skin, in the days / weeks preceding the 50 minute treatment.

To use Footner, you just need to wear the socks for 50 minutes and then wash and wait. It is worth noting you shouldn't use moisturiser, as you are waiting for this exfoliator to work and of course do not pick at the flaking skin (as you may then find your feet get sore).

I found that while my feet didn't flake as much as some peoples, this certainly helped get rid of the hard / dead skin I did have and if my feet were in a very bad condition, I would definitely buy again, to help give them a kick start into looking better.

If you think your feet could do with the Footner treatment, you can buy a pair of socks from Boots, where they cost £19.99.

Stone Picture – Tartan Heart Studio.

Stone Picture from Tartan Heart Studio

I've been trying to go back to buying more handmade things and I found some great groups on Facebook, where crafters can share their makes. Now I have to admit, I've seen these pictures, made using stones around and I've never got the point, or hype around them. That was until I came across the lovely lady behind Tarten Heart Studio, as soon as I saw her partner and dog pictures, I fell in love and just knew I needed to own one.

She went out of her way to make sure each part of the picture was right for me, checking in on the colours needed for Sally, the scarves for Ash and me and lastly even showed me how it looked with the white and black frame, to allow me to choose what I really loved.

I think the fact she puts so much love into her pictures shines through in the finished product, I was so thrilled when it arrived, I made sure it went straight up on the wall, where it has received many complements.

If you want to find out more about Tartan Heart Studio, do head over and check out their website and see all the fantastic items they make.

Dragon Scale Gloves – Wool Witch.

Dragon Scale Gloves in a multiple shades of blue with sparking thread running through

Since I have had Fibromyalgia, I have found my hands can get very cold, especially when I am blogging and I've found it hard to find finger-less gloves, that don't include a covered thumb. So when I came across these beauties in a Facebook group all ready to be posted, I just had to snap them up.

Dragon Scale Gloves in a multiple shades of blue with sparking thread running through

Just look at those beautiful shades of blue and the lovely sparkle that runs through them. These have been crocheted by the lovely lady behind Wool Witch, who is a bit of a crochet genius and can be found via her Facebook page. Where she sells all manner of crocheted things, from gloves, to mermaid tails.

A Mouses Wish – Donna's Crafty Makes.

A mouses wish - hand painted mouse on dandelion, painted onto a slate coaster

This is another find from a Facebook group that I was lucky enough to get to before anyone else. Hand painted on to a slate coaster by the very talented Donna is this sweet little mouse, making a wish on a dandelion.

Donna not only paints these cute little coasters as the ideas come to her, but also takes commissions to paint your pet onto them as well and with them costing just £13 each, including postage, I have already commissioned a few as presents, as well as one of Sal for myself. After all I can see her being a very busy lady soon enough, when the secret gets out about how talented she is.

If you fancy a coaster yourself, make sure you check out her Facebook page to see more of her beautiful work.

A Candle of My Making.

Beyond Candle Wax Sand, used with a test tube holder made by Buzzybee's Bespoke Woodwork

Just before Christmas, Bart from Beyond Candles came out with the idea to sell wax sand, these fine particles of wax float on water and can be easily lit using a wick placed into it.

My Dad made a bit of a joke about using it to make test tube candles, so after the people behind Buzzybee's Bespoke Woodwork, offered to help by making me a test tube rack, I knew I had to give it a try.

Now I wouldn't suggest leaving it without supervision, test tubes are fragile and prone to shattering, but it definitely made an interesting candle and so far, no accidents have been had. Of course the wax sand can be used in so many different ways, while the test tube rack might just start holding some flowers.

So there are a few things, I have loved this January, do any of them take your eye? 

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*Any item marked with a * is a PR sample, all other items, were bought by myself.

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  1. Holly Shannon

    Those dragon scale gloves are absolutely gorgeous!! I love the idea of the test tube candles too 🙂 xx

  2. Melanie Smith

    Everything look really nice! Bee Good Intensive Hand Repair is something that I have to try, my hair need it.

  3. danasia fantastic

    I need to try Footner out. With the winter being here, my feet are super dry and need a little love!

  4. Devina

    Oh that Stone Picture from Tartan Heart Studio is just darling!!

  5. tara pittman

    I have been using plastic gloves and shea butter on my hands at night time and I was just thinking I needed to do this on my feet. That foot sock would be perfect.

  6. robin Rue

    That hand repair sounds awesome. I totally want to try some of that for my winter hands.

  7. emma white

    That Bee Good is amazing I have really long and thick hair that’s so dry at the moment thanks to the horrid cold weather and its worked wonders on mine and oh my that picture is just adorable.

  8. hannah

    That Bee Good product really does look great. My hands do get dry so it looks great for them x

  9. Ana De- Jesus

    I adore that stone picture, I think it would be lovely as a present to give to a friend or loved one x

  10. Leah Lander-Shafik

    My hands hate the weather too! I have so much handcream at the moment I can’t buy a new one but once it’s all gone I definitely want to try the Bee Good one! I love the stone picture and the candles too! So original and beautiful x

  11. Melissa Chee

    The dragon scales gloves are so unique!

  12. Marcie W.

    What a wonderful roundup of fun goodies! I am so in love with those fantastic dragon scale gloves.

  13. Danielle

    I NEED some Bee Good hand repair cream! My hands have been extremely dry lately. It’s driving me crazy!

  14. KatrinaJeanCarter

    winter essentials, I must say! A good moisturizer most especially should never be overlooked during winter! We need those soft and smooth hands year-round 😀

  15. Jessie K

    Those gloves and moisturizer together, sound like a relaxing combination. Fun to take a peek into what you are loving.

  16. Dawn Lopez

    I literally squealed when I saw the Dragon Scale Gloves! I think they are the coolest gloves I’ve ever seen. I’ll be heading over to check those out for sure!

  17. Amber Myers

    I need some hand cream, big time. I’ll check this one out.

    Those candles are too cool.

  18. Amy Jones

    I don’t know why but these pictures are so pretty. I never heard of this product before but it looks super great! Thanks for the recommendation

  19. Alicia Wood

    oh boy do I need the baby soft feet product!!! thanks for the recommendation 🙂

  20. Sam @ The Haunted Housewife

    What an awesome idea for candles! I love that. Those socks look interesting too I’m going to google them! My feet get so dry in winter 🙂

  21. Alicia

    Those gloves are so pretty! My hands tend to get cold while working as well so I’ll have to get a pair to keep my hands warm.

  22. Crystal

    Send me all the dry hand cream! Haven’t tried that brand yet, but it sounds perfect. My skin is so ridiculous right now with the weather fluctuating weekly.

  23. Tatjana

    I’m obsessed with the Stone Picture! That’s the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while!!!

    Tatjana xx

  24. Lisa prince

    ive got really bad skin at the moment, since moving to ha hard water area my skin on my face and feet have become disgustingly dry and im sick of trying all the usual things , need t give that foot one a go , i also love that candle idea x

  25. Rhian Westbury

    That picture is so cute! The gloves look really warm too, some lovely bits for January x

  26. stephanie

    Bee Good are one of my favourite skincare brands, so I’m always loving them whatever the month x

  27. Bill S

    That sounds like a great foot cream!! I love how that picture turned out, thats great she kept working with you to make it just right!

  28. Home and Horizon

    The Beegood hand repair looks fab and I’m absolutely loving those candles – what a unique way to show them off!

  29. DogVills

    Those are great things that you were loved on January! My wife also using that foot cream.

  30. Victoria Heckstall

    All of the item are cool! Never tried any before but it looks interesting..

  31. MaryAnne

    I loved the candelar idea! it is so cute and original

  32. Jaycie Sullivan

    ha! your dad is funny – test tube candles lol!

  33. Janeane M. Davis

    Of all the things you loved, I like the fingerless gloves best. I studied the pattern and will make a pair for myself.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      How wonderful! I would love to see a picture when you are finished 🙂 they are such a popular design over here at the moment and I’ve seen them in such wonderful colours as well. x

  34. Brittany Daoud

    That Footner product sounds interesting. I’m always looking for ways to soften up my feet, especially in the winter when everything is so dry in Portland!

  35. Jessica

    The hand cream sounds absolutely amazing. Winter has done a number on my hands as well. Those gloves are really cute!

  36. Emma

    Lately I’m loving the fact that the weather is waring up slightly…but I still need that Footner treatment – sounds perfect for me. And I love your test tube candles – what a cute idea!

  37. nicol

    ive tried something similar to footner and its interesting yet disgusting at the same time.

  38. Bethany Stout

    These all look so great. love them all. thanks so much for sharing the information on these.

  39. Elizabeth O.

    These are all so nice. That candle idea is pretty cool! I’ve never seen candles in a test tube before, I didn’t really think it would look that lovely! But it sure does!

  40. Fashion and Style Police

    Fab items. I am loving the gloves. So cute.

  41. Elizabeth

    Oh I LOVE those dragon scale gloves! I should knit a pair for my daughter.

  42. Anne Yedlin

    These are all great! Those Dragon gloves though…really nice and I just love the colors!


    Th hand painted coaster is soooo cute. What a lovely idea and something I’ve not seen before.

  44. Jay Simms

    My hands hate the winter. They get so dry and start cracking. I am going to have to try out the hand cream.

  45. Mistle

    I need to look into the socks and hand cream!! Both of those sound amazing. When it gets colder here (which is not often) I am all about products that are moisturizing.

  46. Tanya Brannan

    What an amazing group of things you collected together. I love those test tube candles, they look so different! I want to give that Footner a go too xx

  47. Amelia Larsen

    I love the stone picture, I make a conscious effort to support local crafters also!

  48. Charlotte

    I love the stone picture! It’s fab! Also need some of that hand cream. My hands are horrible with this cold weather. x

  49. Lubka Henry

    I’ve heard some good things about Bee Good 🙂
    Those knitted gloves look so gorgeous!!

  50. Beauty that walks

    I have seen candle made from wax but it’s my first time hearing about wax sand. What is it exactly?

  51. Donna

    I don’t know how I missed this? I love your posts and everything in them! The stones picture is just adorable it really blew en away, so different!

  52. Carol Thomas

    They all look great! Though I have to admit I am glad January is out of the way

  53. CourtneyLynne

    Ooooo that hand cream sounds fabulous!!! My hands have been ridiculously dry because of the heat in my house

  54. mhaan a

    I badly need that foot exfoliating socks, my feet is so dry and dull. The candle holder is so cool!

  55. Anosa

    The gloves are my absolute favouite from your list, i could do with them this winter

  56. Helen Costello

    Oh I absolutely adore that frame – I’m looking to buy more individual homemade products for our home too. I love the idea of using small businesses. Those test tube candles scare the wits out of me though!

  57. Laura H

    Those Dragon Scale Gloves are so lovely! The colours are amazing and great that they’re practical too.

  58. Jo

    I love the gloves and those test-tube candles are great!

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